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what is it and why is it celebrated today, August 5

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what is it and why is it celebrated today, August 5

2023 – ANTARCTIC DAY. The National Day of the National Antarctic Directorate is celebrated in order to disseminate the scientific activities of Argentina on that continent.

The date was chosen because it is the day of Our Lady of the Snows, patron saint of the mountain man.

The National Directorate of the Antarctic carries out, as explained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, the “programming, planning, coordination, direction, control and dissemination of Argentine Antarctic activity, in order to achieve compliance with the objectives, policies and priorities of the National Antarctic Policy, contributing to its permanent updating to strengthen the effectiveness of Argentine Antarctic activity”.

Facilities of the Orcadas Joint Antarctic Base, on Laurie Island, Argentine Antarctica.

The country also celebrates Argentine Antarctic Day every February 22. On that date, the day on which the first Argentine scientific station on the white continent was inaugurated is commemorated.

More ephemeris

1914 – ELECTRIC TRAFFIC LIGHT. The world‘s first electric traffic light was installed in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), which had a red and a green light to regulate traffic at the intersection of an avenue with a street in that populous American city. The yellow colored light was added to traffic signals in the United States in 1936.

1930 – NEIL ARMSTRONG. Born in the city of Wapakoneta (Ohio, USA) is the American space engineer and astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong, who commanded the Apollo XI mission and was the first human being to set foot on the Moon in July 1969.

Neil Alden Armstrong. (AP / Archivo)

1937 – THE BIG FIVE. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) establishes that Boca Juniors, River Plate, Independiente, Racing Club and San Lorenzo de Almagro are the “big five” in the country for having more than 15,000 members, 20 years of permanence in the First Division and having won at least two championships. The measure was taken to establish the proportional vote of the clubs affiliated with the AFA.

1944 – GABRIELA ACHER. The Uruguayan actress, comedian and screenwriter Gabriela Acher, winner of a Martín Fierro award and an Estrella de Mar, was born in Montevideo. She worked with the popular actors and comedians Tato Bores, Alberto Olmedo, Antonio Gasalla and Jorge Porcel. She acted in nine movies.

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Gabriela Acher.


Juan Sasturain will return to conducting the series on literature on TV, on Sunday nights.

1962 – MARILYN MONROE. The Police of the city of Los Angeles (California, USA) found the American film star Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Baker) dead in her house in her Hollywood. The autopsy revealed that the 36-year-old actress, considered a sex symbol and pop icon of the 20th century, died of an overdose of barbiturates.

Marylin Monroe. (CITY COUNCIL OF VALLADOLID – Archive)

1967 – PINK FLOYD. The British band Pink Floyd launches their first studio album “The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn” in London, one of the most influential in psychedelic rock. Pink Floyd would later evolve towards progressive and symphonic rock to become one of the most influential bands in history.

2014 – IGNACIO M. CARLOTTO. Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo announces the recovery of Ignacio Montoya Carlotto, grandson of the president of that humanitarian organization, Estela Barnes de Carlotto. Montoya Carlotto, whose parents were kidnapped in 1977 and remain missing, is the 114th grandchild recovered by the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo.

Guido and his grandmother, Estela de Carlotto (DyN/File).

2021-LIONEL MESSI. Argentine striker Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona after 17 years at the Club.

Messi left an impressive historical record in the Catalan institution. He contributed 672 goals and provided 268 assists in 778 official matches, according to data published at the time by Datafactory.

Messi. (AP)

He had a total of 63,507 minutes played, 80 yellow cards and 1 expulsion (vs. Athletic in the 2021 Spanish Super Cup). He started 696 games and replaced 80 times. In addition, he entered as a substitute in 79 opportunities. ”

He officially debuted on October 16, 2004 in the Derbi between Barcelona vs. Espanyol for La Liga 2004-05 (1-0) in Montjuic, while his last game as a professional in the culé cast was in the 1-2 defeat against Celta de Vigo, on May 16, 2021 in La Liga 2020 -twenty-one.

Other ephemeris

1498.- On his third voyage to America, Columbus set foot on continental land for the first time in the Yacua cove, on the southern coast of the Paria peninsula, in present-day Venezuela.

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1666.- Foundation of the French Academy of Sciences, the work of Colbert.

1772.- Treaty of Saint Petersburg, by which the first distribution of Poland among its neighboring countries was ratified.

1775.- For the first time, a ship enters the San Francisco Bay in California, the “San Carlos”, captained by Juan Manuel de Ayala.

1796.- Napoleon defeats the Austrians in Castiglione and ends their threat to Italy.

1821.- The Russian Antarctic Expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen returns to Kronshtadt after becoming the first to circumnavigate Antarctica

1873.- The Spanish Academy of Fine Arts is created in Rome.

1884.- The first stone of the Statue of Liberty is laid on Bedloe’s Island (New York).

1889.- Inauguration in Paris of the Grand Amphitheater of the Sorbonne University, declared a historical monument in 1975.

1907.- The Moroccan city of Casablanca is bombarded by the French ship “Galilée”.

1915.- I European War: German troops take Warsaw.

1926.- The illusionist of Austro-Hungarian origin, Harry Houdini, performs his last and greatest feat by spending 91 minutes inside a coffin submerged in a pool.

1929.- Inauguration of the radiotelegraphic service between Berlin and Mexico.

1936.- The Constitution of 1886 is reformed in Colombia, in which the Church-State separation is introduced and powers are granted to the latter to guarantee the function of property.

1941.- II World War: The Germans crush the Soviet troops in Smolensko.

1947.- President Truman provides that the Governor of Puerto Rico be elected by the Puerto Rican people instead of by the President of the United States.

1949.- More than 3,000 dead in a violent earthquake in Ecuador.

1953.-World premiere in New York of the film “From Here to Eternity” starring Deborah Kerr, Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift.

1962.- American actress Marilyn Monroe dies.

1964.- The Peronist Revolutionary Movement (MRP) is founded in Buenos Aires.

1966.- The Beatles release their album ‘Revolver’.

1979.- Mauritania renounces the Sahara and recognizes the Polisario Front as the representative of the Saharawi people.

1983.- 22 members of the IRA sentenced to prison for a total of more than 4,000 years.

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1985.- Paul Bregman, a crew member of the bomber that dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, commits suicide.

1994.- Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay decide in Buenos Aires to create a free trade zone between MERCOSUR and Bolivia.

1995.- The US and Vietnam sign the normalization of relations in Hanoi after 20 years.

2003.- The Episcopalian Church of the USA ratifies the appointment of Reverend Gene Robinson as the new bishop of the state of New Hampshire, the first to declare himself homosexual.

2004.- The Dominican Republic officially joins the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

2010.-33 miners are trapped when a gallery collapses in the San José mine, in the Chilean region of Atacama.

2013.- The creator of Amazon.com, Jeffrey Bezos, acquires one of the most important communication conglomerates in the US, The Washington Post Co, ending the administration of the Graham family.

2014.-An Argentine judge confirms that a person who disappeared during the military dictatorship is the grandson of the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto.

2016.-The FARC announce the protocol for the delivery of weapons and the definitive ceasefire.

2017.- The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela dismisses the attorney general, Luisa Ortega Díaz, and disqualifies her from any public office.

2018.- Captured the “number two” of the Clan del Golfo, Carlos Mario Tuberquia Moreno, alias “Nicolás”, a trusted man of Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, “Otoniel”, leader of the largest criminal gang in Colombia.

2019.- Historic general strike in Hong Kong against the extradition law.


1850.- Guy de Maupassant, French writer.

1906.- John Huston, American filmmaker.

– Wassily Leontief, American, Nobel Prize in Economics-1973.

1911.- Robert Taylor, American actor.

1939.- Irene Armgard, Princess of the Netherlands.

1942.- Sergio Ramírez, Nicaraguan politician and writer.

1968.- Colin Mcrae, Scottish car driver.

1997.- Olivia Holt, American actress and singer.


1895.- Friedrich Engels, German philosopher and sociologist.

1955.- Carmen Miranda, Brazilian actress and singer.

1984.- Richard Burton, British actor.

2000.- Alec Guinness, British actor.

2012.- Chavela Vargas, Mexican singer.

2019.- Toni Morrison, American writer, Pulitzer Prize Winner 1988 and Nobel Prize for Literature 1993.

Source: own and agencies.

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