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Who was the first woman in history to be praised for “Alluring the Country and Alluring the City”? (Photos) | Mrs. Li | Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty | Li Yannian | Cultural Talk

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Mrs. Lee drawing

Complimenting beautiful women often talks about “all the country and the city”. The beauty is so beautiful that the house collapses and the city collapses. How can it be so beautiful? Some people say that King Zhou You smiled in order to praise the princes and played with the princes. As a result, the Western Zhou Dynasty was destroyed in the hands of Inu Rong. The woman not only poured the city, but also the country. But the term “all the country and the city” was not invented at that time. Even if it was invented at that time, it is not recorded. “Han Shu”Li Yannian“Song of Beautiful Women” should be the earliest written record of “Alluring the Country and Alluring the City”, it saidEmperor Wu of the Han DynastyofMrs. Lee. However, her beauty has not become a disaster. It seems that the key is whether the beauty’s partner can grasp the scale, not to indulge, nor forget to keep his duty.

Mrs. Li is the sister of court musician Li Yannian, who is all over the country. She was recommended to Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty by Princess Li Yannian and Pingyang. “There are beautiful women in the north, unparalleled and independent, one look at Qingrencheng, and then Qingrenguo. If you don’t know the city and the country, the beautiful woman is hard to get again!” The Emperor Wu of Han sang his heart with a sway.

Bai Juyi writes a poem calling on the monarch not to love beauty

Bai Juyi has a poem “Mrs. Li・Appreciation of Doubts”:

Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty first lost Mrs. Li. The wife refused to say goodbye when she was ill, and kept her grace after her death. Jun En can’t stop thinking about it, and in the Temple of Ganquan, he ordered the photo. Dan Qing drew how good it is, not to laugh and to kill. He also ordered the alchemist to combine the elixir, and the jade cauldron was fried in the gold alchemy furnace. Jiuhua account quietly in the middle of the night, reversing the soul and descending the lady’s soul. Where is the soul of the lady? The cigarette was brought to the incense stick. Why don’t you have to come here, but the melodious and melodious are still gone. How fast is it going and how late is it? I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. The emerald moth looks like a normal life, not like Zhaoyang sleeping sickness. If the soul does not come, the heart is bitter, and the soul comes with sadness. Backlights and tents are silent, and An Yong has seen violations for the time being. The sadness is not only Han Wudi, who has been Ruos since ancient times and today. You don’t see King Mu crying for three days and hurt Sheng Ji in front of the stage. Without seeing Tai Ling’s tears, Ma Weipo reads Concubine Yang. Even if the beauty of Yan Zi is turned into soil, this hate will last forever. Life is also confusing, death is also confusing, stunners can’t forget. People who are not wood and stone are sentimental, it is better not to encounter the allure.

Mrs. Li was both beautiful and good at singing and dancing. She was honored for a while and gave birth to a son, but she died prematurely due to illness. She refused to say goodbye to Emperor Wu of Han face to face when she was seriously ill and her appearance was ruined, leaving the best memory in Emperor Wu’s heart. After her death, Emperor Wu still remembered her and hung up her portrait in the Ganquan Palace, but this portrait is silent and without the agility of his life. Therefore, Emperor Wu ordered the alchemist to refine a miracle medicine to call upon Mrs. Li’s soul. Although he vaguely saw Mrs. Li’s voice and smile, he came and went in a hurry. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty once wrote a poem for her: “Yeah? No? Look at it, why is it so late?”

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Bai Juyi’s poem not only describes the scene of Emperor Wu of Han’s painstakingly recalling souls after the death of Mrs. Li, but also points out the problem of confidant beauty and disaster by combining the lust of Zhou Mu, Tang Xuanzong and other monarchs. “Huh” means petting, and the monarch should take a lesson from the craving for beauty.

“Hanshu” records Mrs. Li’s account is rather detailed but not obscure

The narration in “Han Shu · Wai Qi Biography” is quite detailed, and the text is not obscure. The quotation is as follows:

Mrs. Li Xiaowu, originally advocating advancement. At the beginning, the lady brother prolonged his life, was good at singing and dancing, and Emperor Wu loved him. Every time a new sound is changed, those who hear it are moved. The Yannian waiter danced, singing: “There are beautiful women in the north, peerless and independent, look at Qingrencheng, and then Qingren. It is hard to get a beautiful woman if you don’t know the city and the country!” Shang sighed and said, “Good! Is there such a person in the world?” Lord Pingyang has a younger brother because of words, and Shangnai summoned it, and she is really wonderful and good at dancing. Fortunately, to give birth to a son is to mourn the king of Changyi. Mrs. Li was young and died of fleas. She pityed Min Yan, and the picture was in the Ganquan Palace. And four years after Wei Si was abolished, Emperor Wu collapsed, and the general Huo Guang went to Yayi, served with Mrs. Li, and caught up with the title of Empress Xiaowu.

At the beginning, Mrs. Li was very sick. Since she was waiting, her wife was thanked and said: “The concubine is sick for a long time, and her appearance is destroyed, so she can’t see the emperor. I would like to rely on the king and brothers.” I can’t afford it. Wouldn’t it be nice to see that I belong to the king and my brother?” The lady said, “If the woman is not dressed up, she will not see the emperor. The concubine dare not see the emperor with a swallow laziness.” When you see me, you will be given a golden gift to your brothers and honorable officials.” The lady said: “The honorable officials are in the emperor, and you don’t see them at the same time.” The lady turned to hush and did not say anything. So Shang did not say (Yue) up. The wife asked her to say: “The nobleman can only see the brothers and evils? What is the hate?” The wife said: “So I don’t want to see the emperor, but I want to trust my brothers. I have good looks. Love is fortunate from humble love. Husbands and sexes care about others, but love is fascinating, and love is gracious. So those who love and care for me are only in the face of life. Seeing me destroyed today, the color is wrong, I will be afraid To spit on me evil, I still want to recall his brother! After that, his wife and brother Li Guangli were appointed as the second division general, Haixihou was appointed, and Yannian was appointed as the captain of Xielu.

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I missed Mrs. Li forever, and Shao Weng, who was an alchemist, said that she would be a god. Nai night lights up, sets up tents, Chen Jiurou, and Ling Shang stays in his tent, sees a good woman like Mrs. Li in the distance, and sits on his feet. He didn’t have to look at it, and he felt sorrowful, and said in order to compose a poem: “Is it evil, not evil? I look forward to it, but why is it too late!” Shang also made a gift for himself to mourn his wife.

The image of Mrs. Li is from
The image of Mrs. Li is from “A Biography of Hundred Beauty New Songs”.

Translation of Madam Li’s Historical Materials “Han Shu · Biography of Foreign Relations”

Some people say that they really don’t want to read classical Chinese, so let’s just talk a little more.

Mrs. Li of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty was originally a singer. His elder brother Li Yannian was good at singing and dancing. He was very much loved by Emperor Wu. One day he sang a song of “Beautiful Woman”. The emperor felt that there was no such “beautiful woman” in the world. The princess took the opportunity to recommend Li Yannian’s sister. The emperor summoned Li Xiaomei, and she was indeed well-deserved, so he favored her and gave birth to a son. Mrs. Li died of illness at a young age. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty missed her and hung her portrait in Ganquan Palace to express his grief. Later, the Queen Wei Zifu was abolished, and after Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty died, General Huo Guang respected Mrs. Li as Empress Xiaowu.

When Mrs. Li was dying of illness, the emperor came to visit her. Mrs. Li covered her face with a quilt, saying that her appearance was ruined while she was ill, and she refused to see her for the last time. Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty refused to see her whatsoever, and said that if she met once, she would give her a daughter and give her brother a promotion. Mrs. Li was unmoved. The emperor was angry and left. Others complained that Mrs. Li was not sensible, but Mrs. Li made a wise saying: “I did not meet the emperor because of the painstaking efforts of my brothers. I was favored by the emperor because of my beautiful appearance and humble background. Human beings are fascinating and love Chi, but love Chi is grace. The emperor cares about me only for his life appearance. Now that my appearance is ruined, he will naturally hate me when he sees my ugliness. If he hates me, how can he take care of my brother Woolen cloth?”

Although Mrs. Li’s actions attracted the emperor Wu’s infinite thoughts, she failed to protect her family for a long time. Her elder brother “Li Yannian’s younger brother Ji sat in the harem”, and her other elder brother Li Guangli surrendered to the Huns as a last resort, “family annihilation”.

A lot of poems dedicated to “Mrs. Li” involve historical records

There are more than 10 poems dedicated to “Mrs. Li” in “The Poems of the Tang Dynasty”, and the plot is basically not recorded in history books. E.g:

Zhang Hu’s “Miscellaneous Songs of Songs of Mrs. Li” wrote: “Yan Nian does not look for three stars, not to mention that his wife has no tears. The world is melancholy, and Ganquan Palace looks at the graphics at night.” “Yan Nian” is Mrs. Li’s. Brother Li Yannian.

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Li Shangyin’s “Han Palace” wrote: “If the Queen Mother does not come to Fang Shuo, she must see Mrs. Li again.”

Wen Tingyun’s “He Dao Xi Jun Departure (One Work and Friend Xi Live Departure)” writes: “On the upper floor, Chen Houzhu, and Mrs. Jin Cui Li in the mirror.”

Sikongtu’s “Nineteen Songs of Apricot Blossoms in Wu Village under the Liji Mountain” wrote: “Ms. Li’s face is covered with grief and sorrow.”

Cao Tang’s “Emperor of Han Wu thinks about Mrs. Li” wrote: “The melancholy ice face is no longer there, and the yellow leaves are flying all over the sky in late autumn.”

Luo Qiu’s “Bi Hong’er Poem” wrote: “A tent scatters incense and dust all night, and the Emperor of the Han spirit pays tribute to the gods. If you see Hong’er in a drunk state, you should also recall Mrs. Li.” Emperor Wu of the Han called on Mrs. Li all night He is very emotional, but if he sees Hong’er (killed by Luo Qiu and regrets it, composing 100 “Bihong Poems”) drunk beauty, he doesn’t need to worry about Mrs. Li.

Han Kai’s “Guo Mao Ling” wrote: “The news of Emperor Jing Long’s beard is broken, and Yi Xiangkong sees Mrs. Li.”

Wang Huan’s “Twelve Poems of Melancholy” writes: “Mrs. Li is sick and autumn, and Han Wu does not seem to be raising her head.”

One of Xu Kui’s “Two Poems by Mrs. Li” wrote: “If you don’t want Jin Yu to reach the curtain, the happiness in the world must be sorrow. If you want to understand the sadness and the appearance, it will seem like the grace of the king is declining.” Once the king sees it. The appearance of her sickness vilified the image in her heart, and the affection of affection naturally decayed day by day.

The second wrote: “The young man of the fragrant soul is recruited, and the dawn of the nine lanterns is still empty. The Han king is not as good as Wu Wangle, and is the same as Xi Shi’s death.”

Poets chanted from different angles about this beautiful beauty who was so beloved and favored by Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty. Basically, it can be mutually corroborated with historical biography, and there is not much novelty.

Mrs. Li’s grandson is Liu He, the king of Changyi who was deposed as the emperor for 27 days.

Although Mrs. Li is so beautiful that she has lost her country and the city, there is no record of her disaster to the country and the people. Whether the confidant becomes a disaster, the key lies in the man with the confidant.

The Qing Dynasty Heda Zihua Lizhu Collection Show-Mrs. Han Li.
The Qing Dynasty Heda Zihua Lizhu Collection Show-Mrs. Han Li. (Picture sources are all public domain)

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