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Wien Modern 36: 29,871 visitors, 60% of performances sold out – mica

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Wien Modern 36: 29,871 visitors, 60% of performances sold out – mica

The 36th edition of the Wien Modern festival presented 65 premieres and first performances at 36 venues in 14 districts and reached 29,871 visitors – an increase of 34% compared to the previous year. Demand for festival passes increased by 29% compared to 2022. 41 of the 68 events with ticket sales were sold out, and overall the festival achieved a record occupancy rate of 88.6%.

After three years of the pandemic, the festival theme “GO – Movement in Space” stood for departure and a new start. Appropriately, the events of the 36th edition of the festival were busier than ever before. Even the Great Hall of the Vienna Konzerthaus was, for the first time at Wien Modern, too small to accommodate the audience’s interest 11.000 Saiten by Georg Friedrich Haas. Before individual events, such as the Austrian premiere of the British vocal ensemble Exaudi in the Servitenkirche, the festival audience stood in line like at the state opera premiere.

11,000 strings by Georg Friedrich Haas at Wien Modern 2023 (c) Markus Sepperer

For the first time since 2019, Wien Modern 2023 was able to stage a fully planned and implemented festival edition; With one exception, no postponed projects from previous years had to be taken over; all events took place live as planned with an audience on site. (In 2022, despite numerous illnesses, at least 98% of the 46 announced productions were able to take place on site with an audience as planned; in 2021, 70% of the productions were realized live with an audience on site, a further 5% via stream; in 2020, 14% of the productions were presented live with an audience Realized on location, another 44% via stream.) The 36th festival edition in 2023 comprised a total of 111 events at 36 venues in 14 districts with 43 premieres and 22 Austrian premieres.

Overall, the 36th edition of the festival, which officially ended on December 2nd, 2023, recorded 29,871 visitors on site (2022: 22,241, 2021: 13,316 on site + 2,107 via stream, 2020: 5,199 on site + 35,000 via stream, 2019: 20,216), 18,649 of them at events with purchased tickets (2022: 17,723 2021: 10,726, 2020: 1,858, 2019: 15,337) and 11,222 at events with free entry (2922: 4,518, 2021: 2,590, 2020: 3,341, 2019: 4,879). With a total capacity of 33,727 places increased by 22% compared to 2022 (2022: 27,758, 2020/2021 n/a, 2019: 23,418), the total occupancy in 2023 was 88.6% (2022, 80.1%, 2020/2021 n/a, 2019 : 86.3%). 41 events were sold out (2022: 30, 2021: 17, 2020: 2, 2019: 30). There was a particular increase in demand for festival passes this year (2023: 750, 2022: 581, 2021: 304, 2020: 198, 2019: 417).

After three years in a state of emergency, a new beginning with a view to the future was really necessary. We achieved this in 2023, sums up the artistic director Bernhard Günther. From 50 pianos at the beginning to 20 bagpipes at the end, we weren’t interested in record numbers, but rather in making the great freedom of new music to constantly reinvent itself tangible – and with a certain fun factor here and there . Since its founding 35 years ago, Wien Modern has offered a large-scale, all-round view of new music. The diversity of locations, formats, generations and backgrounds achieved today does not contradict the tunnel vision of the early avant-garde; it shows that music as contemporary art is lively. It is precisely by opening up to other perspectives – for example in 2023 in the collaboration with Peter Zumthor – that surprising, inspiring moments arise that make Wien Modern 36 a memorable festival year for me.

Keeping up with the noticeably increased interest was no small task for us at some venues this year. Even if too much audience for contemporary music is a luxury problem that other festivals envy, we will plan hall capacities, tickets and passes for the coming editions with great care. Because even if this year’s record occupancy sounds like good news – we don’t want to disappoint listeners who can’t get seats for our concerts. Then I’m looking forward to less capacity and more audience next time…

The festival presented from October 31st to December 2nd in total 57 The productionwith the Vienna Lichtblicken, Schapka, the Burgenland Military Music, Vienna Guard Music, Mürztaler Trachtenkapelle Mitterdorf-St. Barbara, RSO Vienna, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, PHACE, Klangforum Wien, Polwechsel, Wiener Singakademie, Wiener Chorgirls, SWR Experimentalstudio, MAM.manufaktur for current music, Black Page Orchestra, Konnektom, NAMES – New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg, Małe Instrumenty, Vocalforum Graz, Cie. Willi Dorner, Kandinsky Quartet, Mivos Quartet, between feathers, Trio Tempestoso, Studio Dan, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Cuarteto Casals, Exaudi, Wiener Kammerchor, Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister, Ictus, Arditti Quartet, Cantando Admont, sirene Operntheater, Serapions Theater, Webern Ensemble, chorforum.gleisdorf, the sounds.collective, Offshore and numerous other ensembles and artists. In addition to the Vienna Concert Hall and the Vienna Music Association, the numerous venues and production partners also included, for the first time, the Vienna Folklore Museum, Brunnenpassage, A z W – Architekturzentrum Wien, SKICA – Slovenian Culture and Information Center Vienna, brut Wien, Stift Klosterneuburg, Kulturverein kunstl:cht, Munich Biennale, free music forum, Inexhaustible Editions, also Tanzquartier Wien, Polish Institute Vienna, AIL – applied interdisciplinary lab, MAK – Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, mumok, Reaktor, Alte Schmiede, echoraum, Jungle Vienna, New Music in St. Ruprecht, IGNM , SFIEMA and many others as well as seven universities in Vienna, Linz and Graz.

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Found as part of Vienna Modern 43 premieres instead of Peter Ablinger, Dror Binder, Martin Brandlmayr, Sebastian Brugner-Luiz, Dirk D’Ase, Werner Dafeldecker, Milica Djordjević, Elisabeth flunger, Clemens Gadenstätter / Lisa Spalt, Maria Gstättner, Philipp Manuel Gutmann, Nava Hemyari, Peter Jakober, Michael Jarrell, Florian Kindlinger / Christina Kubisch / Peter Kutin, the sounds collective (Martin Brandlmayr / Angélica Castelló / Klaus Filip / Susanna Gartmayr / Arnold Haberl aka noid / Billy Roisz / Martin Siewert / Oliver Stotz), Georgia Koumará, Dmytro Kyryliv, Bernhard Lang , Patrik Lechner, Robert Mathy, Michael Moser, Isabel Mundry, Nimikry (Alessandro Baticci / Rafał Zalech), Wladimir Pantchev, Vili Polajnar, Julia Purgina, Gerald Resch, Christof Ressi, Uroš Rojko, Paweł Romanczuk / Małe Instrumenty / Sarah Scherer, Christian Schröder, students from the music schools of the city of Vienna / Konrad Rennert, Kurt Schwertsik / Kristine Tornquist, Hannes Seidl, Golnaz Shariatzadeh, Tomas Skweres, Bruno Strobl, Judith Unterpertinger, Bertram Wee, Jeeyoung Yoo, Milana Zarić / Elisabeth Harnik / Richard Barrett and Alex Franz Zehetbauer. This was added 22 Austrian premieres von Mark Andre, Joanna Bailie, Chaya Czernowin, Georg Friedrich Haas, Emre Sihan Kaleli, Belenish Moreno-Gil / Óscar Escudero, Sarah Nemtsov, Robert HP Platz, Christof Ressi, Katharina Roth, Rebecca Saunders, Nina Šenk, Bekah Simms, Zsigmond Szathmáry , Vida Vatovec, Tadeja Žele and Peter Conradin Zumthor.

The Wien Modern festival, initiated by Claudio Abbado in 1988, is Austria’s largest platform for inspiring encounters between artists and listeners of new music of all varieties. Wien Modern is made possible by the City of Vienna Culture and the Federal Ministry for Art, Culture, Public Service and Sport (BMKÖS), the festival sponsors Kapsch and Erste Bank, the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, the SKE of austro mechana, Pro Helvetia, LSG, AKM and numerous co-production and cooperation partners.

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