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What will a yeast propagation plant be used for?

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What will a yeast propagation plant be used for?

José Luis Dalceggio, who died at the age of 43 in 2022, was an engineer mechanical industrialist and businessman who knew how to interact with the public sector and value science, technology and innovation. His contribution was key to the fact that today in Bariloche there is the first Yeast Propagation Pilot Plant in Patagonia. For this reason, it now began to bear the name of the engineer.

The plant belongs to the Andean Patagonian Institute of Biological and Geoenvironmental Technologies (IPATEC), which depends on the CONICET and the National University of Comahue (UNCo).

It is a space that has 18 square meters and was designed to scale biotechnological production of yeast starter cultures that allow us to supply beer, whiskey and bakery producers in the region. Once operational, the initiative will make it possible to strengthen linkage and technology transfer activities.

In Bariloche a yeast propagation plant is named after the engineer José Luis Dalceggio

In dialogue with RIO NEGRO Diary, the scientist Diego Libkind, director del IPATECsaid that “the plant can be useful for any product that requires yeast.

“It has been used for the production of yeast for baking and “We are working with the production of kombucha.”, said. Kombucha is a fermented drink with a slightly acidic taste that is obtained from sweetened tea.

“We also have projects underway associated with the development of yeasts for non-alcoholic beer,” Libkind noted.


The engineer Dalceggio had set up a very important metallurgical company in the area, which had the public company Invap, among others, as clients. “He also slowly began to get involved with local brewers in the development and production of various equipment. He developed a barrel washing machine that many still use. With us he developed various equipment and the plant itself in his workshop. From there, other lines of development emerged, including the patented UV sterilization backpack. He was a key actor who was always open to linking with the scientific sector and helped unleash its potential,” Libkind highlighted.

The plant is an initiative of Conicet scientists who made the discovery in 2011

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The future of the plant

In the propagation plant we work with both traditional and native yeasts. “Our focus is on providing an ingredient that adds value and identity of origin to the products,” he said.

The plant was built thanks to funds received from the former Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Nation, with the endorsement of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Knowledge Economy, dependent on the RN Innova Agency.

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