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WIND AND SEA joins hands with artist Li Hanqiang to create the latest joint series | Hypebeast

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WIND AND SEA joins hands with artist Li Hanqiang to create the latest joint series | Hypebeast

Li Hanqiang, a Taiwanese artist living in Japan, brought in the joint series with Supreme last spring and summer. This time, he and Takashi Kumagai (Takashi Kumagai) are in charge of the street brand WIND AND SEA to create a new joint series. The latest joint series will be held at WIND AND SEA Meguro, Tokyo Exhibition “LEEandsea”.

In May last year, WIND AND SEA invited artist Li Hanqiang to create with the theme of street charm. Li Hanqiang chose the streets of Shibuya as his inspiration, and spent about two months to complete two acrylic paintings. During the process, he went back and forth to the streets of Shibuya to find various signs, stickers, and graffiti samples on electric poles, walls, and roads. This time creation, and adding real elements, for example, one of them has “Shibuya 1-chome”, a road sign with blue letters on a white background; the other one chooses the “No Passing” that will be used during construction, with an eye-catching image The orange-red warning signs occupy the visual field, showing the bright colors of Shibuya in Li Hanqiang’s eyes in the paintings, and the subtle color changes are also fully displayed on this joint product through rigorous scanning and inkjet.

In this creation of artist Li Hanqiang, acrylic paints are used to present signs, stickers, road signs and other various street-made objects. In addition to the difference in brush strokes, when presenting street spray paint and graffiti, they will also be adjusted through adjustments. The concentration of acrylic pigments is restored in a layer-by-layer manner. There are also easter eggs hidden in the works, such as stickers with “Dude X”, “Zombie” and “I LOVE MY LIFE ENJOY”, etc., which are in line with Li Hanqiang’s vocabulary about Shibuya’s feelings, and also include the Japanese “Enyi” 0″, used to describe the immorality of modern people. The details that are close to daily topics also echo Li Hanqiang’s impression of the WIND AND SEA brand’s kindness and life.

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This joint series launched a total of 15 neutral items such as Hoodie, shirts, sweaters, long-sleeved Tees, short-sleeved Tees, and tote bags. It will be officially launched on April 8, including online stores and WIND AND SEA Tokyo. Kuromoto store, Osaka Minamihorie store. In addition, the WIND AND SEA Tokyo Meguro store will also open a week-long “LEEandsea” exhibition on the day of the sale. At that time, you will have the opportunity to have a close look at the two original paintings of this joint name, as well as other unpublished works.

WIND AND SEA Tokyo Meguro Store
1-6-4 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo (1-6-4, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)

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