Home Entertainment Who said you have to wait a long time to recharge your electric car? It takes 360 seconds …

Who said you have to wait a long time to recharge your electric car? It takes 360 seconds …

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Who said you have to wait a long time to recharge your electric car?  It takes 360 seconds …

ROME – The first step “100in5” (one hundred miles in five minutes) is a reality. With an Israeli public demonstration StoreDot, which specializes in extremely fast charging (XFC) technology for electric vehicles, has successfully demonstrated its ability to charge a full-scale electric vehicle battery cell with the energy it needs to travel. 100 miles (160 km) in just 5 minutes. The demonstration took place on the occasion of “EcoMotion Week 2022” in Israel, an increasingly popular global event (broadcast in treaming around the world) that brings together major car manufacturers, including General Motors, Volvo, Ford, Continental, l ‘Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Hyundai alliance. And this is only the first step of StoreDot’s technological strategy called “100inX” which provides for the availability of the 100in5 system by 2024, 100in3 by 2028 and 100in2 by 2032. In short, the Israeli factory promises to bring charging times of electric vehicles in line with those to fill up the current models with internal combustion engine. The test was a 300 × 100 mm “pouch cell” produced in the Eve Energy plant in China, and the battery was charged in a time limit of 10 minutes, during which the cell was charged up to at 20 Ah, exceeding the goal of going from 0% to 80% set for the demonstration.

The cell maintained a charge rate capable of achieving 100 miles of range with 5 minutes of charge, and the battery temperature never exceeded 33 degrees, thus remaining well below the operating temperature recommended by StoreDot engineers. as well as for all other critical parameters of the cell. “The success in demonstrating StoreDot’s extremely fast-charging battery technology in front of a live audience demonstrates the total confidence we have in our roadmap to bring about a global change of pace in electric mobility,” said Doron Myersdorf, CEO. by StoreDot – Away from the stage, our transformative technology continues to be tested by leading automotive manufacturers under grueling conditions, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the strategic pursuit of delivering excellence to our customers and delivering the ‘anxiety from autonomy of the Evs to the history books ”. Doron Myersdorf also pointed out that for motorists the ability to recharge car batteries as quickly as filling up with fuel is essential to change user behavior and encourage greener mobility.

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