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“We are not going to hand people over”

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“We are not going to hand people over”

The leaders of Together for Change (JxC) face a new confrontation ahead of the PASO in August and before the imminent closing of the lists. Now, the debate is on the expansion of the coalition and the incorporation of Juan Schiaretti. Tomorrow there will be a meeting between its main members.

Gerardo Morales, Federico Angelini, Miguel Ángel Pichetto and Maximiliano Ferraro were the promoters of adding the governor of Córdoba, in an agreement that emerged informally. This sparked a great discomfort on the part of the sector commanded by Patricia Bullrich and Mauricio Macri himself.

Our idea is to block it.”advance from the environment of the candidate for president of the PRO.

Given this scenario, The National Board of Together for Change will meet tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the headquarters of the National Committee of the Radical Civic Union, in the presence of the proxies of each party to move forward with the debate about the integration of alliances for the next elections.

The objective at first is to reach an agreement before the closing of alliances that will be on June 14.

Together for Change and a new inmate due to the entry of Juan Schiaretti: Larreta supported the idea of ​​expanding the front

The head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, went out to publicly request the expansion of Together for Change and that the incorporation of the governor of Córdoba be analyzed. He did it through a statement.

“JxC has to expand and build a new majority with all those who share the same values”, exhorted the candidate for president of the PRO.

It is the first explicit position that Larreta formulates, since the public discussion on the possibility of expanding the coalition was installed. “Conversations with national references such as Juan Schiaretti, José Luis Espert or Margarita Stolbizer have as sole objective to guarantee change in Argentina”, affirmed the candidate of the PRO.

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And along the same lines, he clarified: “In the case of Juan Schiaretti, it does not go against our intention to win the province and the city of Córdoba with Luis Juez and Rodrigo de Loredo, two luxury candidates that I am honored to support. ”.

In tune with what was expressed by the environment of the Cordovan president, the central idea is to reformulate the opposition and propose a new, more comprehensive space. “The change we need is not just political, it goes much deeper. It’s not a matter of names. It is, as I said, total. It is a matter of vision, of understanding that this system in which we live is no longer going, ”Larreta argued in his text.

In this discursive line, the founding member of the PRO firmly highlighted that “everyone who is committed to change, wherever they come from, is welcome«.

Together for Change and a new inmate due to the entry of Juan Schiaretti: Gerardo Morales promoted the initiative

The presidential candidate of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), Gerardo Morales, supported Schiaretti’s entry, as did Larreta.

«The country that they will leave us will need all our intelligence, our firmness, the greatest breadth and our commitment. Those who are in favor of a plan that ensures production, work, social justice and peace must be welcome.s,” Morales wrote on Twitter.

And I add: “The expansion of JxC is the way to rebuild governancesolve the problems of all Argentines, order the daily life of the people, stabilize the economy and guarantee the development of the country with a federal sense ».

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Yesterday, the man from Jujuy stated that JxC should “incorporate other sectors that give it more muscle”.

Together for Change and a new inmate due to the entry of Juan Schiaretti: Bullrich assured that he will not “hand over” his people

For her part, the pre-candidate for president of the Pro, Patricia Bullrichspoke out against the initiative.

It seems to me that it is one thing to expand and another to pile up. On June 25 we have an election in Córdoba and 88 places where we compete with Schiaretti and the people are in enormous confusion. These last-minute things generate hodgepodge. We are not going to hand over our people in Córdoba who are fighting to beat Schiaretti, who has been here for 24 years,” he assured in statements to CNN Radio.

“It is a problem that some want to decide without discussing. I found out from the newspapers. Noise is being generated here by those who are trying to turn around an election that everyone knows we have more popular support. I don’t like to discuss this. I am working to win an election and show people a clear path. What laws did Schiaretti vote with us? What laws did he vote with Kirchnerism? Córdoba voted to take funds from the City and voted taxes after taxes,” said Bullrich.

From her environment, and from former President Macri, they argue that it is a decision to harm the former minister.

What did Juan Schiaretti’s entourage say about the possibility of joining Together for Change?

schiaretti launched his candidacy for president on May 2 and confirmed that he wants to compete in a PASO with a space that he formed together with the former president of Salta, Juan Manuel Urtubey. Florencio Randazzo, Diego Bossio, Graciela Camaño, Roberto Lavagna, Alejandro “Topo” Rodríguez, the governor of San Luis, Alberto Rodriguez Saá, and part of the Santa Fe socialism also joined.

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From the environment of the Cordovan president, they detailed that “It is not about joining Together for Change but about creating a new coalition”, in whose space they should agree «10 fundamental points to get Argentina out of the disastrous situation in which it finds itself».

As indicated by Juan Schiaretti, is “convinced that what Argentina needs to leave behind so many years of decline and frustration, to embark on a path of sustained progress, It is to have a common government program, make a new political alliance with whom we agree and then a government of national unity.

The new “front of fronts” would allow “that each party preserves its identity without losing the possibility of having a PASO as broad as possible.

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