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why it is celebrated and who was Pedro Escudero, the doctor behind the date

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why it is celebrated and who was Pedro Escudero, the doctor behind the date

2023 – NUTRITIONIST DAY. Nutritionist Day is celebrated in commemoration of the date of 1887 in which the doctor Pedro Escudero, founder and director of the National Institute of Nutrition, was born.

Escudero founded the Municipal Institute of Metabolic Diseases in 1928, which later became the National Institute of Nutrition, according to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Córdoba.

Dr. Pedro Escudero, considered “Father of nutrition in America.”

This was the first organization in Latin America dedicated to the study of diseases related to nutrition, where Argentine professionals and those from all over Latin America were trained.

For this reason, they explain, Dr. Escudero came to be considered “Father of nutrition in America.”

More ephemeris

1959 – GUSTAVO CERATI. The singer-songwriter, composer and record producer Gustavo Adrián Cerati, leader of the rock band Soda Stereo, considered one of the most influential musicians of Latin American rock, was born in Buenos Aires. He won 19 Latin Grammy Awards and three Gardel de Oro.

1965 – SERGIO VIGIL. Former field hockey player and coach Sergio Vigil, winner of the bronze medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games as manager of the Argentine team Las Leonas, was born in Buenos Aires. He also managed the Argentine men’s hockey team.

Sergio Vigil. (Sergio Cejas)

1967 – HENRY BUNBURY. The singer and composer Enrique Bunbury (Enrique Ortiz de Landázuri Izarduy), leader of the rock band Héroes del Silencio and one of the most influential musicians in Spain, is born in the Spanish city of Zaragoza.

1989 – ÚRSULA CORBERÓ. Born in the town of Sant Pere de Vilamajor (Barcelona, ​​Spain) is the Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó Delgado, popularly known for playing the character “Tokio” in the successful streaming series La Casa de Papel. She also excelled in the television series Physics or Chemistry and The Embassy.

Ursula Corberó Delgado.

1996 – PABLO AIMAR. At the age of 16, the attacking midfielder Pablo César Aimar made his debut in the First Division of River Plate, in the away defeat against Colón de Santa Fe by 1-0. The “Clown” Aimar, who shone in the Spanish Valencia and Zaragoza Among other teams, he was champion with the Argentine under 20 team at the 1997 World Cup in Malaysia.

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Pablo Cesar Aimar. (D&N)

2007 – ROBERT MAIDANA. At the age of 79, journalist and broadcaster Roberto Maidana, host of successful news programs on channel 13 and public television and winner of a Konex award in 1987, dies in Buenos Aires.

Roberto Maidana. (Archive / Konex Foundation)

2014 – ROBIN WILLIAMS. The American actor and comedian Robin Williams, winner of an Oscar, five Golden Globes, two Emmys and three Grammys, dies in the town of Paradise (California, USA), at the age of 63. He gained fame for his leading role in the film Good Morning Vietnam!.

Robin Williams.

2019 – PRIMARY ELECTIONS. The presidential formula of the Frente de Todos, formed by Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, wins the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) with 49.49% of the votes.

Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Rosario, in 2019. (La Voz / File)

Other ephemeris

1492.- Cardinal Rodrigo de Borja is elected Pope with the name of Alexander VI, the second Spaniard to rise to the pontifical throne.

1675.- The first stone is laid at the Greenwich Royal Astronomical Observatory in England.

1711.- For the first time, the Royal Ascot horse race is held in England.

1762.- Havana is attacked by an English squadron and the city surrenders the next day during the war between England and Spain.

1825.- The Assembly meeting in Sucre adopts for Upper Peru the name of the Bolívar Republic, which later became the Republic of Bolivia.

1906.- The Frenchman Eugene Lauste patents a sound film process.

1929.- Chaim Weizmann founds the Jewish Agency in Zurich during the 16th Zionist Congress.

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1951.- Women participate in the first elections in Argentina in which Juan Domingo Perón is re-elected.

1952.- The Jordanian Parliament deposes King Talal due to a neurological disorder and his son Hussein is appointed as the new monarch.

1954.- Guatemala: the Junta assumes absolute power and dissolves left-wing parties and organizations.

1956.- Elvis Presley’s single “Don’t be cruel” goes on sale, recorded on July 2 in New York.

1961.- Massive strike in Chile in the railway, steel and copper mining sectors, affecting some 25,000 workers.

1967.- A group of students take over the Central House of the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile in the greatest visible milestone of the University Reform in this country.

1975.- The US vetoes the admission of the two Vietnams to the United Nations.

1979.- Morocco annexes the Mauritanian Sahara.

1980.- The Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) is created in Montevideo (Uruguay).

1989.- The American space probe “Voyager 2” discovers two partial rings around the planet Neptune, which confirms some scientific predictions.

1995.- Israel and the Palestinian National Authority sign an agreement on the extension of the autonomy of the occupied West Bank.

1999.- Last solar eclipse of the century, which is total for two minutes in a strip 14,000 kilometers long between the North Atlantic and the Bay of Bengal.

.- The Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, is sworn in to his new position before the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) after having done so on the Constitution.

2003.- NATO assumes command of the International Security and Assistance Force in Afghanistan (Isaf), the first mission in its history outside Europe.

.- Microsoft begins to investigate a virus known as the Blaster worm reported by its technical support services.

2003.- Argentina ratifies the treaty on the imprescriptibility of crimes against humanity.

2006.- The United Nations Security Council issues resolution 1701 that demands the cessation of hostilities in southern Lebanon between Hezbollah and the Israeli army.

.- The German writer Gunter Grass acknowledges for the first time in an interview that he served in the Waffen SS, the fighting force under Hitler’s command during World War II.

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2007.- The Portuguese police publicly admit that the British girl Madeleine McCann, who disappeared on May 3, could have died.

2011.- Arrested in Mexico one of the most wanted murderers, Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya “El Compayito”, author of at least 300 homicides.

2012.-Two earthquakes measuring 6.2 and 6 degrees left 306 dead in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan.

2015.- An Egyptian military court dictates life imprisonment against 250 followers of the ousted president, Mohamed Mursi.

2016.- The presidents of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, agree to the gradual opening of the border between the two countries, closed since 2015 by decision of Caracas.

2019.- Alejandro Giammattei is elected president of Guatemala.

2020.- Russia registers Sputnik-V, the world‘s first vaccine against covid-19.


1913.- Angus Wilson, British writer.

1919.- Andrew Carnegie, American businessman and philanthropist from Scotland.

1921.- Alex Haley, American writer.

1926.- Aaron Klug, British molecular biologist of Lithuanian origin, Nobel Prize in Chemistry-1982.

1932.- Fernando Arrabal, Spanish writer.

1933.- Tamas Vasary, Hungarian concert pianist and conductor.

1943.- Pervez Musharraf Pakistani politician.

1950.- Steve Wozniak, American philanthropist and co-founder of Apple.

1957.- Ines de la Fressange, French model and designer.

1965.- Viola Davis, American actress.

1967.- Enrique Bunbury, Spanish singer.

1975.- Asma Al Akhras, wife of Syrian President Bachar El Asad.

1983.- Chris Hemsworth, actor australiano.


1253.- Santa Clara, Italian, founder of the Poor Clares.

1531.- Hernán Pérez del Pulgar, Spanish soldier and writer.

1956.- Jackson Pollock, American painter.

1994.- Peter Cushing, British actor.

1996.- Rafael Kubelik, Czechoslovakian composer, pianist and conductor.

2009.- Valerio Lazarov, television producer and director.

.- Eunice Kennedy, hermana de John F. Kennedy.

2018.- Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, British writer of Indian origin and Nobel Prize.

2021.- Gianluigi Gelmetti, director of the Italian orchestra.

Source: own and agencies.

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