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“we build memory, truth and real justice”

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“we build memory, truth and real justice”

Today a mobilization was carried out because 16 years of the murder of the teacher Carlos Fuentealba. From the ATEN union they called for the “dignity and memory march” that took place in the center of the city of Neuquen. The Unter union from Río Negro mobilized for the march in Neuquén.

The column of almost six blocks advanced on Avenida Argentina, and was headed by the former classmate of the teacher, Sandra Rodríguez and by the general secretary of ATEN, Marcelo Guagliardo. In one part of the tour, the song “La memoria” by León Gieco played.

The activity culminates with an act at the monument to San Martín. First, a video was projected that showed what happened during these 16 years.

“Here there is no place for political pettinessbecause it is a political fight”, said the general secretary of aten Mining Department, Nina Arévalo, the first to speak on the stage set up in the center.

Walter Pérez, president of the APDH, followed, describing that it is a day of mixed feelings. “Today We are giving Carlos a hug with this fight“, held.

Then Malen Nahuel spoke, of the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén and said “as the Mapuche people we know very well what it is like to be killed, and that is why we are united in the fight.”

Marcelo Guagliardo, The general secretary of ATEN took the stage as part of the act and maintained that “the best way to honor Carlos Fuentealba is unity, not pettiness.” He in turn criticized and recalled that event in which Carlos Fuentealba died. “This is a new beginning of that fight that is transformed into justice for our boys and girls,” he concluded.

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followed sandra rodriguez, former partner of Carlos Fuentealba, thanked all the people who accompanied the fight during these 16 years so that justice is finally done, “we build memory, we build truth and real justice,” he said. «In the voice of Carlos and the Argentine teaching, we lifted our truth, we were able to remove the veil of the lie of that April 4».

As the march progressed through the center, the teachers’ struggle and the condemnation received by the former police chiefs for what happened in Arroyito stood out. Minutes after 1:00 p.m., the bicycles that had left from Arroyito arrived at Avenida Argentina, and joined the mobilization.

Human Rights organizations and groups, different institutions, educational communities, political leaders and unions participated.

Fuentealba was assassinated by Corporal José Darío Poblete during a protest in little streama site that became an emblem for the demand for justice.

last March 16 the five former police chiefs -Carlos Zalazar, Moisés and Adolfo Soto, Mario Rinzafri and Jorge Garrido- who led the repression of April 4, 2007 that ended with the crime of the teacher were found responsible of the crime of abuse of authority. The current inspecting commissioner, Benito Matus, was convicted of arms abuse, aggravated by being a public official.

“It is on a different April 4 in what the advancement of the sentence means,” Marcelo Guagliardo said this morning.

Emilce Bustos, Secretary for Human Rights, Diversity and Gender, also did the same. He expressed that “after the sentence this march takes on a new meaning” and remarked that “It was proven that there was institutional violence by the State”.

The activities started around 8 with the ninth edition of the biked. “It starts in Arroyito, early, by colleagues who have registered and sections of the province who also participate,” said Guagliardo.

In Neuquén capital the main event takes place, what is the march provincial. From the union of Education Workers of Neuquén, the CTA and Ctera called to meet on Tuesday at 11 at the monument to San Martin.

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the tour He went to Route 22 on Avenida Argentina and from there to the monument again, where The act will be held from 12:30.

From Unter Cinco Saltos and the intermediate area they reported that the transfers began at 8, to being able to be at the roundabout of Routes 22 and 151 around 9.

The proposed activity in that area was hand out flyers to drivershence delays could occur of traffic, but don’t cut

Then, at 11, they moved to the center of Neuquén where was the highest concentration. Usually, the mobilization begins when the bike ride arrives from Arroyito, which would happen at noon (although on other occasions there were delays and the cyclists joined the march that had already started).

The organization of the bike ride through Fuentealba:

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