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What to play this week: Defiance, Dragon Ball Breakers and more

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What to play this week: Defiance, Dragon Ball Breakers and more

Original title: What to play this week: “Contempt”, “Dragon Ball Breakers” and more

What to play this week: Defiance, Dragon Ball Breakers and more

After the National Day holiday, another wave of new games will follow, come here to see what you may be interested in.

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List of recommended new games this week:

  • The Lost City: Curse of the Stars: An action role-playing game inspired by the myths and legends of the ancient Greek and Roman empires to create the majestic city of Aphos. You must break through layers of danger, defeat legendary enemies, and finally uncover the truth behind the curse of this lost city.
  • “Sprint! “Car Story”: The Cairo racing game is launched on the Steam platform, become the team boss you dream of, and go to the championship of the Grand Prix!
  • “Eville”: a multiplayer social reasoning game, try to convince others and make others believe in you, so that you can survive!
  • “One Door”: A maze exploration card building game. Explore the magical land, use the fertile soil element to create the king-fried combination, go forward bravely, and be invincible.
  • Pharaoh: Bronze Empire: A 4X strategy game in style, expand your country’s borders, achieve your goals to earn rewards, and explore a variety of ways to play!
  • “Lego Legends”: Embark on a puzzle-solving adventure, solve many puzzles through building brick by brick, and give your masterpieces vitality! Experience an engaging storyline as you explore beautiful LEGO® reality models and help their inhabitants.
  • “Her Name is Fire”: a tarot punk twin-stick game with card-building elements where you gradually unlock spells and upgrades to defeat hordes of void creatures.
  • “Evil Moon Thirteen”: Become a “Rune Hunter” and experience the fun of collecting and cultivating. Create skills beyond the limit by combining various skill runes and link runes.
  • Voyage Out of Oil: A four-player, chaos-filled couch co-op game about restoring a spaceship.
  • “The Darkest Fairy Tale”: A brave teddy bear struggles to the other side of the “happy ending” to rescue its owner Alicia.
  • “Balance of God”: 2D side-scrolling action role-playing game with multiple enhanced elements, refreshing battles, powerful boss battles, and more than 60 hours of game time.
  • “Dragon Ball Boundary Fighter”: This is a 1v7 online asymmetric online action game. The ultimate escape game between “invaders” such as Frieza and Sharu, the most representative antagonistic characters of Dragon Ball, and seven ordinary citizens “survivors” without extraordinary power.
  • “Magic Stolen”: This is a high-definition ported version of “Magic Stolen” in 2006. In addition to improving the picture quality, it also added new functions such as automatic archiving, and adjusted various tutorials in the game.
  • “Apocalypse”: an action RPG game, players will wake up on the eve of a war that can change the direction of history in the sci-fi medieval background. The game mode is divided into single player and multiplayer cooperative games.
  • Golden Quill: A point-and-click, turn-based adventure game where players take on the role of a trio of ragged criminals, hunting down and uncovering the dark secrets of an evil mega corporation.
  • Contempt: Scorn takes place in an open world made up of intricately intertwined regions. Everything has a reason and a purpose, and you need to find out.
  • PC version of “Triangle Strategy”: As a new strategy RPG created by the development team of “Wanderer”, this time it has landed on the PC platform. The game will present a magnificent hero biography with beautiful HD-2D graphics.
  • The Legend of the Three Foxes: A stunning cartoon-style action-adventure game inspired by the golden age of 3D platformers. The protagonist is a highly skilled fox.
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