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Weekly Flash Report | Jaeger-LeCoultre announces Yi Yang Qianxi as the global spokesperson, the Louis Vuitton Home Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store opens_K-Way_Classic_Series

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Weekly Flash Report | Jaeger-LeCoultre announces Yi Yang Qianxi as the global spokesperson, the Louis Vuitton Home Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store opens_K-Way_Classic_Series

Original title: Weekly News | Jaeger-LeCoultre announced that Yi Yang Qianxi was the global spokesperson, and the Louis Vuitton Home Chengdu Ocean Taikoo Li store opened

On November 1, the Swiss luxury watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre announced that Yi Yang Qianxi became the global spokesperson of its brand, and released Yi Yang Qianxi wearing the new Reverso Tribute Duoface Calendar flip series double-sided dual time zone full calendar watch rose gold. ‘s advertising campaign “Flip Between, Beyond Infinity”. As one of the leaders of the younger generation, Yi Yang Qianxi has multiple identities such as actor, singer and dancer. With his excellent performance, he has successfully created many popular classic screen images. Outside the big screen, he actively Participate in charitable causes with a strong sense of social responsibility. Yi Yang Qianxi said that he appreciates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s elegant and timeless style, rich and long historical heritage, and unremitting pursuit of innovation.

Ms. Catherine Rénier, the global CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre said, “The pioneering spirit, focus and sincerity of Yi Yang Qianxi coincide with the values ​​held by Jaeger-LeCoultre. We very much welcome him to join.” In the future, the two will work together Continue to achieve self-breakthrough in different art fields, and jointly explore more possibilities of the art of time.

LV’s Louis Vuitton home in Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, Chengdu officially opened on Thursday. This is the third Louis Vuitton home opened by the brand in China. It has two independent buildings and an open courtyard with a long-standing courtyard. The inherited western Sichuan architectural style blends with the three-story modern retail space where all Louis Vuitton products are displayed. In addition to the retail space, the House of Louis Vuitton also has the first domestic restaurant “THE HALL”, which will carry out seasonal cooperation with Michelin-starred chefs from different countries and regions from an innovative perspective, bringing new and innovative ideas to consumers. Creative experience.

The bistro-style restaurant offers a seasonal menu featuring pan-European flavours and classics from French and Mediterranean cuisine. Local products from Ya’an in the mountainous western Sichuan region, such as Sichuan truffles and sturgeon caviar, add some refined local flavours. The restaurant will serve wine, including a selection of wines from the Jura region, the birthplace of founder Louis Vuitton.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Naruto, Montblanc unveils the new Montblanc x Naruto capsule collection

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the classic manga and animation series “Naruto”, Montblanc launched the new Montblanc x Naruto capsule series, which includes a variety of creative masterpieces of leather goods and writing instruments. It has been 20 years since the birth of the classic manga and animation series “Naruto”. With its rich character setting and fascinating storyline, “Naruto” has become one of the best-selling animation series of all time. More than 250 million copies have been issued in various countries and regions. Its series of works revolves around the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki’s persistent pursuit of his dreams. It tells the story of a young man who lost his parents since childhood, gradually establishes his self-awareness in the continuous exploration of the world, and eventually grows into the strongest ninja who leads and protects the ninja village. – The story of Hokage. The protagonist of the story, Naruto Uzumaki, never gives up for his dream, and the story of fearless exploration is deeply loved by fans.

This time, Montblanc reinterprets the brand’s proud writing culture from a new perspective, launching a new Montblanc x Naruto capsule collection, including leather goods, writing instruments and other works. Many of the details are inspired by the classic storyline of “Naruto”. Together with the characters, this inspirational story about passionate youth and chasing dreams is reproduced, paying tribute to the creative narrative art displayed by the original work, and its classic charm that transcends cultural background and has been baptized by time.

K-Way Shanghai Ruiou and Beijing Galeries Lafayette boutiques are grandly opened

The French classic urban outdoor clothing brand K-Way officially entered Shanghai Ruiou Department Store and Beijing Galeries Lafayette recently, kicking off the Chinese market. As the first retail space in Shanghai, K-Way Ruiou Boutique is located in Ruiou Department Store, which gathers high-end international fashion brands. The simple and bright design perfectly integrates K-Way’s functional aesthetics with classic iconic elements. The whole space is spread out by staggered square matrix islands, and the transparent metal light at the top echoes it. The tri-color raindrops of K-Way’s classic strips fall, echoing the waterproof properties of the brand’s classic Le VraiTM series – Let it rain.

The K-Way boutique has a complete range of collections, from the most iconic Le VraiTM collection, which is light, comfortable and completely waterproof, to the Klassic collection featuring stylish aesthetics, classic design lines and practical and sophisticated fabrics, and then From the L’Action series, which is inspired by sports and fully reflects the brand’s technical design and practical functions, and the R&D series, which represents the brand’s advanced technology and extraordinary craftsmanship.

Founded in Paris, France in 1965, K-Way adheres to classic and modern fashion styles, rich and gorgeous colors, super practical functionality, excellent product quality, and advanced technology. K-Way has been incorporated into Italy and France. The well-known brands of the dictionary are also frequently invited to cooperate with brands, from luxury brands such as Prada, Saint Laurent, Fendi, Versace, to trendy brands Engineered Garments, Play Comme des Garons, to the world Formula One Championship team Alpine F1, etc. have established cooperative relations. Recently, it also completed a crossover collaboration with DSQUARED2.

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Z ARA debuts at the 5th China International Import Expo, deconstructing diverse fashion

On November 5, ZARA made its first solo appearance at the CIIE, which was the third consecutive year that Inditex, the parent company of ZARA, participated in the event. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the China International Import Expo, ZARA presented the ZARA Studio series to everyone through video, which was completed by the Zara design team and the famous creative director and stylist Karl Templer. The collection includes the foundational silhouettes of all modern classics, redefining what the future holds for everything from nautical wear to tailored sportswear and evening wear. The collection manages to dilute the traces of the original design while highlighting its own silhouette. In addition to the minimalist linear printing, any superfluous external decoration is completely removed, and buttons and other fasteners are covered with a design.

In response to the highly competitive circular development prospects of the fashion industry, ZARA showcased innovative initiatives for brand development through the Inditex Sustainability Innovation Center, an innovation platform focused on driving and scaling innovations in materials, technologies and processes to reduce fashion products’ environmental footprint and help advance a more sustainable and circular development.

Rick Owens x Moncler for Maya 70

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Moncler launched the Moncler Maya 70 joint collaboration series, inviting seven designers to express their seven creative ideas and reinterpret the classic Maya down jacket. The Moncler Maya 70 collaboration with Rick Owens, launched on November 5, is the fourth model in the collection. The various designer collaboration series of Moncler Maya 70 are continuing. The first three collaborations have high topic and popularity. As the fourth partner of this series, Rick Owens brings his latest interpretation of Moncler. ,greatly awaited.

It is not the first time that Rick Owens has cooperated with Moncler, and the two sides already have a considerable understanding. This time, the cooperation model still revolves around the classic down jacket, which was narrated by Mrs. Rick Owens Michelle Lamy, and brought back Rick Owens’s iconic high-neck scarf and mask elements, and added a special-shaped raised design to the two sleeves, which is inspired by the design. Combining Maya’s architectural aesthetic with a cut that emphasizes the shoulder line and a nylon lacquered, regenerated nylon satin backing. The re-cooperation of the two “old friends” will not disappoint everyone from design to material texture.

American classic denim brand Wrangler joins hands with GANT to launch a limited-edition collaboration

Recently, Wrangler and GANT launched a limited joint series, based on classic silhouettes, overlapping nostalgia and contemporary elements, showing the unique charm of American wear and unlocking a casual and casual style. Wrangler and GANT, also founded in the 1940s, draw new inspiration from the archives, use iconic elements that symbolize historical heritage, revive their common and different ideas, and launch a new Wrangler x GANT joint series that integrates East Coast leisure. The style and the uninhibited personality of western cowboys imitate the essence of American style.

Famous photographer, filmmaker and portrait artist Nadia Lee Cohen was invited to shoot the Wrangler x GANT co-branded fashion blockbuster. She has attracted a large number of followers with her surreal works, and this time she has transformed into a wild rodeo star, leading people back to the era of classic western movies, and wonderfully interpreting the chic and uninhibited American retro atmosphere. The Wrangler x GANT limited-edition collaboration brings a contemporary aesthetic to the retro trend with modern details. The loose silhouette sweater is designed with dropped shoulders, and the neat tailoring interprets the genderless style. The chic blue bell badge on the chest is recklessly loaded with youthful energy and reproduces the vitality of the American campus.

The North Face once again joined hands with legendary artist KAWS to upgrade the legendary Icons series at the same time

Following the world premiere of The North Face XX KAWS joint series, The North Face once again joined hands with legendary artist KAWS to launch a new 2022 autumn and winter joint series. Adhering to the never-ending spirit of exploration of The North Face brand, combined with the unique functional aesthetics of KAWS, reinterpreting the classics opens a new chapter of exploration. The new season of The North Face XX KAWS series plays with black and white two-color inspiration, takes the classic ICON of The North Face as the canvas, and presents the classic 1994 HIMALAYAN down parka jacket, classic 1996 NUPTSE down jacket, classic 1986 jacket, classic 1995 DENALI fleece jacket, BASECAMP The classic star products of The North Face such as the pannier, combined with the unique functional aesthetics of KAWS, excavate the vast interest between black and white images.

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The North Face opens to explore a new chapter, with cutting-edge technology, innovative fabrics and clean style, the evolution of the legendary Icons series. The new Remastered series refreshes cognition with revolutionary high performance, and presents the core of outdoor elements with innovation and determination, bringing the Icons classic series into a new era. The Nuptse down jacket integrates innovative technology into the classic version, and combines the upgraded fixed baffle structure and high-performance materials to create a new outdoor experience; the Himalayan down parka jacket inherits the 700-puff goose down lining, which is lightweight and warm to keep body temperature constant, and enjoys warm protection at all times. Conquering the snowy mountain tops adds surging heat; Denali jackets are made of waterproof, moisture-wicking, and wear-resistant DRYVENTTM 3L fabrics, which can effectively isolate moisture from intrusion while ensuring durability, making cold air impervious from the inside out. And the Holidays series renews the trend inspiration, creating an exploratory style with bright color matching.

H. Moser & Cie. Launches the Speedster Tourbillon Rainbow Watch

H. Moser & Cie. inspired the Speeder series tourbillon watch with colorful iridescent sapphires. The colored gemstones are inlaid in the middle of the case made of 5N red gold or stainless steel, so that it is equipped with a double hairspring The one-minute flying tourbillon is even more fascinating. As a jewelry timepiece rooted in the tradition of fine watchmaking, the new Streamliner Tourbillon Rainbow combines a minimalist aesthetic with modern elegance and a touch of opulence.

The watch is made of 5N red gold or stainless steel, embellished with sixty baguette-cut colored sapphires, each gemstone is precisely embedded in the middle of the case in a sealed setting, adding brilliance to the Vantablack dial or the classic smoked dial, and interpretation A double gradient effect: on the one hand, the iridescent light is reproduced in gradient shades, and on the other hand, the cushion-shaped contours of the Speeder case are outlined by gemstones in gradient sizes.

Eddington Group participated in the CIIE, Macallan and Bentley Motors released the Macallan Unbounded Creative Concept Wine Bottle

Today, Eddington Group, a world-renowned spirits company, once again participated in the CIIE with its two high-end Scottish single malt whisky brands: The Macallan and The Glenrothes. The overall profile design of the booth is inspired by the Easter Elchies House, the spiritual home of The Macallan. The sparkling façade is reminiscent of the purity and agility of the Spey River. With the golden wheat field installation in the booth, it shows the Macallan. The unique natural features of the birthplace. The circling and rising oak tree in the booth is full of visual shock, representing the brand’s long-term persistence in the aging of sherry oak barrels and the pursuit of wood quality.

This year, The Macallan and Bentley Motors jointly released the Macallan Unbounded creative concept wine bottle with sustainability as the core, and took advantage of the important platform of the 5th China International Import Expo to bring people a more immersive experience space . This unique concept wine bottle is another forward-looking attempt at innovation and sustainability by the brand, using six unique materials that are upcycled, recycled or meet sustainable standards. The wine bottle adopts a 180-degree twist design that breaks through the tradition, and ingeniously integrates the design elements of the car’s running track. While breaking the industry boundary, it also shows the dedication of both parties for craftsmanship and innovative spirit.

Replacing ink with tea, “Chanting in Tea – Yan Kai’s Art Exhibition” opened at Aurora Museum

As the second season of the “Beihong YOUNG” young artist promotion project, Yan Kaiqi’s series of works exhibition “Cha in Tea”, which uses tea instead of ink, will be exhibited at the Aurora Museum in Shanghai from today. Yan began to focus on the part of the space between the two ends of the dualistic world, so as to explore universal issues such as oriental philosophical thinking. He borrows the humanistic characteristics originally carried by the material, and reconstructs a new humanistic order among “objects” in his works. He works in a variety of mediums, most recently using tea as his main painting medium.

Traced back to the source of Yan Kai’s artistic creation, perhaps indirectly influenced by his parents, he draws on the shapes of folk art and traditional oriental aesthetics, and in the paints he creates, he jumps out of traditional Chinese ink and Western oil paints, from the distant Chinese culture. Material – tea: Borrowing black tea, Pu’er, dark tea, etc., different tea leaves produce different degrees of brown through the oil, color, texture and smell of the tea juice, or dark or light, the main color of brown and ochre makes the whole picture It has a smell and layers at the same time.

We can see some traces of re-innovation of traditional Chinese themes from “Taste of Tea”, “Tales in the Woods”, “Tea Mountain” series, “Old Dream of Huangliang”, “A Dream in the Garden” and so on. Yan Kai chose the theme of tea culture to cut into, using tea set and tea ceremony to show “the spirit of tea set”. Through his works, he proposes some fusions between the known and the unknown, reality and fantasy and reality, challenging the imagination of traditional Chinese literati on mythological themes, surpassing the realistic imagery, and creating a mythical world belonging to Yan Kai himself. Legendary Animals”, “Tiger Sitting on the Mountain”, “Unstable Landscape”, etc., express the “beauty contained in nature” and the creativity of “people-oriented”.

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Airbnb China Launches Odd House Tour

Recently, Airbnb China launched OMG! It turns out that the world is such a “big” strange house, and we gather Chinese travelers who are full of curiosity about the world to live in the five most popular Airbnb strange houses in the world. The “big” series of strange houses that will be visited in this tour include: The Thousand Yards Boots House in the fairy tale world in New Zealand, the 6-ton potato house in the potato country of the United States, the domineering giant bone house on Boulders Beach, California, and the starry sky in the Scottish Highlands, England. The flashlight house, and the infinity mirror house in the Italian Alps.

“Our user research shows that unique listings, diverse supply and global network are the strong demands of Chinese travelers for homestay platforms in their outbound travel in the future, and this is exactly where Airbnb’s differentiated advantages lie.” Airbnb China Kong Zhiqiu, head of business, said, “We hope that Airbnb can become a window for Chinese travelers to explore the wonderful world, connecting with the vast world through the space of whimsy, and touching the infinite possibilities of life while exploring the unknown of travel. “

The LEGO Group releases a new generation of LEGO Friends series

On the tenth anniversary of the launch of the LEGO Friends series, the LEGO Group has opened a new story chapter in the Friends series, and launched a series of new minifigures with more diverse characters, allowing more children to express and present themselves during play. The design focus of the new generation of LEGO Friends series revolves around the various friendship stories in current social life.

The characters in the new LEGO Friends series are more diverse, but all very real, funny and emotional. These characters have different skin colors, cultural backgrounds, physical conditions, and even invisible disabilities or neurodiversity issues. In the new generation of product sets and cartoons, there are different characters set up with physical defects, Down syndrome, anxiety, vitiligo, etc., as well as a dog in a wheelchair. The best friends in the new story begin to explore and deal with the challenges of contemporary life, dealing with emotions, obstacles and differences, and they develop friendships through these experiences.

Not long ago, the first LEGO brand flagship store in Chongqing officially opened, which is also the second brand flagship store opened by the LEGO Group in western China. Through the upgrade and integration of digital play and physical play, the Chongqing LEGO brand flagship store brings an immersive brand retail experience with distinctive culture to children, families and LEGO fans in Chongqing and western China.

High-end dessert brand La Répète airborne in five major shopping malls including IFC and Xintiandi

Nowadays, the national trend is popular. Although cakes used to be imported products, with the efforts of various local traditional and emerging brands, the baking industry has achieved substantial development in recent years. Recently, the high-end dessert brand LR Cake (La Répète), which focuses on creating exquisite French-style lasagna cakes, will launch into the high-end shopping district of Magic Capital and officially land in Shanghai International Finance Center, Shanghai Xintiandi, Shanghai Huanmao iapm, and Shanghai Lujiazui Center. , Shanghai Daning Jiuguang Center, five high-end shopping malls in Shanghai.

The La Répète brand also has an extremely strict pursuit of dessert craftsmanship. Each cake carries the contrast, collision and fusion of the classic heritage of dessert making and modern creativity, and always adheres to handmade craftsmanship for dessert making. Strict selection of senior pastry chefs, hand-made thin French crepe crust. The thin and tough crepe crust and the delicate cream are neatly stacked on each other, resulting in a series of thousand-layer cakes with more than 20 layers, which is also the advantage of manual craftsmanship over machine-made ones. The choice to enter the five popular shopping malls at the same time is also optimistic about the prospects of the domestic high-end dessert market.

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