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Why does the love of middle-aged people match up with “Jane Eyre”?

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  Original title: How come the love of middle-aged people is in line with “Jane Eyre”?

Unexpectedly, the most recent urban romantic dramas have been on the line with “Jane Eyre”. In “The Sea of ​​Stars” that just ended, Liu Tao’s role in the play is named Jane Eyre; in another “Journey Without Confusion” starring Mei Ting and Chen Jianbin, the female number one is called Simple. In addition to the heroine’s name in the two dramas, there are many other places related to the famous English literature “Jane Eyre”. For example, when Liu Tao played Jane Eyre, she heard her mother read “Jane Eyre” over and over again when she was a child, and even the name was taken from this book; while Mei Ting’s performance was simple, and the emotional entanglement with the male protagonist Marlene was even more complicated. Copying “Jane Eyre”, some netizens laughed and referred to Chen Jianbin as “Rochester Jianbin”.

The Brontë sisters who died prematurely failed to see their novels gaining readers’ approval. However, today, nearly two hundred years later, this literary classic is scrambling to be the reference blueprint for the TV series, which is probably unexpected by the Bronte sisters.

At the beginning of the broadcast, “Journey Without Confusion” was sought after by the audience, and its ratings ranked among the top three hit shows, which can explain the problem. Although part of the plot is confusing, the audience actually thinks it can be watched. Part of the reason is naturally related to the word-of-mouth effect of Mei Ting and Chen Jianbin’s “Parents Love” and “Zhen Huan Biography”; the other part is because of the theme of “Journey Without Confusion”: middle-aged people’s confusion and non-confusion.

It is an embarrassing stage when a person reaches middle age: life is a feather, ideals have not been extinguished, but they can only be hidden deep in the heart, and it is difficult to take a step further, and it may not be a bright future. The taste of life at this stage can really arouse the resonance of too many people. From this perspective, the popularity of the show has caught the audience’s pain points.

Secondly, the characterization that can stand up is also an important factor for the play to be talked about.

In the play, Mei Ting plays a very true and simple people’s teacher. She went to the president Marlenevin’s home to do tutoring not because of taking people’s money to do things for others. Although her life is not easy, she has never “knocked down for five buckets of rice.” On the contrary, she believes that “income is important, but teaching is not about doing business. As a teacher, you have to put yourself in the right position.”

After encountering her boyfriend’s betrayal, she also hesitated and even compromised, but in the end she didn’t ask for everything. Instead, she asked Feng Chunsheng, “Why should I be your second choice?” and “Don’t middle-aged people deserve to have love?” Such contemporary topics are brought to the front of the stage. Her character’s struggle history and growth process are not only extremely real, but also show the self-awareness and resilience of contemporary women.

Marlene, played by Chen Jianbin, is a watcher of physical books. In this era of fragmented reading, new ways of reading cannibalize books, and Marlene is helpless. As a businessman, he “paranoidly” wants to keep the place of physical bookstores in the city, and does not hesitate to sacrifice commercial profits to protect them, which is his spiritual home. He has unique insights into literature, but sometimes uses books to guide life pedantically. Under the heavy pressure of the company’s board of directors, he resisted the consensus to sign the copyright of the new book, determined to operate at a loss, and sought the spiritual “shield” in the book to resist the pressure of reality. He talked about copyright with the “heart-to-heart” method, and talked to the writer about his understanding of “loneliness”. At the same time, these also represent Marlene’s attitude towards emotions.

Such character settings are rare in urban emotional dramas in recent years. The commonness of the spiritual world makes it true and credible that Jian and Marlene, the two middle-aged men and women who can’t get along with each other, have an affection. The emotional warming of the two occurred when they accompanied Mariev’s daughter Ma Mujia to a foreign country to treat their legs. Between treatments, they visited Tolstoy’s favorite bookstore together and went to the Tolstoy Museum together. On the night of the sudden encounter with the blizzard, two people who had eliminated the “social attributes” exchanged their inner secrets while keeping warm in the lumberjack’s cabin. Slowly and briefly recalled the dialogue between Maslova and Nekhludoff in “Resurrection”, the two used “Frog at the Bottom of the Well” and “Poor Worm in Hell” to intimately joking with each other…Unconsciously , The two hugged and slept in the cabin… However, after the snow stopped, everything seemed to have never happened. The experience in the cabin is like being deeply sealed by the vast snow…How many people are deeply moved by this delicate and touching emotional drama. The performances of Chen Jianbin and Mei Ting made the lines in Wen Jianjian’s famous works particularly lifelike. One of the two characters is a bit noble, the other is sour and literary, with a lovely sense of joy; the other is without makeup with two dark circles under the eyes. Using literary phrases to fight each other in life, it’s easy to jump into the play when you change to an ordinary actor, and being said by these two actors is very similar. The performance is to add points to the play.

“Journey Without Confusion” is most criticized for the core storyline of the two protagonists, which is almost a reprint of “Jane Eyre”. The female governess breaks into the rich life and intersects with the arrogant and domineering president. Over time, the two have a good relationship with each other, but it is not only the family’s opinion that hinders the development of the relationship between the two, but also the crazy wife in the president’s home-a principal The daughter, and those stumbling blocks. The play is exactly the same as “Jane Eyre”. The male protagonist Malevin was also blind for a time. The crazy wife almost burned the house. With the help of the tutor, the male protagonist and daughter finally survived. Presumably, the directors did not want to avoid suspicion, because the classic sentences in “Jane Eyre” also appeared in the play. When the heroine who loved “North Drift” was abandoned by the “Julian” boyfriend who had been in love for eight years, she faced Marlene’s concern-“You are not young, and you are also average, how do you plan to “, Mei Ting said the famous line in “Jane Eyre” with strong manifestation: “Do you think I am poor and not beautiful, so I have no feelings?”

The original intention of “Journey Without Confusion” backdoor “Jane Eyre” is fully exposed here. It is not impossible to tell a contemporary emotional story through a well-known masterpiece. But the directors have overlooked one point. The reason why “Jane Eyre” has become a classic of Western literature is that its realism is more profound than the simple emotional entanglement of women’s independence or love between men and women. The more profound one is, of course, the profound insight and critique of the British social problems by the female writers in the early 19th century.

Specific to the work itself, although “Jane Eyre” has the framework of a romance novel, it is far less rich in romance description than Austin. The blindness, unexplainable emotional changes, and loss in love are almost in the novel. can not be seen. Readers can’t find or understand how Jane Eyre fell in love with Rochester, and why Rochester has a soft spot for Jane Eyre after reading the complete book. Because Charlotte Bronte wants readers to understand first of all-strong self-esteem and equality.

Therefore, we have seen the struggling of male and female protagonists with huge class differences, and this struggle directly stems from Jane Eyre’s extreme self-esteem. The fact that Rochester once had a wife was a blow to her. The former kept confiding in her distress, her old youth and ignorance, and she was also a victim of the marriage scam, but these were not enough to keep her. Until later, Jane Eyre, who left the manor cruelly, had a legacy and gained financial independence, while Rochester’s situation was just the opposite. A fire left him with nothing, blindness, one arm was also amputated, and the status of two people. After an earth-shaking exchange, she was willing to return to Rochester to be with her. Therefore, the love finally obtained in “Jane Eyre” is a symbol of fulfillment in a more noble sense. For contemporary readers, this is precisely the limitation of this work, and this limitation is determined by the age when the Bronte sisters lived. Back to contemporary women, even if they encounter similar situations, their choices will not be the way they were in “Jane Eyre”. If the simplicity and Marlene text in “Journey Without Confusion” can not go back to the old path of “Jane Eyre”, it might be possible to find a contemporary “Fun Confusion” based on the blueprint of classic works.

Regrettably, no breakthrough has been made in the adaptation of the TV series. In order to allow contemporary people to resonate with this ancient love story, the screenwriter chose to add to the twists and turns of the plot and the conflicts of characters, introducing some social hot spots into Three pairs of men and women in the age of no doubt meet up. This caused the secondary line to jump off to the point where it gradually replaced the main line after half of the episode. The initially attractive “slow carriage” literary sentimental drama disappeared, and the humanistic lingering rhyme of “Journey Without Doubt” was half constructed. Then disappeared. It can be seen that the advantages and disadvantages of “Journey Without Confusion” are guided by the masterpiece. We can clearly understand the deeper pursuit of the creators from it. And we are also willing to believe that the original intention of leveraging the classics is to make people realize that although there are always many practical problems to be solved in the adult world, in addition to the fireworks in the world, there should be romantic poems and distant places in the world. Only from the perspective of the screenwriter, some of the full copying of the famous works in this TV series still exposes the lack of imagination. (Chen Xihan)


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