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“Who is the Murderer” poster design “plagiarism” Japanese TV series official apology-Video Site-iQiyi

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The web drama “Who is the Murderer” premiered at the Iqiyi Fog Theater tonight, starring Zhao Liying, with a suspenseful theme. The play tells the story of a serial murder case in Haizhou, a small city in the southern four-tier city. After the truth has been sealed for 16 years, people who are inextricably connected with this unsettled case, in their own secrets, together Waiting for the truth to surface…


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However, the public opinion controversy caused by the release of the poster by the crew,Some netizens found that the poster is very similar to the poster of the Japanese TV series Legal High.

In response, the official Weibo of “Who is the Murderer” apologized tonight: “Sincerely apologize to the audience. In view of this situation, we will successively delete the series of posters from various communication channels.

The following is the full text of the “Apology Letter”:

I received a reminder from netizens that our studio (poster design company) attaches great importance to the suspected plagiarism of “Don’t Look at Posters” and conducts verification as soon as possible:

In the creative stage of the poster, after an overview of the plot and analysis, we decided on the design direction.

Based on the confusing and confusing relationship between these three people, we chose the relatively suitable classic sentence of “The Analects of Confucius Yanyuan”: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

This was unintentional, but there are creative similarities and typographic similarities, and I still bear the unshirkable responsibility.

As practitioners in the cultural industry, we have always respected creators and have a strong sense of copyright. Now that we are causing troubles to our colleagues, it is indeed our negligence in our work. I apologize for the trouble caused to the crew of “Who is the Murderer” and the audience who have always supported the show.


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