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When will the three national strikes in March announced by the UOM be?

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When will the three national strikes in March announced by the UOM be?

The Metallurgical Workers Union (UOM) advertisement a fight plan consisting of three measures of national force distributed throughout March. The first of them, in fact, will be carried out this week. This takes place after failure of joint negotiations between the union and the business chambers to agree to salary increases in the midst of the current adverse economic context.

This was made official by the entity, commanded by Abel Furlan, through an official statement. In it, they set a date and duration for each of the union actions. He 6th of March will carry out a general strike for 24 hours. The second will be 48 hourswill begin 13 and will end on the 14th. And finally, they will do one of 72 hours which will cover the period of time included between March 19 and 21.

National strike of metalworkers: the UOM statement

“After dozens of failed meetings in the search for basic and reasonable consensus about the value of the living wage for metal workers, since last December the business sector refuses to recognize salary increases that accompany the Inflation index“, began the extensive statement in which they announced the measure.

Later, they reported that “both the national business sector”grouped in the Association of Metallurgical Industrialists of the Argentine Republic (ADIMRA), the Association of Argentine Electronics Terminal Factories (AFARTE) and the Association of Argentine Component Factories (AFAC), Argentine Federation of Trade in Household and Related Appliances (FEDEHOGAR), Chamber of the Small and Medium-Sized Metallurgical Industry of Argentina (CAMIMA) and Argentine Chamber of the Aluminum and Related Metals Industry (CAIAMA), as, directly indicated, “the steel companies Grupo Techint and Grupo Arcerol Mittal” they intend, they affirm, “ignoring the justice of this claim” between “100% increases” in the price of sheet metal and steel goods.

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To continue the writing, they pointed out: “Companies in the sector benefit from the abrupt drop in unit labor costs, that only in 2023 fell 36% and, from 2016 to the present, it accumulates a decrease of 66%which accounts for the disproportion between the company income and the remuneration of people who work generating their wealth“.

After this, they stressed that the salaries paid by companies “are below the Basic Food Basket“, today in $92.415 pesos for one person and in $285.561 For a typical family of four. “In the face of the insensitivity of the business sectors, which have accumulated higher levels of profitability in Argentina in recent years, and in an irresponsible attitude intend perpetuate the loss of purchasing power of workerswe are going to fight for the recovery of the salary and the value of our work,” the text said.

To close, and added to the announcement of the “National Fight Plan”they resolved “promote the active participation of the 54 sections of the country, upholding the principles of unity, solidarity and camaraderie”. According to what they indicated, those who bend to the measure of force will do so “a female” at 80 years old who pass through “the defense of the rights and dignity of metalworkers and a model of industrial development with social justice.”

It should be noted that the Metallurgical Workers Union had agreed, last month, an increase of 25.5% (corresponding to December inflation) for January salaries, which was applied to the salaries in force in the activity as of December 31.

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Fiscal spending, salaries, dollar and emissions: Is Milei’s “shock plan” enough to lower inflation?

Frozen salaries amid inflation that hits hard

The union entity is not the only one that is going through, according to what they denounced, salary freezes in this adverse framework. The fact is that, beyond the equal progress in various areas, there are sectors where, since December, and at the mercy of the business chambers, the increases have been below the CPI or, directly, no increase has been carried outfreezing income, in these cases, since December of the recently ended year, symbolizing a harsh blow to the already battered pockets of Argentines.

This, according to a recent report by the Center for Economic and Social Studies ‘Scalabrini Ortíz’, It is part of Javier Milei’s “shock plan” strategyusing the adjustment in the public sector as “discipline for private sector workers”as indicated in a document.

With this, according to CESOthe National Government seeks “control inflation” from “reduce monetary emission and cause a recession to control demand”, which can be translated, in other words, in the search for a decrease from a drop in consumptionwith a sharp decline in the last two months, As demonstrated by recent figures from the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME)with an abrupt drop of 27% in the index that records retail sales, with food and medicine as the main items affected.


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