Home Entertainment Will Yang Mi’s daughter Xiao Nuomi come to the mainland to study? Liu Dan: Yang Mi and Hawick Lau will have plans?

Will Yang Mi’s daughter Xiao Nuomi come to the mainland to study? Liu Dan: Yang Mi and Hawick Lau will have plans?

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Will Yang Mi’s daughter Xiao Nuomi come to the mainland to study? Liu Dan: Yang Mi and Hawick Lau will have plans?

On the 29th, some media exposed Liu Dan’s recent situation, saying that when he attended the event, he responded for the first time to whether his granddaughter “Xiao Nuomi” would come to the mainland to study, which attracted the attention of netizens.

Liu Dan wore a formal suit to attend the press conference. The suit made him stand tall and straight, and his body still looked very tough. The signs of hunched over were not obvious, and he didn’t look like a 78-year-old person at all.

Liu Dan fondly mentioned her granddaughter “Xiao Nuomi”, saying that she is currently studying at an international primary school in Hong Kong, China, and can speak fluent Mandarin and has strong expression skills. Later, a reporter asked whether “Little Nuomi” would move to the mainland with her parents to go to school? In this regard, Liu Dan instantly changed from a face full of love for his granddaughter to reluctance and helplessness. He sighed and said, “As for this matter, it’s up to Kaiwei to think about it himself.”

Immediately afterwards, he shook his head again, embarrassedly saying that he could only give a small opinion at most, and would not interfere too much in this matter, and Yang Mi and Hawick Lau would make the decision in the end. Liu Dan laughed at himself that the old man’s thinking was inferior to that of the younger generation, even if he thought about it more, it would be useless. At the same time, he also revealed that Hawick Lau and Yang Mi have a comprehensive plan for their children to go to school.

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In addition, Liu Dan revealed that he would participate in the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, and joked: “At my age, there is no chance to wait for the second 25 years.”

Although the producer was very afraid of Liu Dan’s accident at the recording site, he also asked him if he was afraid of hard work? Liu Dan said that he is not afraid of tiredness or hardship, as long as he can participate in this activity, he is satisfied.

And Liu Kaiwei recently recorded “Brother Who Overcame Thorns”. At the age of 47, he is still handsome in a white suit, and his profile is also perfect. Facing the onlookers of passers-by and the various cameras around him, Hawick Lau smiled and seemed to be in a good mood.

Hawick Lau and Yang Mi have been divorced for four years. When they officially announced their divorce in 2018, they promised to jointly raise their daughters as relatives. It is reported that Xiao Nuomi was born in June 2014 and is now 8 years old.

Since then, the two of them have rarely been in the same frame, and they have also protected their children well. Liu Dan revealed the current situation of “Little Nuomi” from time to time, saying that every time his granddaughter saw his father going out to work, he couldn’t help crying, and the father-daughter relationship was very good.

Earlier, Liu Dan was asked if she would arrange for her granddaughter to meet her mother on Mother’s Day? At that time, Liu Dan embarrassedly said: “There is no arrangement, let’s not talk about this anymore.” He also responded to the question of whether Xiao Nuomi thought about her mother Yang Mi.

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Original title: Does Xiao Nuomi return to the mainland to study? Liu Dan revealed that Yang Mi and Hawick Lau will have plans

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