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White Dragon King∣June 15, 2023 【Daily Taboo】Zodiac fortune_noble_color_cooperation

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White Dragon King∣June 15, 2023 【Daily Taboo】Zodiac fortune_noble_color_cooperation

Original title: White Dragon King∣June 15, 2023【Daily taboo】Chinese zodiac fortune

Thursday, June 15, 2023

White Dragon King Studio Lunar April 28th

【Jiachen Day】Dragon day rushes to the dog, Shannan

The Rat triad is a noble person, give full play to his talents and be aggressive

The cow relaxes, the official star fits, and it is easy to get help

The tiger responds calmly, which is conducive to seeking wealth and strengthening strength

The rabbit weighs the pros and cons, be yourself and stay optimistic

Dragon is generous and tolerant, clears his mind, and follows the trend

The fortune of the snake is stable, the plan is promoted, and the relationship is maintained

The wounded horse official prints, the nobleman appears, and the plan goes ahead

Sheep communicate and negotiate, win support and move forward bravely

Monkey good luck helps, cooperate to seek wealth, get twice the result with half the effort

Rooster Liuhe nobleman, very helpful, market development

The dog’s day is against the Reform Movement of 1898, rational and prudent, it is not appropriate to make trouble

The pig food god is in charge, the career is smooth, and the red luan star moves

Today, Chen and Xu are in opposition, and those who belong to the dog need to pay attention, and it is not suitable to do important things, and they need to be more careful when going south.

Daji: White, silver, apricot, milky white series tops are better, Chen is earth, earth produces gold, easy to do things, happy and relaxed.

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Second auspicious: The colors are yellow, coffee, brown, khaki, and brown, which are shoulder to shoulder, and cooperate with others to share benefits.

The color is green, the clothes are cyan, and the green is wood. It is tiring to do things, but it can be rewarding.

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