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Where it relaunches skincare and haircare and accelerates social commitment

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Where it relaunches skincare and haircare and accelerates social commitment

“In our future projects we would like to continue to focus on and invest in our values ​​and in what characterizes us most: quality, binding us to the concept of superior care (superior care) of our products, recognized globally by our consumers and our work. of Csr which also in Italy for years has foreseen a growing commitment ». Alessandro Manfredi, Dove’s chief marketing officer, talks about how the brand is moving on the market after the changes imposed by the pandemic and the crisis.

«Today consumers not only buy a product, performing it as it is, but also its values ​​and social commitment – continues the manager -. I am looking for a product that gives a more holistic answer, in the case of Dove not only linked to beauty but to the concept of well-being more generally. In this sense, this need has been in our strings and in our strategies for some time: Where in fact it was born with a very strong purpose that has always differentiated us in the market for almost 50 years; we have always worked to be consistent with our values ​​linked to the unique beauty of each woman and the importance of inclusiveness. The challenge today is not just to sell a product but to make consumers know and prefer a brand for its entire system, made up of products and values, and for this commitment and consistency of contents are necessary ».

In 2019 the brand launched the Dove Progetto Autostima in Italy, a global CSR project, which lives in schools, and which aims to educate the new generations on the value of self-esteem by raising awareness of the role it can have in the lives of the youngest. and not only. “After Covid in particular, we realized that citizens needed to talk more and more about issues related to self-esteem and digital distortion, in particular parents and teachers – says Manfredi -, so we created the first Self-Esteem Day of Where which took place in June in Milan and which is part of the new #DetoxYourFeed campaign. The event was sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and saw the physical presence of over a thousand consumers who listened to 14 speakers, experts and influencers, discussing self-esteem from different perspectives, in particular on real life stories by telling the relationship with one’s own body, the perception that others refer to ourselves and the importance that adult figures have towards the youngest ».

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As for the new projects related to products and innovations, the brand has seen an important relaunch since October of the skincare category, focused on body creams that will have a new and innovative formulation and a new pack. A relaunch of the deodorants category is also planned while the investment in haircare, which began last year, will continue, an important launch because it has brought the brand into a new category and which has important innovations in the plan such as the introduction of new treatments. and a new line of shampoo and conditioner.

“Covid has upset the habits of consumers especially during lockdown periods and this has had different effects on the different product categories – says the manager -. Some categories have suffered more, such as that of deodorants. Other categories, such as that of hand soaps, have instead had positive impacts. As always, we have nevertheless taken up the challenges of the market, transforming them into opportunities and in fact we have worked to relaunch the entire category of deodorants, with new proposals, formulas, technologies and packaging ».

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