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Where will they be and when do they start working?

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Where will they be and when do they start working?

Mayor Daniel Passerini announced last Friday the creation of two new Community Participation Centers (CPC) in the city of Córdoba, which will be added to the 16 that have been enabled since 1994. The new CPCs will be in two traditional neighborhoods, in buildings historical.

The secretary of Citizen Participation and Municipal Youth, Juan Domingo Viola, explained that the new CPCs will operate in General Paz and Alta Córdoba, replicating the experience of San Vicente. There, during the mayorship of Ramón Javier Mestre, a new participation center was created, in the facilities of the cultural center on San Jerónimo Street.

“It is the San Vicente model, public service offices combined with social and cultural activities. Each new CPC will have positions to renew the driver’s license, Civil Registry offices, an entry table for files, a social area and a Women’s Point,” the official explained.

Today, the Alta Córdoba neighborhood is under the jurisdiction of the CPC Central America. When it begins to operate, it will also cover Cofico, Ducasse and part of the San Martín neighborhood. It will not have its own operating center, it will continue to work together with the one in Central America.

It will operate in the neighborhood’s former market, where the Efraín Bischoff cultural center is today, on Rodríguez Peña at 1600. Viola explained that some enhancement works must be carried out in the building, especially to recover the theater from the basement.

In the case of General Paz, it is in the jurisdiction of CPC Pueyrredón. When it comes into operation, it will add to the Juniors neighborhood and a part of Pueyrredón, with whose CPC it will share an operating center.

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It will operate in the Alta Córdoba cultural center, located at Pringles 420. In that property, restoration works are being carried out in the two buildings that comprise it. These works are in the final stage of their execution.

According to Viola, the Municipality’s intention is for Alta Córdoba to open to the public at the end of April, and General Paz, at the end of May. It all depends on the bureaucratic procedures to enable the issuance of driver’s licenses and the Civil Registry.

The first of the Passerini management

The CPCs of Alta Córdoba and General Paz will be the first under Daniel Passerini’s management in the mayor’s office. The government of Martín Llaryora ended with three of these neighbor service points: the Jardín neighborhood, the Mercantil neighborhood and the Capdevila neighborhood.

The idea and implementation of the participation centers was the radical mayor Rubén Américo Martí. He launched them in 1992, and in 1994 the first three CPCs were inaugurated: Argüello, Central America and Pueyrredón.

By 1999, Martí had already enabled nine CPCs. In subsequent years, other centers were added in the neighborhoods of Córdoba.

extended hours

Viola also anticipated that Mayor Passerini decided that the CPCs would have extended hours of service to the public. In groups of four, they will operate until 6 p.m. and on Saturday mornings.

“The idea is that each neighbor has a CPC nearby to carry out their procedures,” the official noted.

The first CPCs with the new schedule would start next Monday, and will be the one in Argüello, the one in Ruta 20, the one in Empalme and the one in Central America.

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