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What happened to the light chaser crew apologizing?

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The full text is as follows:

In response to the unexpected incident tonight, we make the following statement:

Tonight, the content of the filming of the crew involved disputed scenes: Robben, played by Luo Yunxi, was seriously injured due to his negligence, and his teammate Dapeng punched Robben out of anger. Because the opponent actor failed to control the strength and safety distance, Mr. Luo Yunxi was accidentally injured during this filming process. Mr. Luo Yunxi has been treated in the hospital for the first time, and there is no major problem at present. I am very sorry for the accident and the crew will continue to follow up on Mr. Luo Yunxi’s physical recovery.

I sincerely thank all netizens for their concern for the crew of the light chaser, and sincere apologies to Mr. Luo Yunxi and the fans and friends who have always supported us!

Then @罗云熙Leo posted a report on Ping An: “There is no serious problem at the moment. As an actor, there will be some accidents in the filming process. This is the particularity of this profession.” The opponent actor @纪焕博Rock who accidentally injured Luo Yunxi also issued an apology:” I am very scared, very very guilty, and guilty for hurting such a good person, such a good actor, and such a good brother. I am very sorry and hope Yunxi can recover soon.”

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