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Weekly Luck of the Week | 6.27~7.3 Libra friends rush forward, other constellations are adjusting themselves_Work_Relationship_Things

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Weekly Luck of the Week | 6.27~7.3 Libra friends rush forward, other constellations are adjusting themselves_Work_Relationship_Things

Original title: Weekly Luck of the Week | 6.27~7.3 Libra friends rush forward, other constellations are adjusting themselves

This week’s Aries may yield to someone or follow someone’s expectations or dictate to them. That person may have been “pointing fingers” at you for a long time or holding you down with what he calls a code of conduct. Sometimes you may also seek so-called authority to find a way or a norm to act, possibly just to avoid trouble or error. But at the same time, this so-called norm is precisely the rigidity of thinking, and it is unavoidable to become dogmatic and restrict development.

Taurus Taurus

This week, Taurus needs to pay attention that there will be divisions or changes in some intimate relationships or cooperative relationships, friendship relationships, etc. Maybe there is some misunderstanding between you, maybe some of them are unwilling to take the initiative to maintain the relationship, maybe they still keep in touch, but they seem to be separated, the relationship is not superficially harmonious, or they have lost the feeling of trust, and they care more. Even if it is oneself, it is difficult to truly share each other’s hearts. Some cooperative relationships may be that the common goal is not always the same, and the cooperation is difficult to maintain.

Gemini Gemini

This week is Gemini, the heart moves, and the heart goes with it. The overall state is free and light, not subject to any constraints. Maybe there are some new trials waiting for you, and you also believe that life has infinite possibilities. Through such inner guidance, you bravely take the step forward, even if it is full of exciting experiences, you are willing to Take the plunge. Old experiences may be transformed into the intuition that guides your journey during this new phase of the journey, and listen to your heart for guidance. Some people may come to a trip that says to go, and the itinerary is random.

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Cancer Cancer

Cancer this week refuses to be alone, even in the dead of night. This may be due to the loneliness in your heart, and the loneliness you fear may be because you see it, and you hesitate to worry or choose to avoid it. You may find yourself in a time where you don’t have time to think and have free time, or you just simply need to interact with others right now or you’re just too busy. You may miss out on opportunities to grow, and maybe it’s time to find your inner strength.

Leo Leo

This week’s Leo loses composure about the goals of the plan, or simply has a way to control everything in the plan. There may not be a clear goal in the career, nor can you do meticulous work with down-to-earth diligence. Maybe you have lost some long-term investment, a stable platform or environment that allows you to continue to output and exert your abilities, which makes you feel beaten or lose your value, so you become lazy and lose interest in many things. Emotionally, there will also be thoughts of quitting or giving up.

Virgo Virgo

Virgo this week adjusts itself and returns to the original world. Maybe you have gone through a period of seclusion, you can break through the previous confinement after being in quiet solitude, or you have figured out some things that are more resistant and unacceptable. Or maybe you’ve just been sick and injured for a while, and now you’re rejuvenated and quietly returning to life. The voices of the outside world can be heard by you again, and various information can enter your world, and those that affected you in the past can now be re-faced, and emotionally no longer indifferent.

Libra Libra

This week’s Libra can be said to be full of schedules, but fortunately, it is efficient and reasonable, and things are carried out one by one in an orderly and smooth manner, without disturbing each other. Maybe not everything can be done in this time or have a definite result, but it doesn’t affect your enthusiasm, you have enough energy and good shape to push these things towards the goal. Starting an old market doesn’t affect your development of a new market. Taking advantage of the heyday, opening up more paths is also a good way to increase income.

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Scorpio Scorpio

This week Scorpio may feel anxious and anxious, and the pressure of external things, the emotions are easily affected and erupted. Or the whole person has become sensitive and negative, and it is difficult to control the degree of emotional release, and you are moody. In short, this week you are more elusive, or not very easy to get along with. The stress of work can make you feel out of focus and out of control, which can seem like a tough time to last. There may also be some crises emotionally due to the diminished capacity for empathy.

Sagittarius Sagittarius

If this week’s Sagittarius partners have some undecided projects or agreements before, they can reach a preliminary partnership or consensus this week, or clarify their division of labor in teamwork. For the part of the work that requires teamwork, the team members can actively work together to complete their own work. If the foundation of the project is not firm at the beginning, it requires patience and steadfast efforts to do the basic work. Some Sagittarius may start renovations this week, and you will need to be involved in it yourself.


This week’s Capricorn may be a little more impetuous than usual, and less stable. The mind is very open and very agile, and it is not easy to be restrained. But at the same time, the changes will be very fast. It may be too fast to even think about it. Many ideas have floated by like a barrage, and there is little effective information. Have the courage to challenge, dare to face difficulties head-on, and be able to speak a lot of words bravely, you need to pay attention to being outspoken and may say the wrong thing many times. Be careful when you go out, speeding is unsafe and you are liable to be fined.

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Aquarius Aquarius

Aquarius this week may have a state where it is difficult to be happy, or dissatisfied with the status quo, or unhappy because there is nothing to be happy about, and there is no way to bring interest to many things. This is also the time we need to see if we haven’t taken care of our spiritual needs for a while. You may be trying to find something from the outside that can fill your heart, but it’s hard to get the energy of love. The emptiness of the mind can become a hindrance to the many joys that can be seen in life.


Pisces will feel a deep sense of exhaustion or lack this week. It is like not knowing the sails of a port, and there is nowhere to dock. You may be desperately seeking help with some problem or matter, or trying to find a way to solve the crisis at hand. It may be difficult for you to get the opportunities you want to see during this time, but the difficulties are temporary. Fortunately, you are not struggling alone, and there are always people by your side. Sometimes you may just get used to a certain pattern and don’t want to believe that you will be able to dock anytime soon.

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