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What is a mezzanine? How this feature can optimize your home

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What is a mezzanine?  How this feature can optimize your home

You know what is mezzanine? Because if you are looking for smart solutions to optimize the space at home, especially if you have the privilege of living in a property with high ceilings, this architectural resource may be the best choice.

In general, mezzanines can be used in different ways, depending on your needs and preferences, adding aesthetic and functional value to environments.

Now, to let you know about this subject, how about accompanying us in this reading and getting to know a little more about the main information of this structure?

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what is mezzanine

You’ve probably already seen environments that have an elevated structure, such as an additional level situated in the middle of an existing space, right?

This structure is called mezzanine, originating from the Italian word “mezzo” or means, whose function is to provide an intermediate environment for the use of an available vertical area.

The mezzanine is usually designed between the main floor of a space and the ceiling, or at the maximum height of the ceiling height of a building, and can be built with different materials as an intelligent and sophisticated solution to create functional environments.

Versatile, this architecture is widely used in industries, businesses and homes, gaining customizations and meeting specific needs for different purposes, such as storage, bedrooms, offices, exhibition halls and leisure and entertainment areas.

Mezzanines can also be built with different materials, such as steel, wood or other metals, and adapted to harmonize with the style and aesthetics of the environment in which they are installed.

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Features of a mezzanine

For you to understand more about the differentials of the mezzanine, here are some of its main characteristics:


The structure of a mezzanine can be composed of columns or pillars, offering an intermediate, high and functional support, distributing the weight of what you want to support in a safe and stable way.


The space of a mezzanine can be custom designed, adapting to the needs of the environment to provide additional usable space between the main floor and the ceiling.

Because of this, it can be used for various purposes, offering flexibility and maximizing the use of available space.


These additional functional areas, which can serve as bedrooms, workspaces, meeting rooms, storage areas or exhibition spaces, have their flat, raised surface accessible by stairs, elevators or other forms of vertical access.

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One of the attractions of the mezzanine floor is that it offers a wide customization capacity, adapting the design, size and configuration according to the specific needs of the space.

And that goes from the choice of materials, such as steel or wood, to the finishes and architectural elements you want to add to the mezzanine.


One of the fundamental characteristics of a mezzanine is its functionality, as it provides an extra space that can be used in a practical and versatile way.

Designed as an elevated structure, the mezzanine maximizes the use of available space, increasing the capacity to use the environment efficiently.


The versatility of the mezzanine allows you to adapt and customize the space to meet different needs and also incorporate aesthetic elements into the environment.

Combining design flexibility with use, the mezzanine becomes a multifunctional solution that adapts to different segments and spaces.

What are the advantages of a mezzanine?

Having a mezzanine at home offers a number of advantages in everyday life, check it out:

Exploitation: Favors the efficient use of vertical space, creating an additional level of usable area between the main floor and the ceiling, maximizing the use of space;

multifunctional: You explore the creation of multifunctional environments, such as an office, leisure space or even an additional bedroom. Thus, its flexibility allows for various uses according to the needs of the family;

Valuation: As an intelligent solution, the mezzanine can serve as an attractive differential when it comes to valuing the investment in the property;

Solution: Also ideal for houses or apartments with compact spaces, the mezzanine allows efficient use of the available space, creating additional environments without the need for robust works to expand the space;

Aesthetics: In addition to functionality, the mezzanine adds style and design to the environment, exploring different materials, finishes and architectural elements, composing a unique space that stands out visually;

Privacy: It can serve as a solution to separate and create private areas inside the house, adding more privacy and delimitation of environments without the need to build additional walls. Disadvantages

Now that you know what the advantages are, do you want to have an idea of ​​what counterpoints can make it difficult to install a mezzanine at home? Check out:

costs: The mezzanine can require a significant investment, in terms of costs with materials, labor, construction and installation, offering more expenses in relation to other works and alterations in the space;

Restrictions: To install a mezzanine, it is necessary to assess whether the existing space is adequate to accommodate it, since buildings with low ceilings or limited spaces may have restrictions that make it difficult to install with sufficient height and adequate circulation;

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Requirements: Depending on the region and local regulations, the installation may require special licenses and permits, so it is important to check regulations and ensure compliance with legal requirements before starting the project;

acoustic privacy: Are you bothered by noise? It may be that a mezzanine floor does not provide an adequate level of sound insulation from the main floor. Thus, noise from this environment can easily spread to other areas of the house, affecting the privacy and comfort of residents;

Accessibility: The accessibility of a mezzanine can be limited depending on your design and your mezzanine configuration. For example, steep stairs or not enough space to install an elevator can make access difficult for people with reduced mobility or walking difficulties;

maintenance and cleaning: Another point is that the mezzanine may require extra efforts in maintenance and cleaning, in addition to the main floor.

Now, it’s worth remembering that only you can assess which are the points that favor and compensate for the investment in this type of project, right?

Remember to evaluate each stage from the construction of the mezzanine to its use to get an idea of ​​whether or not it is worth having one in your home!

types of mezzanine

Want to get an idea of ​​what types of mezzanine floors you can find out there? So, meet some models that we have listed for you:


A steel mezzanine offers strength, durability and versatility, being a frequently used choice to take advantage of vertical space in residential and commercial environments.


A wooden mezzanine provides a natural and warm look, combining functionality and beauty to create an additional charming space, exploring a more organic and rustic finish.


The metallic material of a mezzanine provides solidity, resistance and structural flexibility, and can be a versatile option for those who want to maximize the space available in different environments.


Have you ever thought about having a modular mezzanine? This model offers practicality and adaptability, allowing the creation of additional spaces quickly and efficiently.

In addition, its versatile and prefabricated structure can allow adjustments according to the needs of the environment, being a flexible solution to optimize the available space.

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Mezzanine inspirations

Feel like creating additional space, but still have no idea how to use it? Well then, see some of the mezzanine inspirations that we have selected to bring out your creativity:

Desk: Create a private and inspiring workspace with a mezzanine dedicated to the home office or your office. You can use shelves, shelves and a comfortable table to make the environment productive and functional;

Entertainment: How about making your mezzanine an entertainment area? Use the space as a games room, with a pool table, arcade, television, comfortable armchairs and sofas, ideal for moments of fun with friends and family;

Well-being: You know that little corner for meditation and reading? You can create an exclusive area for these moments of relaxation and well-being, with soft lighting, air fresheners, comfortable armchairs, plants, shelves and bookcases, forming the perfect environment to enjoy with harmony and tranquility;

Studio: Your mezzanine can serve as a specific space to stimulate arts, such as painting, sculpture or other creative activities;

additional bedroom: How about using multifunctional furniture, such as a suspended bed or a sofa bed, combined with built-in wardrobes, to optimize your space and create an additional comfortable environment?

Área fitness: You can also transform your mezzanine into a fitness area at home, with exercise equipment, yoga mats and wall mirror. Your gym can even count on a sound system to motivate your workouts and take advantage of the space to take care of your health!

Find a property to live with mezzanine

Now that you know a little more about the main features and advantages of living with an intermediate environment to explore, how about finding a property to take advantage of your mezzanine as you wish?

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You even see real estate ads with photos taken by professional photographers and you can use the virtual tour to follow all the details of the space and even plan environments as you wish to live!

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