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When Guoman encounters future science fiction, “Today’s Film Review” previews the animated film “Out of the Earth”-Qianlong.com.cn

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When Guoman encounters future science fiction, “Today’s Film Review” previews the animated film “Out of the Earth”-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: When Guoman encounters future science fiction, “Today’s Film Review” previews the animated film “Out of the Earth”

The sci-fi animated film “Out of the Earth”, which will be released on July 16, is the first work of the “National Style Science Fiction Series” newly launched by Caitiaowu Pictures after the “Chinese Mythology Series”. In the film poster, the street scene full of Chinese style and the future technology suspended in the air bring a full sense of contrast. After six years of sharpening a sword, with the blessing of national style, blood, and science fiction, can Guoman “rush out of the earth” this time?

On July 14, Ge Jing, associate professor of Beijing Film Academy, was invited to be a guest on the film channel “Today’s Film Critic” program to review the movie “Out of the Earth” in the form of “scoring”, and to explore the collision between Chinese style and technology for the audience. .

National style sci-fi performance is qualified

Passionate and passionate emotions

Talking about the “national style” of “Out of the Earth”, Ge Jing, who had watched the film in advance, told “Today’s Film Review” that the background of the story incorporates many Chinese elements, such as the Bell Tower, Drum Tower and other life scenes, and the characters’ hairstyles and costumes. There are also some fusions, and there are also many props with Chinese characteristics such as kites, but as a preliminary attempt, the film’s fusion of Chinese scenes and sci-fi stories is not so appropriate and smooth, and the 5-point scale can be scored 3.5 points.

As for the “science fiction” setting, Ge Jing continued to point out to “Today’s Film Review” that “Out of the Earth” does not just use science fiction as a form like other cartoons. Its starting point is to look at the world in a science fiction way, which can reflect Planet-to-planet relationship.

Positioning a sci-fi animation movie, the core of “Out of the Earth” is still a story of a hot-blooded teenager. Regarding the “warm-blooded” feeling of the film, Ge Jing admitted to “Today’s Film Review” that the plot of people on the ground flying kites to support McDonald’s is very important to the whole film, similar to “Nezha’s Devil Child Comes into the World” “My life But unlike Nezha who fights against his own destiny, McDonald, as an ordinary boy, uses the spirit of ordinary people to arouse the people around him, protects the earth, and at the same time entrusts the emotions of all human beings. The impact will be greater, and if you are encouraged, you can score 4 points.

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Emotions of characters resonate

The future of sci-fi animation can be expected

According to the existing materials, how many points can the characterization of “Out of the Earth” be scored? Facing the footage of “Today’s Film Review”, Ge Jing pointed out that the protagonist McDonald’s did not give up because he had someone he wanted to protect, and in the Chinese hero dream, it was the protection of their homeland and their companions. The character setting can arouse the unique resonance of Chinese audiences for the heroic dream, which can be scored 4.5 points. As for the emotional portrayal of the film, Ge Jing continued to tell “Today’s Film Critic” that the emotion between the protagonist’s father and son is like the inheritance of faith between father and son in “The Wandering Earth”, continuing to pursue the dream of the father’s generation, which is a unique emotional expression between father and son . In addition, the emotion between McDonnell and his partner, the little rabbit, is also a warm, fun, and down-to-earth adjustment to the brutal battle, and the emotional element can be scored 4 points.

Through Ge Jing’s on-site “scoring”, “Out of the Earth” seems to have both expectations and shortcomings, but overall it still made a breakthrough on the sci-fi animation track. Ge Jing admitted to “Today’s Film Review” that the sci-fi animation track must be very spacious and lead to an infinite future. In addition to “Rush Out of the Earth”, there are also sci-fi movies such as “Mozart in Outer Space” and “Lonely Walking on the Moon” in the summer season and later, which also made Ge Jing feel the audience’s love for sci-fi movies. For Chinese animated films, Ge Jing described “Today’s Film Review” as “like two hands”, one holding ancient mythological themes and the other reaching out to future sci-fi themes. Satisfy the imagination of the audience.

It is reported that “Today’s Film Critic” is broadcast on the CCTV-6 film channel at 19:45 every night, and will light up every night of light and shadow during the prime time from Monday to Sunday.

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