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What is the right electric vehicle? With B2B Electric Place the fear passes

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What is the right electric vehicle?  With B2B Electric Place the fear passes

ROME – With the aim of simplifying the transition of companies towards electrified mobility, accompanying them step by step, before, during and after the purchase, Stellantis France has launched the “B2B Electric Place” platform developed ad hoc for B2B users of brands of the Group. Accessible online at any time, the platform was developed to be easily used on computers, tablets or smartphones and its use should soon be extended to the rest of European countries. The tool offers a differentiated path for fleet managers and for employees who use a company vehicle, so that everyone can quickly find information and answers to questions related to the new ecosystem of electric mobility. Furthermore, B2B Electric Place supports the “Care” pillar of the “Stellantis Dare Forward 2030” strategic plan, offering simple and concrete help to users who choose to embrace more sustainable mobility. It should be noted that B2B Electric Place contains all the regulatory information relating to electric vehicles, such as the Lom law and the law on climate and resilience (enacted in France in 2019 and 2021), taxation, and eco-incentives. And then again you can find public aid, in order to provide a global understanding of the opportunities and constraints currently existing in France, relating to the world of “Low Emission Vehicle” (Lev) vehicles.

To support users in identifying the Lev model best suited to meet their different needs, the platform also contains simple tools to analyze the user’s predisposition for electric mobility and to simulate the “Total Cost of Ownership” of the Levs. Obviously B2B Electric Place describes the different technologies available on the market and presents all the electrified models of the Italian-French Group in a complete and exhaustive way. Finally, to facilitate the use and daily management of the electrified fleet, the platform offers information on public and private charging solutions, on connected services available for drivers, on fleet management tools and on “best practices” for use and driving of electrified vehicles. “Our customers must receive a rapid response to all questions raised by the energy transition process underway – said Sandrine Bouvier, e-Mobility Manager Stellantis France – From now on, the regulatory constraints and limitations on access to large cities will have an impact on their activities and on the mobility of their employees, but also on their commitment in terms of CSR. Our ambition is to support them, with the B2B Electric Place tool, in line with our strategic plan Dare Forward 2030 ”. (Maurilio Rigo)

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