Home Entertainment When all nine sons suffered from a disease, he did one thing to change their fate (Photo)

When all nine sons suffered from a disease, he did one thing to change their fate (Photo)

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When all nine sons suffered from a disease, he did one thing to change their fate (Photo)

Jealousy can lead to bad results, and the world must take it as a precaution. (Image source: Hand-painted illustrator Zhiqing / Look China)

There are many stories in ancient times,envywhat will lead tofruit, so that posterity can learn from it. exist”Qian Shan Lu“recorded inSpring and Autumn and Warring States PeriodSong Dynasty doctorJiang Yuanencounter”ten child diseaseis the best example.

It is said that Jiang Yuan has ten sons, one is hunchbacked, one is lame, one has atrophied limbs, one is disabled, one is crazy, one is idiot, one is deaf, one is blind, one is dumb, and one is dead in prison.

Seeing this situation, Gongming Zigao asked Jiang Yuan, “What did the doctor usually do to cause such a strange disaster!” Jiang Yuan said, “I have never done anything bad in my life, but I have always thought about it. I am jealous of others. When I see someone who is better than me, I hate him; if someone flatters me, I like it; The benefits are like I have lost something; when I meet others with losses, it is like I have gained benefits. This is my attitude as a person.”

Hearing this, Zigao sighed: “The doctor has such a mentality and such a bad mind, I am afraid that the disaster will soon be brought to the door, and the evil is not only in front of you!”

Hearing what Zigao said, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help feeling very frightened, not knowing what to do.

Zigao then said: “Although God is high and can see things clearly, if you can correct your past mistakes and sincerely do good things, you will definitely turn disasters into blessings. It’s still too late to make corrections from now on!”

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Jiang Yuan intends to get rid of the bad habit of jealousy. Since then, he will be vigilant, do good and accumulate virtue, and recommend talents. After a few years, the sick children Jiang Yuan actually recovered gradually.

It seems that it is the law of heaven that good and evil are rewarded, but human beings live in delusions and cannot see the truth of the universe. God will definitely give people blessings and a bright future.

Voila! Jiang Yuan’s change of the past and turning a misfortune into a blessing is an example.

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