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What is the moving story of Arturo, the rescued dog who entered Big Brother

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What is the moving story of Arturo, the rescued dog who entered Big Brother

After a week of great upheavalthe participants of Big Brother looked bewildered and excited by arrival of Arturo, the mongrel dog what entered the House in the last hours to accompany them in the last stage of the contest.

Arturo, who immediately made friends with Martín Kuwas rescued in a field from Bragadoin the province of Buenos Aires. He puppy suffered abuse since he was a puppy at the hands of its former owners, who They forced him to participate in clandestine races and used him to hunt.

After being abandoned, Arturo was found in terrible conditions, without food and with signs of dehydration. Fortunately, was rescued by an organization y He received the medical attention necessary to recover.

He Arturo’s fear was what most moved the Big Brother participantssince shortly after entering He stood by the door, trembling.. Finally, With love and food, the “little brothers” gained their trust.

Now in Big Brother, Arturo will have the opportunity to find a home full of love and care. It will depend on the attention of the “little brothers” to survive and completely heal their woundsa no small challenge for everyone.

How was Arturo’s entry into the Big Brother house?

After the Wednesday’s gala that changed the panorama inside the house and left a plate of mass nominees, Big Brother added a new member this Thursday: This is Arturo, the dog that was abandoned and now it will be in charge of the participants.

His entry took place in the middle of another edition of “Frozen”the proof that forces the “little brothers” to remain motionless for a good number of minutes and applies severe sanctions to those who fail to comply.

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Arturo, only a year and a half old, He looked scared and didn’t want to move away from the door of the house.while the participants, unable to move, They looked at the small animal with amazement. Once the challenge was over, everyone approached, although slowly so as not to scare him.

Big Brother also included a letter with instructions for the players, which was inside the mascot’s suitcase and was read by Mauro.

With information from Noticias Argentinas.-

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