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What horoscope person is most likely to find a good partner? (Picture) Daily Stem | Daily Support | Spouse | Easy Academic Numbers | Numerology He Feng

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What horoscope person is most likely to find a good partner? (Picture) Daily Stem | Daily Support | Spouse | Easy Academic Numbers | Numerology He Feng

We can see if you have a chance to find a great partner by looking at the combination of the Sun Pillar and its branches. (Image credit: Pixabay)
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Neighbors will talk like this: How can someone find someone who is many times stronger than himself?companion, we will also hear the saying that “a good man has no good wife, and a lazy man climbs Huazhi”. After a few years, I realized that this is actually a common social phenomenon. To use a fashionable and popular phrase among young people, it is “Beauty accompanies the beast”. Of course, this is not entirely the case, and there are also many heroes who accompany flowers. Faced with this phenomenon, one can’t help but ask: Do I have any chance of finding a great partner? Everybody knows,charactermiddle,day dryrepresent itself, andday branchrepresents its ownspouse; So we can also see if you can have the opportunity to have an excellent other half by observing the combination of the branches and branches of the sun.
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There are two main types of such combinations, as follows:

1. People who sit on the celestial base have a higher chance of having an excellent partner

What is the day support sitting Tianyi noble? This is one of the five elements of a person’s information signs. Specifically speaking, those who come to Rijian as Jiamu, see Ugly and Wei; those who belong to Yimu, see Zi and Shen; those who belong to Bing and Dinghuo, have You and Hai; People who work in Wu soil, see Ugly Wei; people who work in Ji soil, see Zi and Shen; people who work in Geng and Xin Jin, see Yin and Wu; those who work in Ji, see Yin and Wu; People from Guishui, see Mao and Si.

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According to the combination of stems and branches, in fact, there are not many people in this combination. There are probably the following days: Ding You, Ding Hai, Geng Yin, Geng Wu, Guimao, and Guisi. If you were born in one of these days, you have the opportunity to have a great partner.

Why do you say that if you sit on the throne of the day, you will have the opportunity to have an excellent spouse? According to the ancients, Tianyi nobles belonged to Ziweihuan, that is, the stars near Beitian, who served the emperor, and the three stars of the sun, moon, and stars downstream, held a jade balance, and managed and educated the affairs of heaven and man. It is like a monarch in the world, who is of great help to himself. If you meet your fate, you can turn misfortune into good fortune, and if you die, you will become auspicious. If you can be lucky, you will be more auspicious, but if you are bad, you will not be evil. In fact, I don’t fully think so, the reason is the principle of restraint of the five elements.

The yang stem is strong and strong, so it needs to be restrained. Look at the gengjin yang stem. If you make a yin wood or afternoon fire below, it is all to restrain the yang stem. The yin stem is weak and needs help, but this kind of help should not be too strong. Prosperity, if it is too strong and prosperous, the yin dryness will not be able to be born; the state of need is qi but not strong and prosperous. Dingyou and Guimao are both places of longevity of the dry, and they will continue to be born regardless of the excretion. Jiamu actually plays a role in customs clearance, the sun is controlled and cannot be eliminated; so is Guisi, the fire is stored in dry and the fire is the sun, which is the most yang thing, and the gui water is weak and even Yin, which is actually the phase of water and fire. The state of economy, in addition, although this fire is strong and prosperous, the fire in the earth is gasified to release the fire, and the rest of the gold is gasified to release the earth. To help the Lord of the Sun in the next life, this is of course a symbol of good fortune.

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2. People who sit for longevity may also have excellent partners

In the eight characters, the Japanese stem sits for longevity. Longevity is a very beautiful and comfortable state for the Sun Lord. In this state, the Sun Lord is like growing in the womb of the mother, bearing the care and protection of the mother for a long time. The chance to have a great other half.

So, which people’s daily support is self-sufficient for longevity? According to the definition of the eight characters: Jia wood grows in Hai, Yi wood grows at Wu; Bing and Wu grow at Yin; Ding Ji grows at You; Gengjin grows at Si; Xinjin grows at Zi; Renshui grows at Shen, Guishui grows at life in Mao. From this point of view, the people who sit for longevity are: Bingyin, Wuyin, Dingyou, Jiyou, Renshen, and Guiyou for several days. People born these days, although it cannot be said that your spouse will definitely be wealthy, but it will definitely be a very good person, at least in your eyes, in the eyes of others, the ability or wealth is much stronger than you.

It can be seen from this that men and women born on the days of Ding You and Guisi will have a double chance to get an excellent other half. If you are a person born on these two days, then congratulations first, you have achieved excellent results The other half will have more chances than others. Of course, if the male is Ding You, or the female is Guisi, chances and fate will be more and more real. Because Youjin is the partial wealth of Ding Huo’s men’s life, genius and wealth; and for Guishui’s women’s life, Sihuo is the official official, the seal and the wealth. How can you not get a noble and good husband?

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If the men and women born on these two days are combined into Quaker and Rich, and they are the gods favored by the Sun Lord, then of course it will be wonderful, indicating that they will gain great wealth and honor because of their wives or husbands.

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