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Wen Muye’s new work “Miracle” completes Yi Qianqianxi leading the legend of “beating workers”_TOM Entertainment

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On October 8, the film “Miracle”, directed by Wen Muye and produced by Ning Hao, starring Yi Yangqianxi, was officially announced. It was filmed across the hardships of summer and autumn and is finally about to meet the audience. As director Wen Muye’s second feature film after three years, “Miracle” reunited with the “Medicinal God Team”, except for producer Ning Hao, screenwriter Zhong Wei, photography director Wang Boxue, art styling director Li Miao, and music director Huang The super creators all return; and the script is polished by Zhou Chucen, Xiu Mendi, Wen Muye, Han Xiaohan, and Zhong Wei. As a centennial gift film for the founding of the party, continuing the strong realism of “I’m Not the God of Medicine”, “Miracle” tells a struggle legend that took place in the hot land of Shenzhen in the south and reversed life. How does the story of “Hit the Workers” led by Yi Yang Qianxi unfold, and what cast will be exposed, “Miracle” is worth looking forward to.

Wen Muye's new work

Wen Muye “Miracle”smoothlyFinishYi Yang Qianxi StyleFirst exposure

Directed by Wen Muye and produced by Ning Hao, the movie “Miracle” led by Yi Yang Qianxi has attracted much attention since it was launched. On October 8th, at the end of the National Day schedule, the crew of “Miracle” officially announced that it was officially closed. After two seasons of hard shooting, it entered the post-production stage in full swing. With this official announcement, people are increasingly looking forward to when “Miracle” will meet with the audience. In 2018, new director Wen Muye’s first feature film “I am not a medicine god” became an annual phenomenon film with its pioneering social reality theme orientation. After three years, what possibilities will Wen Muye focus on in the era? Facing the expectation of another “Medicinal God”, as Wen Muye once said: “Let yourself get out of one story, and then enter another story. In this process, you need some time to change your mentality.” “I am not a medicine god” cuts into the social value of people’s livelihood, and “Miracle” will pay more attention to the inner drive in ordinary life.

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Along with this finalization, the down-to-earth “workman” style leading the star Yi Yanqianxi was also officially released. A simple working youth, busy in the context of the rapid development of the times. As a high-profile representative of the new acting school in recent years, Yi Yang Qianxi has continuously performed sincere and moving screen performances with the image of a tough and universal teenager. The “Medicine God Team” led by Xu Zheng in “I’m Not the God of Medicine” also It is an indelible group performance in the hearts of the audience. Under the kaleidoscope of director Wen Muye’s role, what new characteristics will Yi Yang Qianxi transform? What kind of group portrait story will be staged in “Miracle”? As for the selection of actors, Wen Muye has his own understanding: “When I choose actors, I cannot list every specific criteria. I will consider whether this character looks like or not. Is it the same as when I first conceived the character? Can the characterization of the role be completed? Will it surprise me? The actors are an overall framework, and they are a matching formation with each other. In addition to individuals, we must fully consider whether the cooperation between the actors is good.”

Wen Muye's new work

“Medicine God Team”Second creationMiracleWen Muye focuses on the ordinary greatness of “hitting workers”

Do not make a sequel to “Yo Shen”, but make a good movie “Like Yao Shen”. With this original intention, “Miracle” once again gathers “Yo Shen team”, from producer Ning Hao, screenwriter Zhong Wei, photographer Guiding Wang Boxue, art modeling director Li Miao, music director Huang Chao, etc., escorted the film, once again teamed up to create realistic themes, focusing the story on grassroots workers. It is reported that the script was co-created by Zhou Chucen, Xiu Mendi, Wen Muye, Han Xiaohan, and Zhong Wei. It tells the growth from the perspective of ordinary people, and pursues glory with dreams and beliefs. Under the self-positioning of “typed author and director”, Wen Muye believes that the space of film can be expanded, and “type” and “author” can be relatively harmoniously combined. The creative pursuit of “entertainment, sociality, and soul” established by “the god of medicine” has always been consistent. Behind the basic entertainment demands, a good movie must have a relationship with the world that is happening now, as well as express the hope of humanity, freedom and love that transcend the times.

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It is worth noting that this time the official announcement of “Miracle” simultaneously exposed a group of empty mirror stills with the theme of “ordinary good scenes”, which changed the way the characters first took the lead to convey to the audience the strong temperament of the background of the story. The prosperous and magnificent high-rise buildings, the streets and lanes with red tiles and gray walls, the small and cozy mobile phone repair shops…every scenery seems to imply traces of ordinary people’s hard work, and they live so passionately. The moving part of the film lies in its subtle skill. The empty mirror stills of the first round of exposure scenes of “Miracle” show the confidence in the quality tone. I believe that in the story of director Wen Muye, we can find the extraordinary place of ordinary light and shadow.

Wen Muye's new work

Wen Muye's new work

Wen Muye's new work

Wen Muye's new work

The movie “Miracle” is produced by Bad Monkey Pictures and Dream General Pictures, so stay tuned.


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