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Winter sales: in Piedmont starting from 5 January 2022, they will last 8 weeks

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Establish the new data for the balances. In Piedmont they will start on Wednesday 5 January 2022 and will last for 8 weeks, even if not continuous. On the same day they will also start in the neighboring Regions (Liguria, Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy) with which, explains the Regional Department of Commerce, it was agreed to align the start date to protect competition, but also to avoid anomalous flows from one region to another which would have created problems of gathering.

There will be no promotional sales that anticipate the sales: after the exceptions envisaged last year to deal with the pandemic emergency, the ordinary legislation that provides for the start of the winter sales on the first working day before the Epiphany is back. The Third Commission of the Piedmont Regional Council met today in the legislative session to confirm the ban on promotional sales in the 30 days prior to the start of the sales. “The Regional Council, in agreement with the Commerce Commission, in full agreement with the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces and after having audited the trade associations – says the councilor for Culture, Tourism and Commerce, the Lega Nord Vittoria Poggio – confirms the ban on promotional sales in the 30 days preceding the sales. The purpose is to have the same start date and the same duration of the sales throughout the national territory, adapting to what is indicated by the Conference of Regions to protect competition in the border areas between Regions and to provide operators with a single date. to properly organize their activities “.
“I believe that promotional sales – explains Claudio Leone, Northern League president of the Third Commission – favor large groups to the detriment of small businesses. A guarantee of marginality for commercial entrepreneurs who are the artery of the Piedmontese economy: in the 30 days before the sales, promotional sales will not be possible and I hope that the ban will be subject to adequate controls “. “The latest data recorded speak of an increase in sales also for commerce – continues President Leone, formerly a commercial entrepreneur – and we hope that the trend will be confirmed also in December, with the boost of the Christmas period, and that it will strengthen with winter sales, a moment that has always been considered one of the most important of the season “.


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