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Will she become Li Jiaqi’s rival? – Fortune Chinese Website

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After Dong Jie’s “Slow Live Streaming” became popular, Zhang Xiaohui also made her live broadcast debut after entering Xiaohongshu on May 22. Although the final sales were not disclosed, the popularity of the entire live broadcast reached 600 million, 580 million higher than the second place. More young talents recognized this “first-generation originator of goods delivery” who was popular in Hong Kong in the 1990s, and some even Said she was Li Jiaqi’s rival.

However, rather than saying that Zhang Xiaohui is Li Jiaqi’s rival, it is better to say that her success is the shock wave of the previous live streaming mode. If Dong Jie’s live broadcast broke the price-sensitive live broadcast barrier of “selling”, then Zhang Xiaohui’s live broadcast opened up the globalization, niche and de-price of goods, and enhanced the quality and applicability of goods, thus creating A new model of professional live broadcast based on the carrier’s rich consumption experience.

It can also be seen from this that Xiaohongshu’s precise guidance and layout of the live broadcast track are different from other platforms’ live broadcast with goods. In the past, Xiaohongshu has been criticized by the industry for its traffic and lack of conversion. This year, after accurately analyzing the users of its own platform, Xiaohongshu selected mature female bloggers with temperament, connotation and taste to try live streaming. Dong Jie and Zhang Xiaohui Xiaohongshu was selected for the first live broadcast and became an instant hit. The number of fans of these two people, if it is divided according to the standard of the previous industry bloggers, is not the best, so this also breaks the original practice of selecting live bloggers based on the number of fans as the primary dimension.

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For a long time, the main evaluation standard of the live broadcast effect is the sales conversion volume of the fans of the blogger who brings the goods, followed by the value or sales force of the live broadcast goods. However, the users of Xiaohongshu are mostly white-collar workers, and they are educated and experienced white-collar workers, so the quality and personalization of goods become the key to promoting sales. Zhang Xiaohui’s live-streamed products have their own brand, quality or efficacy guarantee, plus her own 30 years of experience in using them, as well as her image, temperament and posture at the age of 60, it is quite convincing to bring the goods. Overnight, the popularity of the live broadcast reached 600 million, so it was natural and the channel was formed.

Knowing that Zhang Xiaohui is a person may also reveal her age. She was pampered since she was a child, but after she divorced Zhong Zhentao, she was even stigmatized as a “shopaholic” and “prodigal woman”. But if shopping is a consumption practice and experience, which big sale can compare with a super VIP who has been shopping and using products suitable for him for 30 years? Just like when we often ask “Is this delicious” when ordering food in a restaurant, the waiter answers us “I haven’t eaten it”, no matter how professional the live broadcast product selection team is, it can’t match the authenticity of the blogger who brought the goods after using it for several years. experience. It’s so smooth to turn from a shopping madman to a delivery expert.

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However, if Zhang Xiaohui succeeds, it may not be that Li Jiaqi will fall from the altar. After all, the Chinese market is too big and there are too many levels of consumers. What Li Jiaqi brings may not be able to carry Zhang Xiaohui, and vice versa. What’s more, there are differences in the advantages and disadvantages of each live broadcast platform. But Zhang Xiaohui’s success is what I am happy to see, because she has successfully improved the professionalism or consumer experience proposition of the live broadcast industry.

The original English of KOL is KEY OPINION LEADER, that is to say, people who have opinions and influence can be called KOLs and bloggers. In China, before, too much attention was paid to popularity and star effect, while underestimating product power or professionalism/experience, selling products with the enthusiasm of fans, not necessarily because fans really need or really like the product itself, so domestic bloggers are often called bloggers. “Internet celebrity”. For me, I hope to see more convincing “goods sharing”, as some people say that Zhang Xiaohui is not only bringing goods, but selling her own “solutions”.

At the same time, Zhang Xiaohui’s success also illustrates the upgrading and subdivision of consumption from another angle.

Speaking of consumption upgrades, it is because most of the brands she recommends are foreign niche brands. The younger generation of domestic consumers has long been consuming foreign niche brands through foreign websites or purchasing agents, and Zhang Xiaohui’s experienced global consumption experience just satisfies and leads young consumers. On this point, it is also difficult to find a second person who can surpass her in China (outside Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

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The reason for talking about consumption segmentation is that she especially recommends scalp care products, which is one of the representatives of refined consumption. When we go to the hair salon, the hair stylist often says that the scalp is the second face of a person, because it is the same skin as the face, but no matter how they recommend care products to us, we may not buy them. This time, at least I obediently bought it.

In addition, Zhang Xiaohui’s success has also corrected everyone’s perception of beauty and youth consumption. If the variety show “Sister Lang” popularized the idea that beauty has no age limit, then Zhang Xiaohui proved that beauty has no limit, because she will celebrate her 60th birthday this month. If the retail market researches and satisfies the consumption of young people every day, then Zhang Xiaohui breaks the vicious circle that consumption only looks at youth power. Let’s see that Zhang Xiaohui’s drive is not limited to young people’s consumption, and her sales conversion power is not only comparable to that of a young spokesperson.

In short, I look forward to more Zhang Xiaohui who have consumption ideas and real self-experience to share good things. (Fortune Chinese website)

The author, Jiang Fengzhen, is a columnist of Fortune Chinese Network and co-founder of Shuoye Business

This content is the independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Fortune Chinese.com. Without permission, shall not be reproduced.

Editor: Liu Lanxiang

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