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why it is celebrated every March 3

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why it is celebrated every March 3

2024 – WILDLIFE. World Wildlife Day is celebrated, established in 2013 by the United Nations.

The date seeks to “celebrate the beauty and variety of wild flora and fauna, as well as to raise awareness about the multitude of benefits that the conservation of these forms of life has for humanity.”

In addition, it also aims to promote urgent measures to protect wildlife and combat crimes against the environment.

More anniversaries

1816 – JUANA AZURDUY. The Bolivian independence heroine Juana Azurduy leads a troop of 200 women on horseback with which she defeats the Spanish in Chuquisaca (Bolivia) and frees her husband, General Manuel Ascensio Padilla, a prisoner since 1814. Azurduy was named lieutenant colonel, with which who became the first woman with military rank in South America.

Juana Azurduy de Padilla.

1930 – ALFREDO ALCÓN IS BORN. The actor and theater director Alfredo Alcón, winner of six Martín Fierro awards, among other awards, was born in the Buenos Aires town of Ciudadela. He was the greatest exponent of classical theater in Argentina in the ’60s and ’70s. Alcón acted in 50 films and more than 40 plays.


1943 – MAHATMA GANDHI. Detained in the Aga Khan palace in the city of Pune, the lawyer, politician and independence leader Mahatma Gandhi ends the hunger strike that he had begun on February 10, 1943 in rejection of the British occupation of India. Gandhi, promoter of a peaceful rebellion, had been arrested in August 1942. He was released in May 1944.

Mahatma Gandhi.

1956 – LÓPEZ PUPPY IS BORN. The musician and composer Gerardo Horacio López von Linden, better known as Cachorro López, bassist of the rock band Los Abuelos de la Nada, was born in Buenos Aires. He won a Grammy Award in 2006 and the Konex in 2015 as the best artistic producer of the decade in Argentina.

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Puppy Lopez. (Kindness Ignatius Naon)

1962 – TITANS IN THE RING. Channel 9 broadcasts the first television program Titanes en el ring, dedicated to the wrestling show, created and directed by Martín Karadagián. The program quickly gained popularity until it became one of the most watched on Argentine television. It was made into a film with the films Titans in the Ring (1973) and Titans in the Ring Strikes Back (1984).

Titans in the Ring

1963 – JUAN GÁLVEZ. At the age of 47, racing driver Juan Gálvez died while he was testing at the Olavarría racetrack. With nine championships, he is the top Road Tourism champion.

JUAN GÁLVEZ. The maximum idol of Road Tourism, who maintains the records of nine titles and 56 races won. (Maipú World)

1975 – JOAQUÍN LEVINTON IS BORN. The musician and composer Joaquín Levinton, vocalist and leader of the rock bands Turf and Sponsors, was born in Buenos Aires. He is the author of the songs Pasos al lateral and Hay que bancar.

Joaquín Levinton. (Screenshot)

2020 – CORONAVIRUS. The first case of the Covid-19 pandemic disease is confirmed in the city of Buenos Aires. The person infected with the virus that causes the disease, SARS Cov 2, had returned from a trip to Italy.

Archive. A photo of Wuhan from January 24, 2020. At that time, 26 deaths from coronavirus were recorded in China. (Xiong Qi/Xinhua via AP)

2023 – AUDITION DAY. World Hearing Day is celebrated, established by the World Health Organization to prevent hearing deterioration or loss through checks for the early detection of diseases of the hearing system.

Illustrative image. (Archive)

Other anniversaries

1820.- The Missouri Compromise is signed, by which slavery is authorized only in the States located south of the 36th parallel.

1845.- The territory of Florida becomes the twenty-seventh state of the United States of America.

1861.- An edict by Tsar Alexander II of Russia emancipates the serfs, the peasants attached to the land in bondage.

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1875.- The dramatic opera “Carmen” by composer Georges Bizet premieres in Paris (France).

1878.- The Treaty of San Stefano is signed, the peace agreement that the Russian Empire imposed on the Ottoman Empire after its victory in the war.

1918.- The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ends hostilities between the German Empire and Soviet Russia during the course of World War I.

1924.- The Turkish National Assembly, supported by the head of state, Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk”, approves the abolition of the Caliphate.

1933.- An earthquake of magnitude 8.1 on the northeast coast of Japan (Sanriku) causes 3,000 deaths.


1951.- Jackie Brenston and The Delta Cats recorded “Rocket 88” in the American town of Memphis, cataloged by many music analysts as the first rock and roll song in history.

1952.- Puerto Rico ratifies the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the United States of America in a referendum.

1961.- King Hassan II of Morocco is crowned in Rabat, a few days after the death of his father Mohamed V.

1966.- The pioneering folk rock band Buffalo Springfield is formed in the United States with Neil Young and Stephen Stills among its members.

1991.- The independentists of Latvia and Estonia win the respective plebiscites to separate from the USSR.

2002.- The Swiss approve in a referendum their incorporation into the United Nations (UN) and end their traditional isolation from international organizations.

2006.- The Ecuadorian Justice dismisses the sedition case against former President Lucio Gutiérrez and orders his release.

2008.- Ecuador breaks diplomatic relations with Colombia after this country’s military attack on a FARC base in Ecuadorian territory.

2012.- The oil company BP agrees to compensate those affected in 2010 by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with $7.8 billion.

2021.- The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, withdraws his political party, Fidesz, from the parliamentary group of the European People’s Party (EPP).

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1606.- Edmund Waller, English poet.

1756.- William Godwin, British writer and journalist.

1847.- Alexander Graham Bell, British scientist, considered one of the inventors of the telephone.

1868.- Émile Chartier (Alain), French philosopher and journalist.

1878.- Edward Thomas, British writer.

1882.- Carlo Ponzi, American swindler of Italian origin.

1911.- Jean Harlow, American actress.

1918.- Arnold Newman, American photographer.

1921.- Diana Barrymore, American actress.

1923.- Doc Watson, American singer, songwriter and musician.

1930.- Ion Iliescu, Romanian politician.

1933.- Alfredo Landa, Spanish actor.

1935.- Michael Walzer, American philosopher.

1937.- Bobby Driscoll, American actor.


1949.- Gloria Hendry, American model and actress.

1953.- Arthur Antunes Coimbra, “Zico”, Brazilian soccer player.

1954.- Harald Anton Schumacher, German footballer.

1955.- Jorge Vergara, Mexican businessman.

1958.- Marcos Valcárcel, Spanish historian and writer.

1966.- Mijaíl Mishustín, Russian economist and politician.

1978.- Alejandra Azcárate, Colombian model, presenter and actress.

1986.- Martín Piroyansky, Argentine actor and filmmaker.

1990.- Alexina Graham, British model.

1996.- Jeremy Zucker, American singer.


1459.- Ausiàs March, Spanish poet.

1706.- Johann Pachelbel, German organist and composer.

1927. Mikhail Petrovich Artsibashev, Russian writer.

1939.- Edmund Beecher Wilson, American zoologist.

1959.- Lou Costello, American actor and comedian.

1966.- Alice Pearce, American actress.

1982.- Georges Perec, French writer.

1983.- Georges Remi, “Hergé”, Belgian cartoonist, creator of “Tintin”.

1987.- Danny Kaye, American actor.

1995.- Howard W. Hunter, American Mormon religious leader.

1996.- Marguerite Duras, French writer.

2005.- Rinus Michels, Dutch footballer and coach.

2013.- Tony Ronald, Spanish-Dutch singer.

2016.- Berta Cáceres, environmental activist and Honduran indigenous leader.

2017.- Raymond Kopa, French footballer.

2019.- Mercedes Junco Calderón, Spanish journalist, founder of the magazine “Hola”.

Source: own and agencies.

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