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weekly preview Q49 – wienkonzert.com

Winter has arrived in Vienna – so let’s get to the cozy, warm concert locations!

The week starts on Monday with the welcome “mando diao“ in the gasometer – how many hits will you delight the Viennese audience with this time? Alternatively, you can check out what super producer “marco kleebauer“ has been cooking up so much lately! If you want to enjoy good old hip hop, you have to go to Flex on Tuesday and none other than “grandmaster flash” listen!

This week also has small festivals to offer: on Wednesday the event “jameson connects“held in the wuk and to be seen live, there are not only the wonderful “search for“but also the newcomer”emeli trahan“ and a few more artists! Another festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, namely the “desertshore festival“ in the people’s theater! Last year the first edition was extremely exciting and this year too you can discover all sorts of things – in all rooms of the Volkstheater!

A trip into the past can be taken on Thursday: the magnificent “from dawn to fall“ invite you to a reunion gig in the arena and it will definitely be fantastic! alternatively is “declan welsh & the decadent west“Highly recommended at Chelsea. Would you like even more guitar music in all its variations? then off to chelsea on friday, because there is a wild show from “pabst” and “dz deathrays“. and it will be no less wild on Saturday at “salo” and “anda morts“ im flex.

There are of course many more fantastic concerts this week – as always, the overview is below. Have a lot of fun this winter concert week! It will be great, because every concert is great!

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hard facts:
04.12.2023 / mando diao / gasometer (fb-event)
04.12.2023 / marco kleebauer / flucc (eventinfo)
05.12.2023 / the dead daisies / simm city (fb-event)
12/05/2023 / amelie tobien / haus der music (fb event)
12/05/2023 / anna mabo / concert hall (event info)
05.12.2023 / the lla / chelsea (fb-event)
05.12.2023 / grandmaster flash / flex (fb-event)
12/05/2023 / akadia, thieves / junk shop (fb event)
06.12.2023 / james connects: cari cari u.a. / wuk (fb-event)
06.12.2023 / mars red sky / arena (fb-event)
06.12.2023 / attwenger / chelsea (fb-event)
06.12.2023 / 257ers / b72 (fb-event)
06.12.2023 / the awkward aardvark’s artwork / kramladen (fb-event)
06.12.2023 / punk’s not dead: darko u.a. / rhiz (fb-event)
07.12.2023 / declan welsh & the decadent west / chelsea (fb-event)
07.12.2023 / holli u.a. / club1019 (fb-event)
07.12.2023 / the comets, fraeulein astrid / rhiz (fb-event)
07.12.2023 / from dawn to fall / arena (fb-event)
12/07/2023 / aleix ffrench / concert hall (fb event)
07.12.2023 / emma mo u.a. / flucc (fb-event)
07.12.2023 / elektro guzzi / concert hall (event info)
08.12.2023 / pabst, dz deathrays / chelsea (fb-event)
08.12.2023 / flower garden / flex (fb event)
08.12.2023 / shake stew / porgy & bess (eventinfo)
08.12.2023 / cloud 9 / rhiz (fb-event)
08.12.2023 / simon lewis / b72 (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / bosse / wuk (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / salo, anda morts / flex (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / freud / chelsea (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / dennis kiss / loop (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / mudfight, yokohomo / kramladen (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / death over the night: spire of lazarus u.a. / szene (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / bloodsucking zombies from outer space / arena (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / lausch, the jupiter effect / the loft (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / aarøn / rhiz (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / he/ro / simm city (fb-event)
09.12.2023 / high transition u.a. / arena (fb-event)
09.12. – 10.12.2023 / desertshore festival / volkstheater (fb-event) + (fb-event)
10.12.2023 / chuck ragan / szene (fb-event)
10.12.2023 / islandman / fluc wanne (fb-event)
10.12.2023 / vulvarine / arena (fb-event)

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