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“We haven’t slept a wink in days”

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“We haven’t slept a wink in days”

The forest fires that have hit the central region of Valparaíso since Friday have not stopped and have already left a tragic toll of 99 dead so far, as reported by Chilean authorities. This led to President Gabriel Boric declares a state of emergency due to catastrophe.

In the midst of the urgency, Romina, a woman from Argentina (specifically from Mendoza), moved with her family – her husband and three children – five years ago to Chile in search of a better life, but Since the fires started a few kilometers from his house, he says he has not slept.

“I am fifteen kilometers away and although it is far, “The fire destroys everything in a matter of seconds.”Romina expressed concern.

He also added that they agree that the fires are intentional. “In addition to that, the wind caused it to go to the city and everything got out of control,” he said.

I have Argentine friends who In a matter of five minutes the fire entered through the floor and destroyed everything. “Houses were burning with that speed,” he said.

“Yesterday we were helping to clean, to remove debris, there were cars lying on the road set on fire, If this were a horror movie it wouldn’t be so strong, said. Furthermore, he said that There are still people under the rubble because “whole buildings fell down.”

“We have my nephew who lost the house, My 5 month old baby goddaughter inhaled a lot of smoke and passed out. They came out with what they were wearing. “We tried to save something, but it was very fast and they lost everything,” she said distressed.

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He also assured that although the fires started 20 kilometers from the neighborhoods, there are hypotheses that analyze that there were intentional fires closer to the houses. «Between yesterday and the day before yesterday they caught five people who tried to light a fire. Despite what they are suffering, they continue to cause harm,” he explained.

The woman also indicated that for days there have been houses that do not have water and that neighbors help each other.

“I moved because the economic situation in Argentina began to adjust us a little and My husband was offered a job so we decided to come and it went very well for us.“, he pointed.

But, the situation of the fires worries the family that has already suffered similar situations. “In 2022, forests were also burned in Viña del Mar. We are always alert that something could happen, We always wet the ceilings and walls because they are made of wood. Furthermore, because of the hills and the earthquakes, houses are made light, so we live worriedhe explained.

“That same night that the fire started there was an earthquake, we were sitting with a candle and everything shook. Today we are living in a very complex country“Romina said.

We have Argentine friends who lost everything, they and their families. We have bottles of water at the door of the house with suitcases in case we have to leave quickly. For days we slept with one eye open”, he concluded.

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