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“Wind from Luoyang” Fully Shows the Cultural Beauty of Luoyang

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Produced by iQiyi, jointly produced by Liubai Film and Television, and Luoyang Cultural Insurance Group, original work by Ma Boyong, chief director Xie Ze, chief screenwriter Qing Mei, Wu Cong, Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo lead male starring, Song Qian lead female starring, Song Yi special starring , Yongmei invited to star, Liu Duanduan specially invited to star, Zhang Duo, Zhang Xilin, Gao Shuguang, Zhang Li, Shi Yu, Ning Wentong, Feng Hui specially starred in the legendary Chinese ancient city “Luoyang from the Wind” on iQiyi platform today Exclusive online press conference.

Li Xinjian, Deputy Mayor of Luoyang Municipal Government, Wang Xiaohui, Chief Content Officer of iQiyi, Dai Ying, Senior Vice President of iQiyi, Xu Kang, founder of Liubai Film and Television, Ma Boyong, the original author of “Wind Up Luoyang”, Chief Director of “Wind Up Luoyang” Xie Ze, “Wind Up Luoyang” chief screenwriter Wu Cong, and “Wind Up Luoyang” lead male starring Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo, leading female starring Song Qian, starring Jiang Long and Liu Enjia all appeared. In addition, Hu Dapeng, director of the Luoyang Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, and Xue Shanmin, deputy general manager of the Cultural Insurance Group, also came to the conference site to jointly send best wishes for the launch of “Wind Up Luoyang”. At the press conference, the main creators shared many behind-the-scenes interesting stories during the lighting of the lantern ceremony. Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Song Qian of the “Shendu Team” gradually revealed the highlights of the play during the riddle of the lantern, leading everyone into the ” “Wind from Luoyang” is a wonderful world full of oriental mystery and romance.

  “Shendu Team” tacitly solves the riddles inside and outside the interesting highlights of the drama frequently revealed secrets

Detecting the case is endless, and solving the mystery is endless. At the press conference, Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, and Song Qian’s “Shendu Team” reappeared in the world, working together to solve lantern riddles and jointly light up the ceremony. In the process of solving the puzzle, the three people need to interpret the four puzzles to obtain the puzzle light card, which will light up the blessing lantern. In the meantime, the “Shendu Sub-Team” explained the mystery and the “destined gods” still had a tacit understanding. Facing the host’s various “tests of tacit understanding”, it was like a mutual communication of souls, and jointly stamped Huang Xuan’s set of laughter and jokingly called Wang Yiboduo. Acting cute and complaining about Song Qian’s “everything can be a chat”, while showing a tacit understanding, she broke the news about many interesting things on the set.

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Regarding the interpretation of the mystery “Elegant City of God”, the three of them showed elegance in different aspects. Huang Xuan blessed “Wind up Luoyang” with the words “Luo Shen Yuan” on the spot. Wang Yibo, the incarnation of “The No. 1 Gourmet in the City of God”, restores the “Shang Ke” plot in the play, labeling Luoyang delicacies with “Shang Ke” and tasting them. Song Qian unlocked her make-up skills, and showed the graceful beauty of the Shendu woman through the Huatian makeup of the Shendu woman in the painting drama.

When interpreting the mystery “Dazzling God City”, the three will dazzlingly “carry to the end”, Huang Xuan will show off his line skills, the three styles can be switched at will, and the super god restores the classic lines in the play. Wang Yibo did not change the character of Baili Hongyi’s “Shenji Boy”, and easily unlocked Luban’s lock in 1 minute and 20 seconds, which drew applause from the scene. Song Qian, in the name of Wu Siyue, the character in the play, bravely showed the audience the actions of using weapons in the four plays, guiding everyone to explore which weapons they used in the play.

During the three puzzle-solving processes, the “Shendu Team” frequently revealed the highlights in the play, and people can’t help but want to go to the play immediately for a quick glance. In the link of lighting up the last blessing lantern, the main creative team even revealed a number of colorful eggs in the show such as “The Dark Road Map of Spring and Autumn Road”, “Furong Peony Order”, etc., making the audience’s expectation of “Wind up Luoyang” instantaneous. Bursting. At the same time, the completion of the task by the main creative team led to the final mystery “Eternal God Capital”, which also means that the God Capital has a long history of thousands of years and its inheritance continues.

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  “Wind up Luoyang” comprehensively builds the grand oriental world view and writes the peculiar romantic color of the ancient city of Luoyang

At the press conference, mentioning the opportunity of “Wind Up Luoyang” with “Luoyang” as the regional background, the original author Ma Boyong stated that “No matter which history is studied, Luoyang will never be bypassed.” In Ma Boyong’s perception, “Luoyang is the tenth place in China.” The ancient capitals of the three dynasties have modern and contemporary characteristics in both culture and landscape.” Dai Ying, senior vice president of iQiyi, also stated in the press conference that “we have a very strong historical scroll for us to create, and Luoyang’s rich cultural background helps us to extend the very rich content.” Therefore, “Wind up Luoyang” Based on the ancient city of “Luoyang”, the grand oriental world view with strong Chinese characteristics is gradually shown to the public.

In terms of the scene, the screenwriter Wu Cong made an unconstrained setting for the series. Fictional places such as the institution Lianfang and Bad Wells created a strange and magnificent world of the gods for the audience; in terms of characters, Huang Xuan interpreted Gao Bingzhu as a With a heavy background and complex and rich inner changes, Wang Yibo praised Baili Hongyi for being an extremely clever “technical stream” and having her own 3D mind for terrain, while Song Qian said that Wu Siyue is a god with great love in her heart.” “Guardian”, the three characters have distinctive features and complement each other. The exquisite and full character portraits set up a vigorous “vine” context for the story development of the world of the gods; in the plot, the singles play can be fully developed from multiple scenes such as carriages and bamboo forests. When Huang Xuan described a chasing and fighting scene between himself and Song Qian, Huang Xuan claimed that “a series of running makes full use of the entire space, and there is water, land, and space, and the movements are integrated into it very richly. It’s a very special play.” From the details of the quality, “Wind from Luoyang” starts from the “fine”, the plot details are to the extreme, and the world of God is filled with visible “flesh and blood” to make it more and more Wonderful eye-catching.

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From the perspectives of scenes, characters and plots, “Wind Up Luoyang” constructs the grand oriental world view in all aspects, presenting the unique style of the god city Luoyang to the audience, and painted “Wind Up Luoyang” with rich imagination full of oriental charm. The magnificent and dazzling romantic colors lead the audience to experience its unique Chinese culture. This is also what Dai Ying, senior vice president of iQIYI, expects from “Wind up Luoyang”. “It is hoped that through “Wind up Luoyang”, Chinese traditional culture and cultural self-confidence will be felt by more young people and global users will feel China. The charm of traditional culture.”

  IQiyi empowers “China Ancient City Universe” IP to interpret ancient city culture from a younger perspective

Wang Xiaohui, chief content officer of iQIYI, said at the press conference that “The Luoyang IP in “Wind Up Luoyang” is the first shot of “China Ancient City Universe” and the first series of IP.” “As a starting point, gradually expand the “China Ancient City Universe”, showing the beauty of Chinese culture to the public. “China Ancient City Universe” is an innovative model of “IP+Ancient City” that focuses on breaking the barriers of characters, time, space and stories, and integrating intellectual and cultural IP and concrete urban IP. Like the “meta universe”, the concept of traditional elements of time and space is diversified. Virtual, reality, and surreal have become a three-dimensional existence in human technological breakthroughs and the cognitive breakthroughs that result from them. And the transfer of such changes to the field of film and television IP development may be a more concrete “China Ancient City Universe”. As a domestic technology-based video platform, iQIYI adheres to the company philosophy of “Enjoy quality” and interprets the culture of ancient cities from the perspective of continuous innovation and youthfulness. It seems that it is intended to light up the new territory of the ancient Chinese city universe. This model has created a sustainable and replicable “pioneer” case.

The wind continues to rise, Luoyang Bi Xian, “Wind up Luoyang” as the first brick to knock on the “China Ancient City Universe” IP, will be exclusively broadcast on iQiyi on December 1, so stay tuned.

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