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Will ‘Home’ lose one of its veterans? Dramatic cliffhanger for Rosa

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Annick Segal and Bart van Avermaet. — © © VRT

The fans of the Een soap are going into the weekend full of excitement. What happened to Rosa Verbeeck on Friday evening seemed very unexpected, but there was already a small hint in the story earlier this week.

Friday, February 16, 2024 at 8:40 PM

Especially people who are familiar with the medical world saw Rosa’s stroke approaching. Last Tuesday there was a scene between Rosa and Waldek where she almost let a crate of wine slip out of her hands. She acted as if nothing was wrong, but in fact Rosa already suffered a small stroke. After all, during a stroke something goes wrong with the blood supply to the brain. A blood clot temporarily completely blocks the blood vessel. Loss of feeling in your arm for a few seconds can be a symptom. When the clot comes loose again, the blood flows through and the complaints disappear.

But on Friday it was worse. During a nice get-together in De Withoeve with Dieter and Nancy, Rosa stands up at a certain point to bring empty glasses to the bar. She drops it and remains paralyzed. She was breathing heavily, everything became blurry until all she could see was black.

Exit Rosa after 5,600 episodes? It could just be possible, because the cast has already been thinned out considerably in the past year. Annick Segal, together with Pol Goossen, is the only face that has been there from the first episode. A role for which Marijke Pinoy was also in the running at the time, until Segal put the makers on the spot: “If you don’t choose me, you will really regret it.” And she had the part.

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Segal is one of the leading ladies of ‘Thuis’, together with Marleen Merckx and Leah Thys. — © vrt

Rosa Verbeeck evolved from hairdresser and manager of a B&B to nurse in a residential care center and manager of a wine bar. Her TV sister Jenny (Janine Bischops) and daughter Peggy (Sally-Jane Van Hoorenbeeck) disappeared from view over the years. Rosa has not had any family in the series for a long time. Since the end of the storyline with Jacques (Peter Van de Velde), the bond with her ex Waldek (Bart Van Avermaet) has become slightly closer. A few years ago she told Gazet Van Antwerpen that the home recordings at the prisoner of war camp in Birkenau (Poland), now 20 years ago, provided one of the most unforgettable moments. Also very dear was the storyline surrounding Rosa’s pregnancy later in life, an event that ended abruptly. “People who had gone through the same thing dealt with their tragedy through this storyline. Someone even stood at my door with flowers to thank me.”

At home, VRT1, Monday to Friday at 8:10 PM

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