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Who Decides War Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Collection

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Who Decides War Spring/Summer 2022 Menswear Collection

Original title: Who Decides War 2022 Spring/Summer Menswear Collection, Combination of Frugality and Waste, Simplicity and Artistic Details

These Who Decides War costumes are combined with different colors and fabrics, bringing some visual impact. In addition to stitching, there are also some asymmetrical designs that add more features to the costumes;

In dressing, it shows more sense of thrift and fashion, and in the utilization of waste, it also adds more artistic details of design sense to minimalism.

When the design of holes and stitching appeared on these clothes, I felt more fashionable and characteristic temperament;

In dark-colored outfits, a large area of ​​black dark color brings more stability and elegance, and there are some patterns in the position of the top, which brings more impact to the contrast between colors. In the appearance of the pattern, I feel the rich fashion vitality; the trousers appear with holes, which contrast with the tops;

Layered tops are matched with denim and other ripped trousers. Denim trousers have a high probability of using ripped holes. In the addition of ripped holes, there are also some tassel and other appearances, which add tide to trousers. character.

In addition to jeans, there are trousers in white and other colors, and there are more fashion features of holes;

The top paired with ripped trousers brings more impact with a slim fit;

In the appearance of the irregular hem of the light-colored tops, there are also some decorations with colorful patterns, which add color impact and more vitality to the clothing;

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There is also a combination of light-colored white and some patterned mid-length coats, etc., with the contrast of color and fabric texture, etc., bringing a more distinct level.

Some green colors are displayed on these clothes, and the position of the top is displayed, and the matching with the dark pants and shorts below is more fashionable;

Green casual tops, in the matching of light colors, have more color matching, forming a fresh temperament, and there is also the appearance of pink irregular design vests, which bring a more vivid layer in the impact. .

The color of army green is combined with some other colors. In the contrast of colors, some casual sportswear elements are combined to add more vitality to these clothes.

The collocation between different colors adds some floral patterns to these garments;

When the dark black color is used as the background color, the light white color becomes the pattern pattern, which brings a color impact; it forms a color contrast with the light color inner layer of the top, and there are also irregular patterns. The appearance of gray-purple color makes the clothing form a distinct sense of hierarchy in the contrast of color and texture;

There are also contrasts of blue and some black and white colors. The contrast of colors brings more vitality of patterns and adds temperament to mid-length coats, trousers, etc.

The stitching between different colors and fabrics adds more impact and style to these loose straight-leg pants;

Clothing paired with spliced ​​straight-leg pants, asymmetrical spliced ​​sleeveless tops, loose white tops with dropped shoulders, contrasting layers of different colors and fabrics, etc. In these combinations, all will be More attention is focused on the position of the tops. The appearance of these tops adds a lot of fashion to the outfit.

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In these outfits, shirts decorated with plaid patterns form a contrast of colors and patterns with the irregular white outer parts, as well as white inner and spliced ​​denim jackets, asymmetric light gray-blue outer Wear, etc. The combination of these forms a contrast between colors, patterns, fabric textures and many other aspects, which makes the layering of the outfit more distinct.

The combination of a large area of ​​the same color and fabric adds some overall effect to the outfit;

For these outfits that are both light-colored and dark-colored black, etc., more fashion trends have been added, and there are also some more capable and neat trousers styles, but there are still some The appearance of patterns in different colors adds some highlights and vitality to the clothing.

On the bottoms with dark colors as the main color, these patterns decorate the hem, and form a sharper color contrast with the dark black color, and feel more energetic and fashionable;

Among the outfits of these bottoms, the slim-fit style of the top brings a contrasting color impact, as well as the appearance of Huawei wool patterns, distinctive collars, and design hem, which add a lot to the outfit. Featured highlights.

In the Who Decides War 2022 Spring/Summer Men’s Collection, these garments experience the combination of thrift and waste in various splicing and hole designs, adding more highlights and trendy styles to simplicity; Such as these: asymmetry, splices, holes, irregularities, etc.

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