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Why can’t elite men over 30 buy suitable clothes? |Elite|Clothing|Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Why can’t elite men over 30 buy suitable clothes? |Elite|Clothing|Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Original title: 30+ elite men, why can’t they buy suitable clothes?

Author: Du Shaofei DUSHAOFEI

  Looking back on the years of working hard in Beijing, there are actually quite a few so-called “successful men” around me.

But time flies. Whether these friends are engaged in the Internet, finance, or start-ups in physical stores, when they can achieve what most people think of as a successful career, they are often 30+.

Instead of intensifying age anxiety, if you want to make certain achievements in your field and develop your hobbies at the same time, time accumulation is often essential.

  The extremely high degree of socialization also determines that this part of the group has a lot of needs for ‘image’, and those who can make things happen are often not the sloppy men we think who only focus on their careers and don’t care about their appearance——

When attending formal business occasions, they have a Dresscode that belongs to their circle; in the multiple transformations of family work and life, quality and scene fit are equally important; of course, ‘details determine success or failure’ is also the motto engraved in their genes.

But now in China, there are few clothing brands suitable for their multiple identities:

Pay attention to quality, but the choice of brands is complicated and confusing;

Pay attention to style, but the scene is too limited and lacking;

Pay attention to life, but few people understand them, and the heart is even more tired.

Today, Lao Du chatted with brothers who encountered the same problem.

It is said that a woman’s wardrobe will always lack a piece of clothing that she will wear tomorrow. To be honest, for a man over 30 like me, the situation may be more than that, but nothing less.

To be honest, I have watched a lot of local menswear brands over the years, and I always feel that they are just lying in their comfort zone, which is really a little lacking in innovation.

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As a result, every time I come back from shopping, I feel a little resentful, but the girl always returns with a full reward.

This ‘unpopular’ area for the pillars of the family is often like the Peach Blossom Spring written in “Peach Blossom Spring”. Once you set foot here, there will always be a feeling of a world away:

  It seems that when I accompanied my father to pick out trousers 10 years ago, there were only a few styles in this store. Except for the old ones that people in the system often wear, it seems that I couldn’t find anything new…

The men’s wear area has the same texture as if “time is stagnant”, lacking changes and blurred images. It is a general “reliable temperament of a mature middle-aged man”.

Although very unwilling, this seems to be the general status quo of the current domestic men’s wear area.

  able to satisfyThere are very few brands that 30+ men can switch needs in multiple scenarios such as daily life, urban commuting, and business negotiation.

  So, how should 30+ men choose?

In your impression, what are those 30+ elites who have overcome their personal midlife crisis wearing?

After all, life is not the set of “Mad Men”. In our lives and work, we don’t often need to equip the traditional three-piece suit, let alone consider changing pocket squares and cufflinks.

People who don’t do their homework on dressing are certainly unqualified, but sometimes they use too much force, and it will leave a bad impression on others as a “little man getting rich”.

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  Sometimes, when it comes to dressing, it means ‘the harder you work, the more timid you will be’.

For example, Bobby Axelrod in “Billions” is a typical basic wearer. His favorite is Loro Piana’s unpretentious zipper hoodie, which focuses on low-key and comfort.

Relaxed, gentle, comfortable-this is the temperament that people who have everything in mind will show most naturally in their clothes.

  The same is true for bigwigs in reality: the more successful, the more casual.

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