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Why Huo Jianhua and Chen Qiaoen broke up?

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Chen Qiaoen believes that many people know her. She was also a popular star a few years ago. When it comes to Chen Qiaoen, I also think that she once had an 8-year relationship with Wallace Huo, but now she is married to Alan, a rich second generation who is 9 years younger than herself.So, why did Huo Jianhua and Chen Qiaoen break up?

The brokerage companies of the two sides talked about breaking up the two people. There can only be one choice for love and career. Wallace Huo has always been a very rational person.And Chen Qiaoen also revealed that Wallace Huo would never coax her, she loved very humble in this relationship

And Chen Qiaoen is also very insecure in this relationship, she wants to stay by Wallace Huo’s side all the time. But Huo Jianhua is always more disgusted by this, and often does not take care of Chen Qiaoen’s emotions.

In the end, Joe Chen was also hidden by the brokerage company for half a year, while Wallace Huo resolutely chose to come to the Mainland to film, so the two people who had been in love for 8 years completely broke up. In this regard, Huo Jianhua directly said: Chen Qiaoen is too clingy. I have to say that netizens don’t understand Huo Jianhua’s behavior, and even label him a “scumbag”. Is it a mistake to be clingy.

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