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Who marched in favor of the public university: from Kicillof to Larreta, the politicians who joined

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Who marched in favor of the public university: from Kicillof to Larreta, the politicians who joined

The Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillof, the former Minister of Economy, Sergio Massathe president of the Radical Civic Union, Martin Lousteau and the former head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larretawere some of the opposition political leaders who accompanied the massive university march against the adjustment this Tuesday by Javier Milei.

“It is an impressive thing (this mobilization). It is an entire town… They are marches that are very representative of a feeling that is part of our history.of our culture,” Kicillof said in television statements during his participation in the mobilization, which he attended together with the vice governor of Buenos Aires, Verónica Magario.

Authoritarians don’t like this

The practice of professional and critical journalism is a fundamental pillar of democracy. That is why it bothers those who believe they are the owners of the truth.

In this sense, the provincial leader expressed: “In my case, I went to secondary school at a public university, then I completed my studies, I did a bachelor’s degree, a doctorate, university teaching. I say this because we are defending what allowed us to get to where we got to. And to that we add fighting for a better future.”

For his part, the former Minister of Economy and former presidential candidate for Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massaarrived at the mobilization accompanied by his partner and former president of Aysa, Malena Galmarini. “Today we don’t speak, the boys and the principals speak”said Massa surrounded by a crowd that was trying to take a photo with the Peronist leader.

At the same time, in dialogue with radio Splendid AM990the leader of the Frente Renovador was asked if he had warned during the presidential campaign about a cut in study houses. “Just watching YouTube and Google is enough”was the Tigrense’s brief response. “I have a hint of sadness about why this march is taking place, but the joy of knowing that Argentinians never give up,” said Malena Galmarini.

“Hebe what you missed”: Victoria Villarruel called out Taty Almeida for her speech at the march

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Meanwhile, the head of the UCR joined the militant ranks of radicalism in the march. “The university and public education is what made us as a societyit is what backbones our entire society,” Lousteau said in television statements when he was part of the mobilization.

Senator Lousteau also pointed out that a society that has Social mobility in the middle class is what “differentiated” us from other countries. “It took us a lot to reach the level we have reached in Argentina and that is at risk today,” she said. The radical deputies Facundo Manes and Pablo Juliano They were also photographed with students on Avenida de Mayo.

During the day, the only representative of the PRO who was present was the former head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larretawho shared a photo on social networks along with the message: “I defend public education“.

Although she did not accompany the march, the former president of the Nation Cristina Kirchner He went out to the balcony of his apartment, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, and showed a diver with the initials of the National University of La Plata, where he studied.

Furthermore, in the course of the massive mobilization of university students and teachers, the Unión por la Patria bloc in Deputies took part in the event with the presence in Plaza de Mayo of the head of the group. German Martinez and the legislators Hugo Yasky, Eduardo Valdés, Santiago Cafiero, Leopoldo Moreauamong others.

“It’s going to explode in your face”: Grabois warned Milei after the university march

The national deputy (UxP) Victoria Tolosa Paz published a message arguing that “today we are going to march to defend the public university, which has been in our young republic for more than 140 years, and for which we feel immense pride. It is synonymous with equality and sovereignty. The most effective tool to achieve upward social mobility and sustainable development of our Nation”.

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We demand from this government that celebrates surpluses at the expense of impoverishing our people“, not only economically, but also intellectually, to have the necessary resources to have a higher public education of excellence,” concluded the National Councilor of the PJ.

Pedro’s Wado, senator from Unión por la Patria, was photographed at the march with a large group of young people. The former Minister of the Interior of the Nation denounced that public universities “are in emergency” due to the “75% adjustment” of the budget. “Only by investing in education” Argentina has “possibilities to grow”postulated and summarized: “Throughout the country, we march in defense of the public, free and federal university against budget adjustment.”

Leandro Santoro, national deputy of Unión por la Patria, valued being “a graduate of a public university.” “Public universities are part of the democratic heritage and The Government threatens to apply the anti-picket protocol to the students to demobilize them with fear”, he denounced.

The general secretary of the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) Pablo Moyano He was also present at the university protest when he arrived alongside the Truckers columns and the highest Argentine labor union. Guillermo Moreno He was also leading the column of the Youth of Principles and Values ​​and even harangued a batucada.

Likewise, the left held a large call, with its political leaders, such as the deputies Nicolás del Caño and Gabriel Solano. Myriam Bregman commented: “I am a proud graduate of the public university and today we had an honorary date. This is a huge demonstration like rarely seen. “A huge force that opposes the attacks of the Milei government.”

Manuel Adorni ruled out the possibility of closing universities: “We are far from doing that savagery”

Carlos Maslatón also attended the demonstration in defense of public education

There were many celebrities who supported the university march, mainly from the field of art, such as the actors Ricardo Darín, Juan Minujín, Dalma Maradona, Nacha Guevara, Nancy Dupláa and Victoria Onetto; musicians such as Charly García, Victor Heredia, Ricardo Mollo, Iván Noble, Lali Espósito, Natalia Oreiro and Gustavo Santaolalla; and media personalities such as Flor de la V, Lizy Tagliani and Nito Artaza.

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However, it was Carlos Maslatón who surprised on social networks by supporting the march, since the liberal lawyer was photographed in the streets, accompanying the claim against who used to be his political ally. “Great demonstration in Plaza de Mayo against the government of Caputo and Milei for its attempt to degrade and extinguish the Argentine national universities. This 4/23/2024, many more people gathered than on 11/8/2012, 8N. Milei thinks he is Moses or Aaron, but he is a vile low-level Rehoboam dedicated to exploiting and melting the people,” he commented on his X account (formerly Twitter).

Milei used social networks to criticize the mobilization

President Javier Milei referred to the march this Tuesday night called in defense of public universities and pointed out, through their social networks, that it was about “a glorious day for the beginning of revelation”.

True to his style, the president used his Instagram account this time to briefly express himself about the massive march that had the Plaza de Mayo as its epicenter. “Glorious day for the beginning of revelation,” said Milei, adding: “Whoever wants to hear (see) should hear (see)… Long live Freedom Damn”.

The “principle of revelation” to which Milei refers is a theory that allows one to celebrate success in the midst of failure. In addition, the president illustrated his comment with an image made with artificial intelligence of a lion, holding a cup with the legend: “Tears of left-handed people”.


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