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why Daniela presented her plate with a bandaged hand

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why Daniela presented her plate with a bandaged hand

Daniela Completeone of the participants of MasterChef Argentina 2023, suffered an off-camera accident this Wednesday, which made it difficult for her to cook. However, despite the injury, registered in one of her hands, the notary He also presented his dish to the jury of the reality show that leads Wanda Nara.

Everything happened moments after the competitors were enabled to start their preparations. At that moment, the cook prepared to order her station and he burned his left hand when taking a frying pan by the handlewhich had come out of the oven.

Although the incident it was not recorded on camera, Daniela appeared with her hand bandaged a few minutes later. «Despite having a burned hand, you can be here to present your plate“Wanda managed to say, before the participant presented her plate.

«It was one of those things that in a hurry I touched the mango that was already in the oven. It was the distraction in the middle of the run »explained Kompel, who, injured, decided to compete equally with the rest of the chefs.

After the bad moment, Daniela took what happened gracefully and assured that she will remember it as “a gastronomic baptism“as many cooks”have scars«.

Daniela suffered an accident in MasterChef Argentina: the return of the jury

In this Wednesday’s challenge, the participants they should have prepared two dishesan entrance, made with pasta, and another main, that could include ingredients to taste of each one. Both had to be ready in 60 minutes, the usual time assigned by the Telefe reality show.

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Despite her injury, Daniela decided to present her two preparations to the jury: pasta with green sauce and fried eggplants, and pork steak with green sauce, grilled leeks and fresh salad.

To their surprise, the jurors, Germán Martitegui, Damian Betular y Donato de SantisThey praised his work and highlighted the level of both dishes, achieved beyond the physical obstacle.

MasterChef Argentina: Who won the star of the day this Wednesday

On a complicated night for most of the participants, with dishes questioned by specialists, the best preparation of the day was among Achilles y Daniela.

Finally it was the young man from Córdoba who ended up staying with the star of the daythanks to a pasta with tomato sauce and anchovies, and a pork steak accompanied by bacon, fennel and zucchini purée.

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