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Winner of the “Five One Project” award, double yolk egg who is the “good wife” behind Zhejiang movies_Hangzhou Net

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Winner of the “Five One Project” award, double yolk egg who is the “good wife” behind Zhejiang movies_Hangzhou Net

Winner of the “Five One Project” award Double Yolk Egg who is the “good wife” behind Zhejiang movies

Chao News reported that on the afternoon of March 24, a symposium on the work of the “Five One Projects” for the construction of spiritual civilization was held in Beijing.

As the representative of the award-winning work creation and production unit, the Zhejiang Film Bureau won the 16th “Five One Project” film category outstanding work award for “Send You A Little Red Flower” and “Peak Explosion”. , took home two heavy awards.

As the highest honor that the Central Propaganda Department encourages and recognizes the achievements of spiritual and cultural construction, the “Five One Project” is the most authoritative and top-level comprehensive art selection project in my country, and its weight is self-evident.

Including these two films, a total of 9 films in Zhejiang film history won the national “Five One Project Award”. In the last and last session, Zhejiang had no achievements in film. This year, Zhejiang Films ushered in a bumper harvest, giving birth to “double yolk eggs” for the first time, creating the best record in history.

The selection of this year’s “Five One Projects” is extremely fierce, and all the candidate works are powerful. Netizens jokingly called it “Fairy Fighting”. Why can Zhejiang-produced films get this excellent report card under such a situation?

Some “Zhejiang” movies are popular and well-received

When Chao journalists raised this question, the person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau was very modest. He said that the selection cycle of this year’s “Five One Projects” is the period when “new mainstream films” are gradually maturing and growing explosively. A large number of professional, high-quality but fresh and heart-warming masterpieces have made these works not only have a reputation but also have a market. A wave.”

There is inevitability in accident. The great success of Zhejiang-produced films in this year’s “Five One Projects” undoubtedly has the right time, place and people, but it also demonstrates the precise control of Zhejiang-produced films on the pulse of the times, as well as the film and television Zhejiang army’s outstanding achievements in artistic creation, film and television. Self-exploration and content advantages in industrial aesthetics.

Take the award-winning “Send You A Little Red Flower” as an example. Different from the traditional theme, the film starts from the perspective of civilians and revolves around a boy and girl fighting cancer and their families. It outlines a set of real micro-society group portrait.

At the same time, the film uses a large number of full life details to give the story the texture of human fireworks, reflecting the rare artistic completion and appeal in domestic films, so that every audience who enters the theater can find themselves or their side. The shadow of a person reaches the softest part of the heart.

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“Send You A Little Red Flower” also created a history. It is the first work in Zhejiang film history to win the “Five One Project Award” with a box office of over 1 billion – 1.432 billion!

Another award-winning film “Peak Explosion” set a model for the genre narrative of Chinese disaster films. At the same time, it made full use of technological means and presented excellent special effects to attract countless young audiences, and also won more than 400 million box office.

It is also worth mentioning that Zhejiang-produced films “Lonely Walking on the Moon” and “This Killer Is Not So Calm” won the second and third places in the national total box office in 2022 with 3.103 billion yuan and 2.627 billion yuan, respectively.

The fruitful achievements of Zhejiang-produced films mark that Zhejiang films have broken the traditional separation of main theme films, commercial films and art films after exploring the two development directions of “good reputation” and “strong market”, and have stepped into the A new level of film creation with integrated development.

Be a good “good wife” for Zhejiang-produced films

“Just like the Zhejiang Provincial Government is a service-oriented government, we are more about providing services and support, and being a good family member and good wife for Zhejiang-produced films.” The relevant person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau told reporters.

The phrase “a good wife” fully demonstrates the positioning of Zhejiang Film Bureau for its own role.

In recent years, Zhejiang’s film industry has achieved brilliant results and has stood at the forefront of Chinese films. Among them, the Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau has played a vital role in the development of the industry in terms of policy support and financial support.

In terms of policies, the Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau has formulated a series of policies that are conducive to the development of films, such as industry support plans, film screening subsidy policies, etc., providing a more relaxed environment and more opportunities for the film industry, while creating opportunities for film practitioners. better conditions for development.

A solid set of policies can demonstrate:

Zheyingtong application has been fully launched on Zheli Office, Zhezheng Ding and the government service network, realizing a breakthrough in the digital reform in the film field, among which the proportion of film filing business handled online by Zheli Office has reached 99%.

As the epidemic continues to be severe, film authorities across the province are actively guided to invest more than 84.41 million yuan in direct subsidy funds for theater relief to help theaters tide over difficulties. .

In 2022, a total of 11 art film festivals will be held, showing 125 films from 72 countries including Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Iran, and the United Kingdom.

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In addition to policy support, the Zhejiang Film Bureau also provided financial support in real money, and provided support to the Zhejiang film industry in various forms.

The explosion of “Hurricane” made everyone pay attention to the “mysterious power” behind the hit drama – Zhejiang Culture and Art Development Fund.

In 2019, Zhejiang established the Zhejiang Literature and Art Development Fund to support the creation of excellent Zhejiang literature and art projects. The purpose is to encourage and promote the birth of more Zhejiang-produced literature and art products with Chinese style, characteristics of the times, and Zhejiang recognition. The fund invests 130 million yuan per year, covering six major categories of film, literature, and theme publishing. The maximum funding for a single project can reach 10 million yuan.

In addition to “Hurricane”, popular movies such as “A Thousand Miles Homeward” and “Hot” have all received support from the fund.

In 2022, the Propaganda Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance also revised and issued the latest version of the “Zhejiang Province National Film Industry Development Special Fund Management Measures”, increasing rewards and support for outstanding Zhejiang-produced films, and clarifying that 26 counties in mountainous areas For newly-built movie theaters in their townships, as well as the first newly-built movie theaters in townships in other counties (cities, districts), the maximum subsidy for each movie theater will be increased from 600,000 yuan to 800,000 yuan at one time.

It can be said that Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau has greatly helped Zhejiang-produced films in terms of policy support and financial support, providing Zhejiang film industry with a more efficient creative environment and broad space for development.

Filming in “Zhejiang” can be a one-stop shop

The full service life cycle is a concept applied to the service industry. In the whole process of the film life cycle such as project approval, shooting, review, and screening, you can also see the high-standard services of the Zhejiang Film Bureau everywhere.

Just last week, taking the opportunity of participating in the 27th Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition, Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office, Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau and other institutions jointly contracted the Optical Theater of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center to hold a special “film and television show”. Towards the Future” Zhejiang Film and Television International Promotion Conference, promoting Zhejiang-produced films such as “The Lisbon Maru Sinks”, “Hot”, “Looking for the Qin Dynasty”, “Art Academy”, “Power Code”, “Wang Jinjin I Lost Twice”, etc.

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At the invitation of Zhejiang, producers, distributors, directors, screenwriters, actors and other industry representatives from the Mainland, Hong Kong, Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries and regions, as well as dozens of domestic and foreign media gathered together to present more than 60 A number of high-quality film and television projects from Zhejiang film and television cultural enterprises joined in.

In terms of personnel training, Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau also provides diversified training and development opportunities.

In Hangzhou Xixi Wetland, there is a special “village” – Zhijiang Screenwriter Village. It was established in December 2021. The famous screenwriter Liu Heping served as the honorary village head. The first batch of tutors included Ma Jihong, Wang Wanping, Wen Haojie, Lan Xiaolong, Huang Yazhou, Cheng Weidong, Mai Jia and other famous playwrights.

The village is developing and creating an intelligent film and television theme database that integrates film and television theme collection, analysis, development, and industry—Zhejiang Zhijiang Script Creation Research Center (Zhijiang Screenplay Village) film and television theme database, focusing on film and television projects from front-end script development The entire industrial chain process to the landing of the back-end industry.

As for the normalized collection of “Film Scripts and Good Stories Collection” of Youth Film Week (Zhejiang), more than 800 projects have been collected so far.

In terms of the creative environment, the Zhejiang Culture and Art Development Fund and the upcoming “Zhijiang Tide” Cup Cultural Award Selection, etc., provide strong support for the creation and production of Zhejiang film and television projects.

The person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Film Bureau told reporters that there is another big move this year-the “Zhejiang Film and Television Co-production Center” is under preparation.

According to reports, the Zhejiang Film and Television Cooperative Filming Center has several highlights: first, it integrates resources such as policies, shooting, services, and investment promotion in various parts of the province, and provides free one-stop services for film and television crews to create and shoot across the region; Database”, including film and television policy database, location database, service provider database, film and television projects and film and television talent database, etc., to make the province’s film and television information video, immersive, and systematized; the third is to form a “local topic selection docking” service for The localities and film producers should do a good job in the publicity and docking work of the topic selection in Zhejiang.

A high-quality and considerate “one-stop” service guarantee platform for global film and television companies and crews to film in Zhejiang is worth looking forward to.

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