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Why did actor Zhang Yuhua divorce Zhang Yuhua who is the foreign husband?

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On November 19, according to relevant media reports, the actress Zhang Yuhua said during an interview that she is currently divorced. In the interview, she also denied the rumors of retiring and shared her life in Toronto over the years. She said that in the past many years, she has been working hard to audition and compose music, and currently there are 2 agents to help her take care of her acting career.

Zhang Yuhua recalled that at the beginning, she didn’t have many opportunities. She often played roles such as passerby. However, she did not get discouraged, but worked hard step by step, and now she finally achieved some results. When asked which film and television series she had participated in, she revealed that she had appeared in the series “Titan”, “Umbrella Academy” and other works. In a recent film festival, she won the best actress with the science fiction short “Moore’s Void”. In the play, she plays a mother who has lost her child, and her emotions are complex and challenging.

On November 21, some media exposed the current situation of actress Zhang Yuhua. In an interview, she revealed that she had married and divorced a foreign man, and said that she had always wanted to return to her hometown of Singapore.

Speaking of her love life, she bluntly stated that she had returned to singleness, but refused to disclose the reason for the divorce. Asked if she wanted to fall in love again, she laughed and said that she was very happy with two dogs with her.

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It is reported that Zhang Yuhua, 45, started working as a model at the age of 14, and then participated in many film and television works, such as “Little Fish and Flowers”, “Happy Anniversary in Flower Field”, “Flying High” and so on. In “Little Fish and Flowers”, her role as Princess Taka in the play impressed the audience. She has also been a singer and made records, and she has sung some popular songs including “Forgive”.

Profile of Zhang Yuhua

Celest Chong (Celest Chong), female, was born in Singapore on December 25, 1975. She is a singer, model, and actor. Her representative works include “Forgiveness”, “Little Happiness”, “Christmas” and so on. He has also participated in the shooting of many TV series with friendship.

Chinese name: 张玉华

Foreign name: Celest Chong

Nationality: Singapore

Date of Birth: December 25, 1975

Constellation: Capricorn

Blood type: type A

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Occupation: singer, model, actor

Representative works: “Little Fish and Flowers”, “Love Discount”, Happy Events in Flower Field


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