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White Dog – Double Dog Dare – Album Review

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White Dog – Double Dog Dare – Album Review

White Dog – Double Dog Dare
Origin: USA
Release: 05.04.2024
Label: Rise Above Records
Duration: 35:45
Genre: Blues Rock

Foto Credit: Sean Daigle

If you want to enjoy original and really rustic classic blues rock, the best place to go is the USA. Even more precisely: to the south of the land of unlimited possibilities. Because it’s shown again and again that it’s not just the originals who come from this area, but also new bands that keep the flame of the blues alive. It’s the same with the Texans White Dogwho are now with Double Dog Dare are already releasing their second album.

Holy Smokes is the name of the first track of the new work. And it starts exactly as you would imagine. A raw tuned guitar starts a riff that is also straight from Led Zeppelin could have come from, and after an exquisite solo the singing joins in. The listener feels like you’re sitting on a ranch in the south of America.

Summery southern feeling

And so exactly this feeling runs through the rest of the album. Again and again, individual hooks from songs stick around for longer, such as the title track Double Dog Dare. The ingenious work of the musicians should also be highlighted here, as they conjure up a very memorable song from a very simple riff.

Although change White Dog This type of songwriting rarely occurs over the course of the album, but they don’t have to. Every song has its own vibe somewhere in between Blue Öyster Cult and ZZ Top. Through polyphonic singing, they get a surprising amount out of the subject of southern rock. There’s even room for fun in between A Message From Our Sponsorwhich sounds like an advertisement that has just been recorded.

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Free rock’n’roll

Frozen Shadows is then again an acoustic and quiet song that gets the listener even more intense and, with a running time of seven minutes, has the makings of a smaller epic, as it gets a little faster every now and then. After a short interlude, the album continues The Last ‘Dam’ Song in the usual bluesy country-rock style.

After the band was founded in Austin (Texas) in 2015 and the release of their debut album, things went quiet around the combo. After extensive changes and the successfully completed search for a new singer, their second album is finally coming onto the market. They always have one basic maxim: to incorporate a malleable and free riff into a song in an artistically comprehensive way. And they succeeded!

White Dog create on their second album Double Dog Dare bluesy rock’n’roll, which stands out above all for its simple but brilliantly crafted riffs. The album is fun and shows that there is a lot of musical genius hidden here that you can still look forward to. 8 / 10

Line Up
Jake LaTouf – Life
Carl Amoss – guitar
Rex Pape – Bass
Clemente De Hoyos – Gitarre
John Amoss – drums

01. Holy Smokes
02. Double Dog Dare
03. FDIC
04. Glenn’s Tune
05. A Message From Our Sponsor
06. Frozen Shadows
07. Lady of Mars
08. Prelude
09. The Last ‘Dam’ Song

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