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“We Shake the Sun Together” – The Final Chapter of the “Life Trilogy” Series by Han Yan

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“We Shake the Sun Together” – The Final Chapter of the “Life Trilogy” Series by Han Yan

The Beijing News – “We Shake the Sun Together” Hits Theaters Nationwide, Actors Share Emotional Journey

The highly anticipated movie “We Shake the Sun Together” directed by Han Yan and starring Peng Yuchang and Li Gengxi was released nationwide on New Year’s Day. This film serves as the final chapter of the “Life Trilogy” series directed by Han Yan. The movie tells the story of “brainless” Lu Tu (played by Peng Yuchang) and “unhappy” Ling Min (played by Li Gengxi), two young people who are seriously ill, as they embark on a healing journey full of love and power due to an agreement of “Relay for Life.”

In an exclusive interview with The Beijing News, actors Peng Yuchang and Li Gengxi shared their emotional journeys in preparation for their roles in the film. Both actors expressed how deeply moved they were by the story and how important it was to them to represent the lives of the characters authentically.

The Beijing News reporter asked the actors about their preparations for their roles, to which both shared their experiences in visiting patients and gaining a better understanding of their characters. “Although they are going through hardships, they bring us a lot of warmth and encouragement, and they also let us see a positive, optimistic and warm power,” Peng Yuchang shared.

Furthermore, the actors discussed their experiences working with senior teachers such as Gao Yalin, Xu Fan, and Liu Dan in the film. Peng Yuchang revealed that initially, he was tense, but as he got closer to his role, he became more relaxed, including while shooting with the senior actors.

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The movie blends comedy with tear-jerking scenes, and the actors shared that the atmosphere on set was normal but, director Han Yan created a supportive environment for the actors to bring their best to their performances.

Peng Yuchang shaved his head to film the replacement wedding scene, which was particularly touching for both actors. Li Gengxi revealed that the scene was the final one they shot, and they both burst into tears, feeling a deep emotional connection to their characters.

The heartwarming film focuses on the living conditions of ordinary people and deeply explores life issues, while paying attention to reality. “We Shake the Sun Together” is set to bring audiences to tears and laughter as they witness the beautiful journey of healing, love, and power.

Written by Teng Chao, Edited by Huang Jialing and Proofread by Zhang Yanjun.

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