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WHITE STONES – Third album now available for pre-order

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WHITE STONES – Third album now available for pre-order

WHITE STONES announce their third album “Memoria Viva”, which is now available for pre-order and will be released on June 28, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music. First digital single “La Ira” including music video already available!

WHITE STONES, a band driven by none other than OPETH bassist Martín Mendéz, are back with a brand new song called ‘La Ira’. This is a first taste of their third studio album, “Memoria Viva”, scheduled for release on June 28, 2024 via Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM).

Watch the accompanying music video on YouTube:

“‘La Ira’ [dt. ‚die Wut‘] is a song about the power that greed has on our minds. The awakening of that anger refers to the instinctive behavior towards decisions that have an impact on humanity and life itself. The song is a piece of hope. “Hope that certain decisions will be for the good of the world we live in,” explains Mendéz.

Order the album in the physical format of your choice [CD-Digi; sepia-marmorierte Vinyl-LP (umweltfreundlich recycelt, jedes Exemplar ist einzigartig!)] Save it on your favorite streaming platform or secure it digitally now to receive ‘La Ira’ immediately:

„Memoria Viva“ – Tracklist:

01. Living Memory
02. Humanoids
03. D-Generation
04. Zamba de Orun
05. At Ira
06. We are
07. Shout to the silence
08. Winners Defeated
09. Yemaya

As with their previous works, different genres merge on “Memoria Viva” to create a unique sound experience. The instrumental basis is complemented by sophisticated details, resulting in a captivating atmosphere that captivates all music lovers. The whole thing is crowned by the radiance of the Spanish language, which gives the varied disc that certain something. Fans of experimental music will get their money’s worth here!

Aggressive elements that stand out from the instrumental frenzy form the perfect counterpart to softer tones, so that the individual songs develop their own individual dynamics. Interludes provide targeted breaks in which the audience can process what was previously presented.

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WHITE STONES’ “Memoria Viva” was recorded at Farm Of Sounds Studios (Barcelona, ​​Spain), with Gerard Porqueres (Heartwork Recording Studios) responsible for mixing and mastering.

Martín emphasizes: “I’ve wanted to record a record in Spanish for a long time. We wanted to implement this idea with our second album, “Dancing Into Oblivion”, but we decided at the time that that record wasn’t suitable for it. This time, however, we nailed it and we are immensely proud of the end result.”

“The challenge of singing the album in Spanish is one of the most important aspects, besides the fact that we didn’t impose any creative limits on ourselves musically. “It was an extremely exciting experience for me and I believe that we have found a new way to give the WHITE STONES sound a fresh coat of paint and make this work even more unique!” adds singer Eloi Boucherie.

The drum tracks were drummed by the talented Joan Carles Marí Tur, while João Sassetti was entrusted with the guitar solos. Furthermore, flautist José Ignacio Lagos and keyboardist Joakim Svalberg also added important musical touches of color to the overall work with their brilliant skills.

About Reigning Phoenix Music

Founded in 2023, Reigning Phoenix Music reflects the 100% independent vision of music industry expert Gerardo Martinez and avionics/tech entrepreneur Sven Bogner. The basic idea behind the label is to give heavy metal or extreme, hard music of all stripes the tailwind it needs for success. Within this framework, established bands, but of course also new talents and even scene icons, should be given the best possible support within the industry. The most important thing, however, is to help artists transform their music and talent into profitable success!

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