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We blame the Empire – Inferno – Album Review

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We blame the Empire – Inferno – Album Review

We blame the Empire – Inferno
Origin: Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria
Release: 28.09.2023
Label: Animals Mosh Harder Records
Duration: 31:41
Genre: Metalcore / Post Hardcore

Foto Credit: Christine Cizek

The Austrian scene is not exactly known for metalcore and post-hardcore. But that doesn’t mean that the Alpine republic doesn’t have any representatives of these genres. Quality instead of quantity, that’s how you could summarize the status quo. In any case, the Upper Austrians are undisputed at the spearhead of the “Core made in Austria”. We blame the Empire.

It’s not for nothing that the band was already known for one Amadeus Austrian Music Award nominated and counts millions of streams on various portals.

The new disc Inferno in any case ends a musical cycle. The official album information says: “Having traversed the lands of water, earth and air in their most recent releases, the band has tamed the wild power of fire to come full circle.” Avatar – The Lord of the Elements? Or warning of the risk of fire when placing the record? We risked a set of hot ears and headed into the inferno.

Crucial messages

For those who are in a hurry, here is the summary: We blame the Empire stay true to their style and deliver exactly what their fans expect from them. That means: lots of breakdowns, but also melodies and a harmonious interplay of aggression and melancholic tones. Would you like an example? We recommend the title track, the video is available HERE. Of course, this sound will make anyone who is particularly trve curl up their black-washed toenails, but that’s always the case anyway as soon as “core” appears in the genre description.

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In any case, this disc is also worth it We blame the Empire, to deal not only with the music, but also with the lyrics. With enough background knowledge, the songs can be played Inferno namely, discover them in a completely new way and experience them from a different perspective, which significantly increases the overall artistic value of the songs. For example, the melancholic one has Hope (Flower in the Sea) the following message: “The song is a tribute to an extraordinary human being who embodied unwavering hope even when faced with a relentless and serious illness.”

Tender mosh pits

Despite the depth of their songs, the band makes sure that their style of storytelling does not overshadow the overall musical impression. Songs like Heart Eater or the opener A World in Flames They are also easy to let loose in the mosh pit. Fans who don’t care about meanings and content – which is perfectly fine, music is ultimately always entertainment – will get their money’s worth.

Have We blame the Empire So did you do everything right? Within their genre cosmos: Yes. However, outside casual listeners will pick two or three songs and probably skip the rest. Not because the album has any problems, but because the band perhaps composes a little too much in familiar patterns. Undoubtedly at a high level, but a little more experimentation would have led to the fire being on Inferno would blaze much higher even after repeated runs.

But as always in album reviews, the same applies here: Complaining at a high level is easy, but doing it better yourself is a completely different story. Anyway, it will Inferno delight the band’s fans, bring them thousands more streams and keep the core alive in small Austria. For that alone, the Upper Austrians deserve our respect.

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We blame the Empire combine aggression and melody again into a hot metalcore iron. Inferno delivers everything genre fans desire, including melancholic excursions into the world of post-hardcore. 7,5 / 10

Line Up
Sebastian Borsti Penninger – vocals
Moritz Lights Osterer – guitar, vocals
Dominik Bucar – Bass
Lukas April Prielinger – drums

01. A World in Flames (feat. Tobias Rische)
02. Hope (Flower in the Sea)
03. Inferno
04. Desperate Rainbows
05. Ephemeral
06. As I Fall
07. Heart Eater
08. Heart Eater (instrumental)

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