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What Lies Beyond – Saint // Phantom – Chronicles Of The Empty, Chapter I – EP Review

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What Lies Beyond – Saint // Phantom – Chronicles Of The Empty, Chapter I – EP Review

What Lies Beyond – Saint // Phantom – Chronicles Of The Empty, Chapter I
Origin: Teisendorf / Germany
Release: 25.01.2024
Label: self-released
Duration: 25:58
Genre: Metalcore

Although What Lies Beyond have a lot to say in their songs, it’s not that easy to find out anything about the band. So to start with, just a few cornerstones about the five-piece from Bavaria.

What Lies Beyond made their debut in 2019 with the album Elegy Of The Empty given. The band basically plays metalcore. But there is both the debut album and the present work Saint // Phantom – Chronicles Of The Empty (Chapter I) tell a coherent piece of content, the result is often given the title of the Storycore.

A perfect game of opposites

With their current work, the band gives us an insight into the dark and destroyed world of a person. It’s about the loss of a partner, the pain, self-doubt and conflict that comes with it. You don’t find out the exact reason why the other person left. Instead, you are stuck in the head of the person remaining and experience their thoughts, feelings and approaches to finding a way out.

This is how you get involved in the story Grief one, which begins with clear singing after a short electronic start. But the thoughts become more intense and as an opponent, as well as an emotional increase, there are the growls from the front man. What Lies Beyond play cleverly with the back and forth of the voices in their heads. The vocals are performed in two parts by the drummer and the frontman’s nasty organ. Even though it is only the second release, the maturity of the compositions is striking. The songs and their implementation wavered back and forth. Clear vocals meet growls, delicate melodies contrast with grooving parts.

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The art of escalating melodically

Horizons starts with a longing guitar part. The content is about the question of a possible continued existence outside of our world. Is the other person dead or does he continue to exist on a new level? More and more we are faced with the question of whether the main character might not be personally involved in the death of his partner. Horizons explodes and mutates into a groove monster. Frenzy and growls are overlaid with symphonic keyboard bows that give the pain, the beating, something light. For me it crystallizes Horizons After listening to it several times, it turned out to be the best and strongest song.

An unusual piece is Descreation, because it works with cinematic sequences instead of singing. The relationship between two people is audibly and dramatically coming to a head. Loops and keyboard instruments underline the drama right up to the escalation of the relationship. The counterpoint to this is given here 3sc4p3 in the form of an energetic burst. Despite the title, there seems to be no real way out for the protagonist. Every day means doubt, pain, numbness and everything seems to end in self-sacrifice. Despite the fact that both singers have a chance, the track beats everything away according to the theme. We can’t wait to see how this burst of energy will be unleashed live in front of the stage.

Looking for healing

The search out of the dead end is not over. It weighs accordingly Gloom between the extremes and offers the best metalcore. In terms of content, the protagonist seems to have reached the end mentally without finding a solution.

Saint // Phantom – Chronicles Of The Empty (Chapter I) does not end with a climb out of the valley, but with Healing in the form of a declaration of war on the inner demons. The song is multi-layered and contains both voices as well as samples of the voice of the deceased. Despite it Healing Because of its catchiness it’s not quite typical for the first part of the breaking latest news, the band has it HERE selected for you as a listening impression.

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What Lies Beyond offer a storyboard full of pain and extremes as a basis for making careful use of all the opposites in metalcore. Frenzy meets melodies, growls counteract emotional moods; an exciting ear cinema and everything is screaming for the second part as quickly as possible. 9 / 10

Line Up
Ole Marschall – bass
Marcel Schön – guitar
Patrick Stöver – vocals
Christian Hechel – guitar
Sandro Samardzic – drums, vocals

01. Grief
02. Horizons
03. Descreation
05. Gloom
06. Healing

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