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When your child has a nosebleed, don’t panic!

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When your child has a nosebleed, don’t panic!

At breakfast, there was nothing strange in our routine. Azzam ate his breakfast heartily while watching cartoons on television. When I went to put the dishes away, Azzam suddenly said that his nose was bleeding.

Suddenly I was shocked and shocked when I saw the blood flowing from his nose quite heavily, not only was blood coming out of both noses, but suddenly Azzam coughed and blood was also visible from inside his mouth. What mother wouldn’t panic at a sight like this…

At first I tried to stay calm and asked Azzam to cover his nose, while trying to look for betel leaves behind the house, because it is said that this plant can help relieve nosebleeds.

While continuing to show a straight face and trying not to panic in front of my child, I did my best to prevent nosebleeds or bleeding from my little one’s nose and mouth from continuing to occur, by using betel leaves that I had prepared as first aid. Washed betel leaves are soaked briefly in hot water, then squeezed slightly and stuffed into one of your little one’s noses.

5 minutes felt like hours at that time, panic became even worse when the blood that came out didn’t stop. Without realizing my panic was becoming more visible to my little one, and immediately Azzam cried and said “Mamah, forgive Azzam”.

Yes, the child’s crying from his mother became even more intense, especially when it happened that we were just the two of us at home. I also had tears in my eyes, especially when I saw the blood that continued to flow profusely from my little one’s nose. Luckily there was an uncle, the late Mama’s younger brother, who stopped by that morning. Without any help, we immediately took us to the clinic which was 500 meters from the house.

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After receiving first aid from medical personnel, all the nerves that had been tense began to gradually return to normal, thank God nothing bad happened to Azzam, the doctor said that internal heat in children can cause nosebleeds in children.

Causes of Nosebleeds in Children

Apart from heartburn, there are several causes that cause children to experience nosebleeds or bleeding from their nose.

The main cause of nosebleeds in children is dry air, especially due to the use of air conditioning. Dry air makes the mucus in the nose dry (nose nose) and feels itchy. When a child picks his nose excessively to remove the nose, the nasal blood vessels are injured and can burst, causing nosebleeds.

It’s easy to say “Don’t Panic” but in reality, your instinct as a parent will not be able to bear to see their child experience anything that happens to their children. And panic is a natural thing we will experience when facing something like this.

Azzam received antibiotics, anti-bleeding and flu medicine after being examined and observed for 3 hours at the clinic. After being allowed to take it home and drink the medicine, I immediately felt weak but felt very grateful because my little one didn’t experience anything worse.

Hopefully Azzam will not experience something as exciting as this again, because in my entire life I have never experienced a nosebleed and have never faced something like this.

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