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Weekly Luck of the Week | 5.23~5.29 The mood is as sunny as the weather, and half of the constellations this week are lucky! _ small partner _ relationship _ life

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Weekly Luck of the Week | 5.23~5.29 The mood is as sunny as the weather, and half of the constellations this week are lucky! _ small partner _ relationship _ life

Original title: Weekly Luck of the Week | 5.23~5.29 The mood is as sunny as the weather, and half of the constellations this week are lucky!

This week’s Aries may have some new ideas on their minds, and they are eager to try new challenges and plans. Maybe you are already in the initial stage of a project, and maybe some ideas are still immature or you are not fully prepared, but you have enough enthusiasm and energy for this, and your mentality is also positive and optimistic, without any pressure. Emotional partners will also have positive interactions with each other, such as outdoor sports, and some people may also have a short trip recently.

Taurus Taurus

This week’s Taurus body energy value is rapidly degrading, and it may not be able to keep up physically and mentally. You lose a lot of enthusiasm for doing things, or you do things in the wrong way and in the wrong direction, causing your energy to be wasted. At work, there is a lack of motivation to carry out the things to be done, and the willpower is not very firm. In life, there may be a lack of motivation and motivation to do things, or it may be difficult for self-affirmation, or it may be very concentrated on one thing. If there are some projects to be executed, the probability of delay is higher.

Gemini Gemini

This week is a time of clarity for Geminis to be able to calm down and listen to themselves and the world. The prospects in life or career are gradually becoming brighter, which fills you with hope. When the night is quiet, it is the best time for you to think. Your confidence will return to your body and give you energy. If the previous situation was hazy and foggy, then starting from this period of time, you may be able to understand your true self. I hope that the life you dream of will make your wishes clearer, and the creators will be able to get more inspiration.

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Cancer Cancer

This week is a phased and important moment for the Cancer friends. You may feel some subtle changes in your circumstances, and everything is moving in the desired direction. If you were in a low or stagnant state in the past, it is possible that you will be slowly walking in this state recently. But whether it is a trough or a peak, pay more attention to the information that you can learn recently, and maybe there will be opportunities for you, unexpected gains or good news that you are looking forward to. Seizing the opportunity is also the way to face the unknown.

Leo Leo

This week’s fellow Leo may be going through some scary situations. Similar experiences and lessons make you doubt that you cannot overcome the situation at hand, and difficulties surround you. Although giving up is not their personality, the situation that worries you makes it impossible for you to see the meaning of persistence, and there may be a desire to withdraw or escape. Defenses are disrupted, and physical exhaustion tests your patience. At this time, you need to readjust your steps. If you feel too stressed, you can take a short break to repair your body and mind.

Virgo Virgo

Virgos this week are indecisive and very conservative when faced with a decision. Perhaps it is you who have always been meticulous and comprehensive in analyzing problems. When there is no comprehensive plan, it is difficult to decide whether to move forward. It may also be just out of fear of the unknown. When you need to choose to move forward, you back down and you continue wait-and-see state. But hesitation often makes you miss a good opportunity, and even self-consolation doesn’t do much. Tianqing refused to leave, just waiting for the rain to shower.

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Libra Libra

This week’s Libra friends, enthusiasm and smiles are on your face, the clean and sunny weather is the same as your mood, the whole person is radiant, and there is nothing to hide. As if infused with fresh energy, you may finally be able to go beyond the city walls and be greeted by the beauty of nature with free air. It doesn’t matter if you have some little narcissism. Looking in the mirror and seeing the sunny and lovely self, you can also give yourself a lot of confidence and courage to face some difficult levels.

Scorpio Scorpio

This week’s Scorpio buddies may be a little estranged in some relationships. Maybe it’s your intimacy, or a partnership, etc., that for some reason feels separated, mistrusted, or no longer close. This may be that your goals in the near future are not consistent, or that one party is unable to empathize with the other party, making it impossible for you to communicate with each other during this period of time. Or you are no longer equal in your relationship, there is a sense of gap, so that you can no longer maintain the current relationship, and some cooperation may not be achieved.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

This week doesn’t look very friendly to Sagittarius friends. It may be the gloomy weather or something that makes you sad. During Mercury retrograde, all kinds of memories may come back and still interfere with your thoughts. You may choose to stay with this painful part, or to feel its presence in your body. This may also be an opportunity. When you face the pain, you will be able to find your true inner strength, overcome the pain and grow from it.

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This week’s Capricorns may have found a certain balance of inner peace, where you can live your life by focusing on your own needs and at the same time taking into account the wishes of others. Through learning and experimentation, re-integrating various concepts, and continuous realization, you may be able to break through the constraints of some inherent cognition in reality, or the so-called secular framework, and discover that you and the world, and others, and even the difference between things and things, are all different. It is possible to communicate or even connect. Different aspects of yourself and yourself can also be combined and balanced.

Aquarius Aquarius

This week’s Aquarius companions are prone to disorientation and purpose, or inability to control their direction. Either you can’t start one thing, you may easily overshoot it because of impatience, or the duration is very short. Regardless of external emergencies or insufficient preparation, there may be obstacles and interruptions this week. It is easy to start a challenge, it will be more tempered, and it is easy to lose your footing. Pay attention to speed and traffic rules when you travel and take vehicles, and you need to be safety first if you don’t get stopped by the traffic police uncle.


This week Pisces friends are filled and joyful from the inside out. The inner richness and contentment overflows with such joy. During this time, there may be an inner growth, you will pay more attention to inner and spiritual practice, or use more spiritual nourishment to fill yourself up, and you will be willing to give to others. Some friends may usher in a new relationship. On a day full of love, some people may also participate in some charity, volunteer and other activities such as giving love.

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