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which will be the first neighborhoods for the reconversion works

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which will be the first neighborhoods for the reconversion works

In the capital of Río Negro, the plan to convert public lighting to LED will be implemented in different neighborhoods with the main objective of achieving energy savings. The program was presented by Mayor Pedro Pesatti and will begin with the installation of 100 LED lamps at various strategic points in the city, after the negotiations carried out by the Municipality of Viedma with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation and the Secretariat of Energy.

From the commune they affirmed that the possibility of expanding this project in the short term was raised with the installation of more than 2500 LED luminaires in the sectors that demand this technology.

Gastón Gutiérrez, secretary of Public Spaces, Services and the Environment of the Municipality, reported that currently there are around 11,500 luminaires in the city, of which just over 1,300 are LED and are found mainly in the center and in transit corridors.

«Getting these more than 2500 luminaries would be very auspicious for us and un very big benefit for the community“said the official who highlighted the benefits of using this technology.

Savings in energy consumption and electricity costs is the main benefitalthough he also pointed out “the improvement in visibility to increase prevention in terms of citizen security, and the reduction of expenses in replacements and repairs, since LED luminaires have fewer components and do not require constant imports.”

It was announced that the total reconversion works of the lighting systems will begin in the Human Rights Square in the Ceferino neighborhood (1,016 homes) and in the Eva Perón Square in the Zatti neighborhood (IPPV), with financing granted by the Río Negro Ministry of Public Works.

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“This reconversion work must be done in coordination with other organizations due to the large investment that the Municipality requires to sustain waste management without impact on the environment, a unique case in the entire province,” said Gutiérrez.

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