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“We’ve been separated for a long time”: Amira Pocher makes a surprising confession

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“We’ve been separated for a long time”: Amira Pocher makes a surprising confession

“We’ve been separated for a long time” Amira Pocher makes a surprising confession

November 21, 2023, 1:34 p.m. Listen to article

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For a few days now, some peace has returned to Oliver and Amira Pocher’s War of the Roses. But the two continue to bring up the topic in their podcasts. Now it’s her turn again – with a statement that will surprise many, perhaps even her husband.

Amira Pocher and her brother Ibrahim “Hima” Aly have published the second episode of their new joint podcast “Liebes Leben”. Even though the 31-year-old would probably no longer like to discuss the separation from Oliver Pocher in a big way, she and her brother did talk about it when it came to the reactions to their podcast debut. The presenter reveals a juicy detail.

Some people asked her after the first episode of “Liebes Leben” why she was ready for a new love so soon after the separation. When she expressed this willingness, she did not consider that the public had only known about the end of her marriage to Oliver Pocher since August, says Amira Pocher. “We’ve been separated unofficially for a while,” she says. And further: “It feels like I’ve been separated for a year.”

It is not clear whether this was actually expressed between the couple or whether they had already distanced themselves internally during the relationship. Accordingly, it is questionable whether Oliver Pocher would also confirm that he has been separated from his wife for a long time.

“That should be enough for now”

Apart from that, Amira Pocher would like to forget the separation drama. After her brother explains that it was important that she commented on it at the start of the podcast, she says: “But I still won’t do that. That was the first and last time.” It’s not her way to deal with such things. “I have now told a fraction and that should be enough for now.”

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Instead, the well-being of her two sons is now the priority, Amira Pocher makes clear. Her brother also emphasizes this: “Now I see you as someone who still wants to achieve a lot, but you have a new side: You are now also a mother and want to pass something on. You want to make everything possible for your children. You want to only the best for your children and more.”

Unlike his current wife, Oliver Pocher has not minced words in recent weeks when it comes to publicly coming to terms with the separation. And unlike them, he may not do so in the future either. He has plenty of opportunities to do this, after all, he also has a new podcast with his first wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden. Pocher also announced that he would be going on tour from January with a comedy program called “Der Liebeskasper”.

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